Nazi women on trial in Germany after the Second World War

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Women at Nuremberg: Defendants

(Final installment of IntLawGrrls’ 5-part Women at Nuremberg series)

This series began with the observation of Peter Heigl in his German-English book Nürnberger Prozesse – Nuremberg Trials that among those who played a role at Nuremberg were “a few female defendants.” IntLawGrrls’ve understandably been loathe to claim these women as our own. But they exist, as photos of “SS women” in yesterday’s New York Times reminded. Those who stood trial for war crimes have an undeniable, if unfortunate, international prominence, and at times their story too must be told.
Among the defendants convicted by the International Military Tribunal during the Doctors’ Trial was Dr. Herta Oberheuser (right), a physician whose specialty was dermatology. For her part in nonconsensual medical experiments conducted on inmates at Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, Oberheuser received a sentence of 20 years, later halved. On release from prison 1952 she tried to open a medical practice but was forced to close it on account of former inmates’ protests.
Women defendants further included a number of Nazi camp guards, prosecuted in proceedings such as as:
Buchenwald trial
Conducted by a U.S. military tribunal at the former concentration camp at Dachau. Among those convicted was Ilse Koch (left), wife of the Buchenwald Camp commander who was complicit in the atrocities committed under his command. Furor erupted in 1948, when her initial sentence to life in prison was cut to 4 years. “Koch was released in 1949, rearrested by German authorities, retried, and sentenced to life imprisonment. She committed suicide at Aichach prison in Bavaria in 1967.”
Bergen-Belsen trial
A British military court adjudicated charges against 45 defendants, including: “the most notorious” Irma Grese (#9 at right) executed in 1945 along with Elizabeth Volkenrath and Juana Borman, plus at least 18 other women. Of these, 5 were acquitted; the rest received sentences ranging from 1 to 15 years.
Auschwitz trial
Conducted by Polish authorities in Krakow. Defendants included Therese Brandl, 45 when she was executed in 1947; Maria Mandel (below), 36 when executed in 1948; Luise Danz, sentenced to life in prison, released in 1956, and in 1996 subjected to a German trial that was halted on account of her age; Hildegard Lächert, released in 1956, then convicted in a German courtroom in 1981; and Alice Orlowski, sentenced to life in prison but released in 1957.

The crimes of which these women were convicted ought to be unimaginable, and will remain, here at least, unprintable.

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You can now say these names in one breath:  Richards, Koch, Gatter, Neudeck, Clinton, Mandel, Wattleton, Grese, Sanger,  Nucatola, Binz, Pelosi,  Lachert, Bosel, Waters, and Bothe.  Read descriptions of female Nazi concentration overseers, nurses and personnel – monsters like Ilse Koch, Irma Grese, Dorothea Binz, Greta Bosel, Herta Bothe, Hildegard Lachert, Ruth Neudeck, and  Maria Mandel –  and their actions, particularly those of nurses and doctors; listen to their crimes-against-humanity trial testimony or read it; learn about the acts of utter depravity, torture, sadism, and satanic cruelty they engaged in on a daily basis as the camps; and then  remember speeches and recordings you have heard over the years from Faye Wattleton, Margaret Sanger, Cecile Richards,  Mary Gatter, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, and politicains like Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters.   Consider the recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of human body parts; their efforts  to carefully crush babies without crushing their organs, and efforts to develop “less crunchy” techniques for insuring that hearts and livers and kidneys are not damaged as babies are cut, crushed and die.

Consider that  the  Nazis were the model of efficiency in processing subhumans, including over 6,000,000 Jews through their “camps.”  Upon arrival, unless deemed extraordinarily beautiful, all children and babies were sent for immediate gassing and execution. Shortly after arrival, all  prisoners were shorn of all their hair. The hair was made into felt and thread; made into socks for submarine crews, ignition mechanisms in bombs, ropes and cords for ships; and used in pillows and mattresses for soldiers, and, since it expands and contracts uniformly, it was used in delayed action bombs.  Camp commanders were required to submit monthly reports about how much hair had been collected.  Human skulls were made into ashtrays. Lampshades were made of human skin, particularly human skin that had an interesting or beautiful tattoo. Human flesh was made into soap. And gold teeth were pulled from the corpses in the gas chambers.

More than any other product or commodity of  the money-making Nazi Camps, the gold recovered daily from the teeth of the dead, amounting to millions of dollars, illustrates the evil of the Third Reich. In one camp alone an average gold day was 18 pounds. In 1930s dollars that is  $10,000.00  per day; in today’s value, for this one camp, that is over $300,000.00  per day.

Then consider the various nicknames given to the Nazi women – The Beast, The Bitch,  Bloody, The Witch,  Butcher, The Hyena – and wonder if these Nazi women were better – in a variety of senses of “better”-  than today’s  women of Planned Parenthood.  The Nazis,  although they killed over 11,000,000 persons, cannot hold a candle to the tens of millions dead here and around the world which can be laid at the feet of  the women of Planned Parenthood.

And if in reading about any of these Nazi women you stop and have a startled intake of breath at the sheer inhumanity of their actions, just review Planned Parenthood abortion techniques and organ harvesting procedures, and then go back and listen again to the recording of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s very own Dr. Mengele; watch the video of Planned Parenthood Medical Director Mary Gatter discussing the “less crunchy” techniques and her need for a new Lamborghini; check out the medical and scientific facts of the pain capability of children in their mothers’ wombs;  and you will realize that these Nazi women were rank amateurs in pain, sadism, torture, and death compared to the women of Planned Parenthood.

When you learn that on an average day Auschwitz personnel removed about 18 pounds of gold from the teeth of gassed Jews, you will realize that cleansing the population of Margaret Sanger’s “human undergrowth” was one thing, and making money off the dead was another; that “follow the money” explains the alleged lofty humanitarian goals of Planned Parenthood in not crushing an unborn child’s heart and liver; and that the women of Planned Parenthood, today’s Bloody Beasts of Planned Parenthood, take death dealing, genocide and crimes against humanity to a whole new level of consummate evil.


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