anselmusjmj commented on POPE PAUL VI, YOU WERE SOOOOO RIGHT, EVEN PROPHETIC !Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae, in 1968, proved to be a great watershed, and we see the 1968 drama unfolding again and again. The drama boils down to two simple realities: Obedience or Disobedience, God explained the consequences of which one we choose in Deuteronomy 11:26:

“See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse…”

Amongst other things, Humanae Vitae taught and commanded us to accept that we are to AVOID and SPURN the use of artificial birth control. The “wisdom of the world” and those who chose to disobey God’s message in Humanae Vitae followed this kind of worldly logic: “If artificial birth control is used, there will be fewer unwanted pregnancies, fewer sexually transmitted diseases, and fewer abortions. The Pope and the Catholic Church are obviously ignorant and out of touch not to see the obvious!”

But the Pope and the Catholic Church follow the commands of God, which are infinitely wiser and more logical than the logic of the world. What happened when artificial birth control became commonplace after 1968? What happened after many bishops, priests, nuns and lay Catholics disobeyed the Pope and this teaching? This is what happened: More unwanted pregnancies, more sexually transmitted diseases, and off the chart abortions.

So once again, the Pope and the Catholic Church were right, but does this inspire the dissidents and disobedient rebels to admit their errors? Does this proof that the Pope was right and the wisdom of the world was wrong inspire dissidents to return to the Barque of Peter with docility and obedience? No. And so this sad drama continues, people choosing disobedience and the curse. Hooray for the Pope and those in union with him, who choose obedience and the blessing,


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  1. Curt Stoller says:

    There is a schismatic catholic church within the bosom of the orthodox Roman Catholic Church. And it knows that the Roman Catholic Church leaders are afraid of open schism above all else. Therefore the secret and not-so-secret schismatic Catholics are fearless. In my country we have a Vice President and a Minority Leader of the House of Representatives who both self-identify as devout Catholics. They manifest not the least bit of fear of His Holiness Pope Benedict. There are bishops and cardinals who disagree with the Pope on abortion. There are millions of Catholic laymen who disobey Church teaching on birth control. I feel for His Holiness Pope Benedict. He does not want to answer to Our Lord for a massive open schism on His watch. I believe that the Holy Spirit leads and guides the Church through its Vicar the Pope. I long for church discipline on the matter of abortion. I long for it. I have no answer to liberal Catholics who say to me: “Well, if the Pope was so firm on abortion, I wouldn’t be able to say I am a Catholic.” “Well, if the Pope is so firm on abortion, why don’t the local bishops oppose it with all their might?” Why isn’t the Pope’s request that public prayer against abortion be in every single official Mass Intercessions of the Faithful honored by local Ordinaries and priests?” What can I say? What can I answer? Can I criticize the Pope I love when he may be following the Holy Spirit? Millions of babies are being killed and I would love to ask His Holiness: please be more firm your Holiness. But I don’t dare for fear that He is following the Holy Spirit and not me.

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