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  1. Sheepdog094 says:

    gellerman55 says:
    April 9, 2018 at 10:43 pm
    Wait, I thought this was Bishop Gracida’s blog. I’m confused.

    @gellerman55: click the other “home tab” on the top bar. Or type in the address depending on what type of device/browser you are on. This is the blog. Hope this helps. -Sheepdog

  2. gellerman55 says:

    Wait, I thought this was Bishop Gracida’s blog. I’m confused.

  3. Would you support Catholic Hip Hop?

    Good day,

    My name is Melvin “Rabelzthemc” Windley. I am a Catholic HipHop artist called to Bridge The Gap Between Catholicism & HipHop, inspired by The Diary of St. Faustina.

    iTunes: $9.99

    This album was featured in The Marian Helper’s Online Magazine Spring 2016 edition.

    From the Epicenter of Hip-Hop: by. Felix Carroll

    My desire is to get my music to the ears of every child attending a Catechist program in New York FOR FREE! To be honest, I can’t do that without you. I need a total of 10,000 cd’s in order to accomplish this goal. At $259 for 100 CD copies that means I would need a total of $2,590. Yikes!

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    Please consider donating to help accomplish this goal of spreading the works of Divine Mercy through Hip Hop.

    If a donation cannot be made please consider any other opportunity that may be available for me to continue sharing the works of Jesus Divine Mercy through my music ministry. Please also consider inviting me to perform my work and or writing an article about my story and how the message of Divine Mercy is thriving in urban communities.


    With Love, Peace, & Mercy.
    Melvin ‘Rabelzthemc’ Windley

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