September 11, 2012 12:00 A.M.

‘God,’ ‘Jerusalem,’ and the DNC
The Dems’ voice vote to restore these words was the most important event at either convention.

By Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager 

The most important event at either national convention was the “vote” taken by the Democratic delegates on a last-minute resolution to reinsert the words “God” and “Jerusalem” into the Democratic-party platform.

Regarding God: Since Karl Marx, the aim of the Left, everywhere on earth, has been a godless society. And the Democratic party has evolved over the last half century from a liberal party into a leftist one. So much so that it is now indistinguishable from any of the leftist parties in Western Europe.

Yes, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a left-wing president — as concerned the size of the state and its role in the economy. That is of great importance, of course. But an ever-expanding state is only half of the Left’s agenda. A thoroughly secular society is the other half. And in that regard, Franklin Roosevelt was no man of the Left. He regularly spoke of the need to defend and preserve “Christian civilization” and of the centrality of the Bible and religion to American life.

Here are three representative statements by FDR:

We guard against the forces of anti-Christian aggression. (Madison Square Garden, October 28, 1940)

On this day — this American holiday — we are celebrating the rights of free laboring men and women. The preservation of these rights is vitally important now, not only to us who enjoy them — but to the whole future of Christian civilization. (Labor Day, September 1, 1941)

The world is too small to provide adequate “living room” for both Hitler and God. In proof of that, the Nazis have now announced their plan for enforcing their new German, pagan religion all over the world — a plan by which the Holy Bible and the Cross of Mercy would be displaced by Mein Kampf and the swastika and the naked sword. (State of the Union Address, January 6, 1942)

However, by the mid-1960s, to speak of militantly atheistic Communism’s threat to Judeo-Christian civilization the way Roosevelt spoke of the Nazi threat to it was to invite left-wing mockery. “Godless Communism” was dismissed as laughable.

So it is not surprising that whereas previous Democratic-party platforms all contained references to God, the 2012 party-platform committee voted to remove any such reference.

The 2008 Democratic-party platforms had included this sentence:

We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.

Obviously, the removal from this sentence of only the word “God-given” was deliberate. The question is, Why was it excised?

The answer is simple: America’s Left wants a godless society here in the United States, just as Europe’s Left has created such a society there — and the Democratic party is run by the Left. To anyone who watched or simply heard the “vote” among those on the floor of the convention, it was as clear as day that at least half the Democratic delegates wanted the word “God-given” and the reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to stay out of the party platform.

Democrats and liberals respond that the charge that the Left aims to establish a godless America is a calumny because millions of Democrats believe in God. Indeed, the delegate who introduced the resolution to restore the excised words, former Ohio governor Ted Strickland, introduced himself as an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church.

But this response is a non sequitur. The fact that tens of millions of Democrats and liberals (though relatively few leftists) believe in God is unrelated to the fact — I repeat, fact — that the Left wants a godless society.

Why, then, do many God-fearing Americans support a party and movement dedicated to removing God from as much of American life as possible? Because they are naïve about the Left.

The removal of the reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was equally revealing and significant. The Left thinks that Israel is just as responsible for the Middle East conflict as the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims are. Indeed, the Left often sees Israel as more responsible for this conflict. In their view, it follows that the United States must therefore be scrupulously neutral between Israel and its enemies — as if there is a moral symmetry between them.

And finally, the convention vote itself was revealing. The blatant lie — enacted in front of a national audience, no less — that two- thirds of the delegates voted aye for the resolution was a classic example of how the Left behaves when in power.

In his address to the Democratic convention, former president Bill Clinton noted that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

What is true for a broken clock, however, is not true for a broken moral compass.

Dennis Prager, a nationally syndicated columnist and radio talk-show host, is author of Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph. He may be contacted through his website,

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  1. abyssum says:

    This is because what I call the “Pantheon Syndrome”.
    Culturally most non Christians found the Christian doctrine amusing, a bit silly, ineffectual to live in the real world… and harmless.
    Their first reaction, as the Senate of Rome did, was to invite them to pile up their Divinity with the hundreds of the gods they had found all over the world and place them in their Pantheon, where all the gods were supposed to stay in harmony.
    It is when they understood that Christians had a strong sense of good and evil and basically condemned most of the behavior of these debauched Romans that they became hot under the collar about Christianity… Their being so judgmental should not be accepted… next phase : making them martyrs!
    Simili Modo, the left has an ersatz ethics and they find Christians much too much preoccupied in doctrine that tells them that they are way off the natural ethical law… The left sees itself as very tolerant of all ideas (the majority of cultural idols – including the least civilized cultures and the Islamic culture which is so anti-Christian – to be placed in modern days pantheons[pantheon means just that, in Greek: “All the gods”]) with the exceptions of these Christians who make them look so bad in the light of Christian morality.
    Hence the repression of Christianity and especially the undefiled doctrine of Catholics.


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