On October 14, 2014 I published my autobiography, AN ORDINARY’S NOT SO ORDINARY LIFE.  It is only 26 Chapters long, although I could have written 100 chapters, but I wanted to keep it short so that it would not cost readers too much to buy and read it.  Also, to achieve that purpose neither I nor anyone else receives any royalties from the sale of the book.  It was printed by CreateSpace and is sold by Amazon.  It originally sold for $26.85 but lately Amazon has been selling the book for $13.25, CreateSpace prints the book as people order it from Amazon so it is not a case of Amazon trying to get rid of inventory.  I wrote the book to help people face problems and crises in their life; believe me, my life story is a story of one crisis after another.  I believe you will enjoy and benefit from reading it.  Here is the link to my book:


  1. Mary says:

    It’s back up to $26 and change. 🙂

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