St. Nathaniel

November 22, 2020

“If a plumb line is bent, then it ceases to be a plumb line at all,

For if a thing defies the very definition of what it is called to be,

Then it has become something else altogether.

Some spew words out of their mouths,

Claiming they are in accordance with the plumb line which is the Deposit of Faith.

But what they are using for a plumb line is a bent and warped line

That, by its very nature, has ceased to be a plumb line.

And as the Deposit of Faith is a solid deposit

Of which no withdrawal or adjustment can be made,

Then it bears no resemblance to this crooked line by which they mark their words.

Beware of those who court the favor of the crowd

And who adjust their words to please men,

For it is no plumb line they follow.

A plumb line justifies and confirms truth and keeps all things centered on Christ,

And if the line they look to does none of these things,

Then be assured that it is no plumb line.

Be careful as you go forward

That you seek not to walk in harmony with the crowd,

For there is a reason for concern if your words please the crowd.

For in a world that is drenched in sin,

Where demons stroll down the street in plain sight,

Your words should be as sharp as a knife,

And should wound evil with their thrust.  

Walk carefully,

For if all men love you, and if your words give offense to none,

Then it is not a plumb line you are using,

But instead a line that slithers and twists,

And attempts to make an adjustment here and a withdrawal there.

But there is a plumb line that cannot be contorted.  

It directs men to the One who is the center.

Following this line will bring you few friends.

But look at who accompanies you.  

For to walk with Him is to walk the plumb line.

And a straight and holy line it is.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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