Wednesday February 17, 2010

Pro-Life Billboard Campaign in Poland Links Abortion to Nazi Occupation

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

POZNAN, February 17, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A new billboard campaign by the Polish branch of the U.S.-based Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) links the introduction of abortion in Poland to the Nazi occupation of the country during the Second World War.

The English translation of the sign says: “Abortion for Polish women introduced by Hitler on March 9, 1943.”

A 1942 Nazi policy statement on “racial hygiene” said, “In view of the large families of the Slav native population, it could only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible. We are not interested in seeing the non-German population multiply.

“We must use every means to instill in the population the idea that it is harmful to have several children, the expenses that they cause and the dangerous effect on woman’s health.

“It will be necessary to open special institutions for abortions and doctors must be able to help out there in case there is any question of this being a breach of their professional ethics.”

Israeli doctor Dr. Tessa Chelouche has done a major academic study, titled “Doctors, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Abortion during the Third Reich,” on the Nazis’ use of abortion in their “final solution” and writes, “Abortion was used as a weapon of mass destruction in Eastern Europe,” where “it has been estimated that tens of thousands of Polish and Russian women were compelled to abort not because of health reasons, but because of Nazi dogma.”

Mariusz Dzierzawski of the Polish CBR told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that he hopes to have the huge billboard (22.5m x 10m) in place in the center of the large city of Poznan by February 26th.

“March 8, which used to be the official Women’s Day in communist countries, is a special day for feminists in Poland,” Dzierzawski said. “Each year they organize ‘Manifa’ marches and demand abortion without limits.”

Dzierzawski said that a smaller version of the “Hitler billboard” will be displayed at a demonstration in front of the Appeals Court in Katowice on February 19 during an appeal trial by “Gosc Niedzielny” Catholic weekly magazine.

The magazine had made a comparison of abortionists to Nazis and said that abortion was “killing,” and was subsequently ordered to publish a court-dictated apology and fined $11,000. It has refused to publish the apology.

Gregg Cunningham, Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform in California, said the Polish billboard campaign is a “brilliantly inspired idea.”

Commenting on the probable reaction to the campaign by pro-abortion advocates, he observed, “It will get the political left in a terrible uproar because of their anger over any attempt to link abortion with Hitler.

“But you aren’t merely making a comparison between abortion and the Holocaust. You are recalling an historical fact. Hitler brought abortion to Poland, and you are linking contemporary feminists with Hitler. The conflict it will provoke will focus much attention on the horror of abortion,” Mr. Cunningham said.
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