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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. SanSan says:

    Your Excellency, thank you so much for your interview with Michael Voris. Those of us in need of a good Shepherd are so thankful for apostles like you. Many will learn from your experience and wisdom. Thank you. God Bless you always.

  2. John Ho says:

    Your Excellency, I could not stand it any more. I bought your book this morning, I am 73 and spent much 0f my life overseas in the Navy. When I finally came back to the US, my Church was gone. I so identify with much of what you experienced in this new Novus Ordo world, where the only way to tell if your church was Catholic was to read the street sign outside.
    God Bless you and we have added you to our Morning Rosary list, We ended up at Our Lady of the Atonement. There we found a real Catholic Faith.
    We will be in Corpus Christie in June. God Bless. John & Ginny Howery.

  3. justsayin392 says:

    Really enjoyed the interview – Michael Voris speaks as an informed historian on the evolving crisis within and without the church but you have lived through so much of it! I thank God He has brought you to this moment when His Mercy is so needed.

  4. My heart is so warmed to have found you in this raging darkness. May God continue to grant you ever grace to be a light today!

  5. abyssum says:

    Bravo, Mary! You have acted properly!

  6. I spoke out to a certain priest who told the RCIA class that there is no such thing as mortal sin. i said : THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!!! As a result, the pastor fired me as a teacher /sponsor in RCIA and also eliminated my membership at this parish. He told me that I probably didn’t even know what mortal sin was! However, I am grateful to God for giving me the courage to defend Truth. I will continue to do so even if it costs me my life. For what is life without the glorious Lord; the Truth, the Way and the Life!!!!
    Jesus I trust in You! May He always give me His courage to speak His Word in Love, for the Glory of God.

  7. wpsahm says:

    God is truth. You are standing in truth and therefore with God. You’re okay:)

  8. abyssum says:

    Susan Kruger sent me this comment and asked me to post it for her on my blog:

    Excellent, just say no! We need your voice, Bishop. Looking forward to each Vortex
    this week as well as the full length interview. May Our Lord and Our Lady richly
    bless you for your faithfulness. I hope Zelie makes an appearance at some point!

    I’m unable to post on your site, but if you wish to add my comment, please do so.

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