In 1967 I was transferred from my assignment as Pastor of Saint Ann Parish, Naples, Florida to a new assignment as Pastor of The Church of the Nativity in Hollywood, Florida.

In 1968 I was transferred from my assignment as Pastor the Church of the Nativity in Hollywood to my assignment as Rector of Saint Mary Cathedral in Miami, Florida while retaining my previous assignments as Chairman of the Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission and Chairman of the Archdiocesan Building Commission.

In 1969 Archbishop Carroll appointed me Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Miami, while retaining all of my other assignments.

In 1969 The Concillium of the Second Vatican Council published a new edition of the Pontificale Romanum. Since I was both the Chairman of the Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission and Rector of the Archdiocesan Cathedral where ordinations took place, I asked Archbishop Carroll if I should order a copy of the new Pontifical Romanum for use in the Cathedral. The Archbishop replied that since there was some controversy about Monsignor Anibale Bugnini, editor of the new Pontificale Romanum, in whom he did not have much confidence we would continue to use the old Pontificale Romanum already in use in Saint Mary Cathedral for ordinations until a consensus developed in the Church that the new Pontificale was free from error. Consequently, when I was appointed in December of 1971 Auxiliary Bishop to Archbishop Coleman Carroll by Pope Paul VI, I was still Rector of Saint Mary Cathedral. I therefore know for a certainty that I was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Miami on January 25, 1972 with an earlier edition of the Pontificale Romanum that was still in use in the Cathedral of Saint Mary in Miami and not the 1969 Edition of the Bugnini Pontificale.