Here is a Universal Health Plan that every republican should advance: abolish legalized abortion. Abolish it at the Federal level. Abolish it in every state. These actions will instantly decrease the infant mortality rate, i.e., the death rate of children; i.e. health. Then abolish euthanasia at the Federal and State levels. These actions will instantly decrease the death rate among seniors. Health. These actions serve the common good and foster subsidiarism.

I recently had the strange experience of sitting behind two Roman Catholic prelates at a restaurant. They spoke so loudly that it was impossible not to hear their conversation. The phrase “republican’s fault” kept recurring. So I guess they are democrats. I suspected as much of one. But was surprised by the other. I felt very sad sitting there trying to enjoy my dinner. I guess they are going to shepherd their flocks into the hands of President Obama come election day. If they are successful it will mean the deaths of an untold number of God’s unborn children.

St. Francis told his followers to show the greatest reverence for Catholic priests everywhere, to always see Christ in them no matter what. So if this is how St. Francis saw priests, one can only imagine how he viewed the higher prelates of the Church. It is not for me to judge the hearts of these prelates. But I do not approve of continued indifference to abortion which the Holy Father has called the most important social issue.

There is a verse in the morning prayer of the Office of the Dead. It is from Psalm 146: “Put no trust in princes, in mortal men in whom there is no help. Take their breath, they return to clay and their plans that day come to nothing.” Our help is in the Lord. Usually I think of secular princes when I say this prayer. I never want to think of spiritual princes in this way, partly because I look to spiritual princes to protect us from the secular ones. And also because I am the greatest of sinners who can only look “up” at others.

Today all over the world little babies will be killed. I read somewhere a little meditation about sparrows. Sparrows are almost the most insignificant birds in the eyes of men. Small, dull colored in comparison with other birds. They do no soar above us in majestic flight. The live close to us, sometimes in bushes and not the tops of huge trees or on cliffs. They are so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them. Yet when Jesus wanted to teach us about God’s love, he didn’t use eagles or swans in his parable. He spoke of the little sparrows, sold two for a penny. He told us that not one of these falls to the ground without our Father knowing about it. Well today, even as I write this . . . God’s little children are falling with the help of men. And God “notices” it.

Today throughout the world there will be rosaries said for the deceased, Offices of the Dead recited and funerals performed in Catholic churches throughout the world. Will even one funeral be said today for an unborn child? The Greek Orthodox Church has an Office of the Dead for the little victims of abortion. It is quite beautiful. I have never found an Office of the Dead for victims of abortion in any Catholic breviary. Kinda sad really because the official Office of the Dead in the Divine Office contains Psalms mostly dealing with God’s forgiveness of actual sins. The unborn slaughtered in abortion clinics have committed no actual sins and only carry Original Sin. I can’t help wishing some liturgist would compose an Office of the Dead for God’s slaughtered unborn children.

Now the Obama administration, so beloved by the prelates who dined next to me; has ordered the State Department to put the Vatican on its list of “Potential Money-Launderers.” Interesting that this is the first time the Vatican has been put on this list. More interesting that it was the Obama administration that did this while saying that it is not at war with the Catholic Church. “Interesting” is not the right word: “Sad” “Distressing” “Chilling” “Terrifying” These are better words.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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