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Thank you

It’s official: In Texas, Planned Parenthood has been dealt the greatest defeat in their 95-year history by Texas Right to Life and several heroic Pro-Life Texas state legislators!

The final version of the state’s budget bill and the subsequent agency adjustments yielded $64.2 million reallocated away from the abortion industry.

We are proud that the two cornerstones of the successful strategy to remove this historic amount of Texas tax dollars every year from Planned Parenthood were engineered by Texas Right to Life.

But this couldn’t have happened without you.
When we asked for your help, you overwhelmingly responded to our urgent need.  As you can see by the thermometer, we crushed our goal of $48,680.  You provided the necessary funds to allow us to be the largest Pro-Life presence in our Austin Capitol for the twenty long weeks of the 82ND Texas Legislative Session and the additional thirty days of the Special Session.  You provided the financial, emotional, and spiritual resources necessary to deliver the greatest defeat of Planned Parenthood in our nation’s history!  “Thank you” hardly begins to expresses our appreciation.

Elizabeth reviews language changes with Representative Jodie Laubenberg (R-Parker) and Representative Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola).

In the State House, all eight of Texas Right to Life’s amendments to redirect family planning funds away from the abortion industry passed overwhelmingly (the highest vote total the pro-abortion opposition could garner was 40 of the 150 House members).  The final amendment earned 113 votes to snatch the last $9 million!  Our meticulous research revealed that federal law prohibits further reductions, but this 37% blow will severely hamstring the Texas abortion industry.

In the State Senate, we then implemented the second phase of our two-prong strategy to incapacitate the peddlers of death.  Pro-Life Champion, State Senator Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands), successfully added “our” rider to establish a priority so that entities and agencies NOT involved in abortion are to be the top priority for family planning grants and contracts.  Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers would only qualify under the last priority, meaning that little or no family planning funds would be left for them after the other “clean” contracts have been awarded.

The Emily’s confirm that the Pro-Life amendments to HB 1 were in the final version with State Representative Charles Perry (R-Lubbock).

This removal of over $64 million of our Texas tax dollars marks the culmination of five years of work by Texas Right to Life’s legislative team and interns.  We identified the funding streams, studied the rules, sought legal counsel about state compliance with federal laws, and obtained a copy of the state’s family planning budget.

The 82nd Texas Legislative session brought historic Pro-Life victories to Texan women, unborn children, and families.  The challenges were difficult, and we were brutally pressured to accept diluted language and weaker provisions by politicians and other pro-life-sounding organizations, but we would not jeopardize the lives of the vulnerable and the unborn.

President of Texas Right to Life, Dr. Joseph Graham, attended Texas Right to Life’s End-of-the-Session Victory Party to thank the 26 legislators who attended for their unwavering Pro-Life support.

Texas Right to Life stood vigilant in the Capitol and expanded the Culture of Life.  That is the job you have given us.  And we are honored to always be as relentless and unyielding and as you would be if you were walking the granite halls of the Capitol alongside us.

Our proud authors of the amendments to take money from the abortion industry.

We have blazed a path that can be followed by any state legislature that seeks to remove their citizens’ tax dollars from the largest committer of abortion in America.  Our accomplishment is quickly becoming national news.  And now you know the rest of the story.

We have only begun.

Elizabeth Graham

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