The 10 ugliest buildings in NYC

These New York buildings give new meaning to the phrase urban blight


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Manhattan has never seen so many buildings rising at the same time. Cranes tower at dizzying heights. Most new structures are sterile glass boxes, but there are a few eccentric structures designed by celebrity architects, or “starchitects” as they are called, and those aspiring to distinction. They deliberately look like they are about to fall down. These may attract attention, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but that tower was not originally designed to lean.

Drawing on classical norms, Saint Thomas Aquinas proposed that the attributes that make a thing beautiful are Integrity, Proportion, and Clarity. Integrity is the suitability for its function. Proportion is the symmetry by which its parts fit and work together. Clarity is the radiance that gives delight to the eye and is chiefly the ineffable quality that gives delight to the beholder. Not to dramatize or condemn, it is nonetheless the case that an architect who contradicts those norms is mocking the order of creation itself.

Our Lord sent the Holy Spirit to lead his Church into all truth. The Third Person of the Holy Trinity, who is the bond of love between the Father and the Son, unites the Christian (by “adoption” through baptism) with God’s beauty. Christ is the Way (integrity) and the Truth (proportion) and the Life (clarity). His purpose is to show us the Father; his truth is that he and the Father are one, and his clarity is the light of his divinity. Put those three together, and you have perfection.

Our culture is rather like that of Ephesus when Saint Paul went there. Most people know nothing of what Christ has accomplished, and even some who think they are Christians, could say “We have never even heard that there is a Holy Spirit” (Acts 19:2). Our Lord tasked his followers, and we are the newest of them, to bring others to the beauty of truth. Saint John Paul II said that his favorite line in the Bible was “The truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). It must also be the most hated line of the Prince of Lies. And when he lies, he would persuade people that his deceits are beautiful: he can even appear in attractive form himself, but his enticements are glitz, and in his lack of integrity, proportion and clarity, cooperation with him through sinning makes his minions ugly. God’s grace is the opposite. In the words of a hymn by Samuel Crossman in 1664: “Love to the loveless shown, that they might lovely be.”

The most beautiful of God’s creatures are the saints, who let the Holy Spirit dwell in them.

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment such as braided hair or gold jewelry or fine clothes, but from the inner disposition of your heart, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in God’s sight” (1 Peter 3:3-4).  

  • Father George W. Rutler 

 {I have known many people who would never have won a beauty contest or been hired as a male model by Vogue or any other fashion magazine.  Their beauty came from within and was manifested by a gentle and quiet spirit which did not need exterior adornment.  How sad that some people lacking confidence in their inner beauty to attract the attention of others indulge in body piercing and tattoos to ‘adorn’ their body. 

I must confess that sometimes when I go through the checkout procedure at the local HEB supermarket I have to avert my eyes to keep from being “grossed-out” by the sight of the bagger with multiple body piercings and tattoos over most of the the exposed parts of his/her body.  God bless them, they need to earn a living and HEB does well to give them that opportunity, but the sight is enough to spoil one’s appetite for the food stuffs one has just purchased.

I am in full agreement with what Father George W. Rutler wrote in the article above, but as an architect it is far more offensive to me to see people who have made themselves ugly in an effort to be beautiful according to current fashion, than to see an ugly building. }

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  1. There was a time when a tattoo made one stand out – for good or ill; but now they are everywhere [everywhere!] and it is simply the sheeps following the peer group leaders. In trying to get attention-the new virtue of the new society and its social media- these poor kids will do anything, except something that makes them truly stand out like stand and pray at an abortion business. Sad – there really are health hazards to these inkings. And I know one young lady who got a beautiful butterfly just above her butt some yrs back; now, having gained weight, she sports a menacing pterodactyl there. It is painful and costly to have them removed; and many employers deny employment for too many of them, or ones that are on hands, etc. When I see a young person with one, I think how sad that they cannot think for themselves; or how sad that they cannot think. Guy McClung, San Antonio Texas

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