My name is Rene Henry Gracida. I am a Roman Catholic bishop. I am Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, having served as the Fifth Ordinary, or Diocesan Bishop, of that Diocese from May 19, 1983 until my retirement on April 1, 1997. The title of my Blog, Abyssus Abyssum Invocat is my episcopal motto and is taken from the 41/42/43 rd Psalm. It is translated “Deep is calling to Deep.” It expresses the thought contained in Saint Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians: “The Lord has said ‘My grace is enough for you; my power is at its best in weakness’, so I shall be very happy to make my weaknesses my special boasts so that the power of Christ may stay over me, and that is why I am quite content with my weaknesses, and with insults, hardships persecutions, and the agonies I go through for Christ’s sake. FOR IT IS WHEN I AM WEAK THAT I AM STRONG.” (2 Cor. 12/9-10) The motto can be understood as follows: I call out from the depths of my need as a frail human being faced with great responsibilities in the Church of Jesus Christ asking Christ to perfect in me from the depths of his love and grace whatever I may lack in order to successfully accomplish the ministry Christ himself has entrusted to me.

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