The 8 Bells Ringing the Death Knell of the GOP

7/21/2016 – The Common Truth – Robert D. Arco


Written by my good friend, patriot, Christian and conservative – Ernie Albrecht

The Delusion of the Trump Supporters Never Ceases to Amazes Me (Death to Conservatism in 2016). I have always considered the Republican Party one of limited government and the party of intelligence. However, in this climate it is beginning to make me question this cycle. I am moved to say that nothing Cruz said short of his full-fledged support of Trump would have satisfied the terrified Trumpsters. Many knew that this was not going to happen including Donald Trump. So let’s explore a few reason why Ted Cruz stopped short of not fully endorsing Trump.


  1. Conservatism is dead (at least in 2016). When one does not share limited government conservatism why would you expect an endorsement by arguably the most conservative constitutional man in the government? Delusional? Trump has said little about government not being the answer. He recited little about the constitution. Cruz’ speech was to inspire limited government so what was so awful unless Trump and his supporter don’t agree?

    2. Intellectualism is dead (at least in 2016). Ideology is not even a point of discussion from the Trump supporters but the question of who they fear the most. Chanting over people, maligning people, threatening people, and being moved to violence has become the mantra of Trumpsters. These characteristics resemble historically fascist movements.

    3. Family is dead (at least in 2016). Seriously, did Trumpsters really expect that after Cruz was slandered by Trump and his political insiders for his citizenship, his wife being ugly, his father being accused of having plotted with Lee Harvey Oswald to kill JFK. Constant character assassination of being a liar and their accusation that Cruz was a chronic adulterer worse that Tiger Woods. How could they expect that he would suggest Trump is amazing? Has the GOP lost their way so much as to think the family is no longer important enough to defend and stand up for? I wish more people would stand up for their families.

    4. Integrity is Dead (at least in 2016). The pledge of supporting the nomination “regardless”. With all civility Ted Cruz did all not to attack Trump. He was criticized for being too “friendly” to Donald Trump. When Trump started to be threatened by Ted Cruz’ growth in popularity Trump decided to attack him personally. Trump said his voters were so devoted (mindless) that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose a single vote. I certainly hope this is not true. There must be limitations to a pledge. Secondly in March of 2016 Trump said to Anderson Cooper he did not need Ted’s support and that he would not feel obligated to support the nominee. The pledge was null and void at this point. There are limitations to supporting the nominee and I certainly hope there would be for anyone who has integrity.

    5. Transparency is dead (at least in 2016). Trump knew weeks before the speech that Cruz would NOT endorse him but Ted would stand on the constitution and limited government. Trump approved the speech two days before the Ted gave it. So how does Trump play the offended card which many liberals play? It’s called playing politics. Trump does not want transparency. He wants the same cover-ups as the liberal politicians of recent history. Trump I plead with you to come out and say you approved it. Trump come out and say you knew Ted was not going to endorse you. I won’t hold my breath. Trump won’t because he wishes to destroy this country for his own power and for the growth of a bigger government in his name.

    6. Conscience is dead (at least in 2016). Cruz never said “I do not support Trump”. He did advocate for limited government, freedom for all people with protections under the law, constitutionalism, religious freedom, stopping illegal immigration, etc. He ridiculed Clinton and the Democrat party. He expressed that the Democrat party is not an option. It was then that Ted said vote your conscience. So why would anyone have a problem with that? Should we vote against our conscience? Should we vote against our principles? If your conscience says “vote Trump” then isn’t Ted advocating for you to do so? Why should voting your conscience be so vilified? I have seen the irrational behaviors of the Democrat party and it is sad to see those same behaviors in the Republican Party.

    7. Anti-political nature is dead (at least in 2016). Ted Cruz was criticized for being a political insider and doing things which will help him win elections. You heard things such “opportunist” and “calculated”. However, when the anti-political nature of a man shines forth he is criticized by those within the party. Now all you hear is Ted Cruz’s political career is over. I argue it may just be beginning! I thought those same people were saying Ted was too political. So when a person is not politically charged and risks his own political career for family, and limited government, and integrity those same people say he is political. Flip the coin. If Cruz would have shamelessly stood next to Trump and align himself wouldn’t that have said, he is politically motivated? Ted is the right man because he is ready to risk it all for his integrity and for the best of the nation!

  2. Courage is dead (at least in 2016). For Cruz to go into the RNC convention and maintain his integrity took courage. There were those who vowed not to be part of the convention. There were those who sat out in taking part of changing the platform or the election rules. Cruz stood by doing it. Further the rules of the convention allowed Cruz to speak due to the states won and the number of delegates won. Cruz took advantage of that opportunity even in a hostile environment. Where are those who have such courage as Ted Cruz? Why is such leadership criticized and the sheepishness of the Trumpsters is praised?

    If Hillary wins maybe Trump and his supporters (which included the GOP insiders who do things for political gain) need to look in the mirror. Trump needs better political advisors and he needs an ounce of humility and win over people who he has smeared. Trump has said he doesn’t need conservatives to win. Maybe it’s time for Trump to rethink his strategy.



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4 Responses to EIGHT BELLS: GOP/RIP

  1. abyssum says:

    You are commenting on my 3,090th post. If you had read my posts since the year 2007 you would know how I feel about “this.”

  2. abyssum says:

    You are obviously new to this (Abyssum.org) blog. I have been posting on it for many years. The post you are objecting to is my 3090th post. I ask you to read this post: https://abyssum.org/2016/07/16/famous-last-words-it-cant-happen-here/. You have seriously misjudged me.

  3. Suzan Pease says:

    There were many conservatives supporting Ted Cruz. I voted for him in the primaries. We were supporting even though he would not be the chosen nominee for the Conservative party. We knew there would not be enough of a consensus for a brokered convention. The numbers just weren’t there. Not everyone can participate to the point of having a voice there. I defended Cruz; I heard every word and comprehended what he meant. Some did not catch his drift, as he often overpowers with atypical legal flowery lingo. I understood he did not need to endorse a man who had greatly offended his family. I also understand that brash, rude New Yorker ( something often noticed about most New Yorkers, I expect because they live in such overpopulated areas) went overboard more often than not, I detest his egotistical focus. I have been weighing my options for weeks, observed everything I could…but I have faith that we can still unite as a God loving, Constitution respecting party. The platform of the party not embracing the homosexual issues was an important step, considering the push by the Democratic party. Then the embracing of Trump by Gingrich, Carson, and Huckabee, Rubio, and some evangelicals …I have respected them then wondered if their proximity to Trump could bring about a change in him…I had perceived the same message from our own Pope Frances in regards to Muslims. I do believe people can have a change of heart in time. I believe in redemption. Many of my lifelong friends are Protestants, really devoted to prayer, very good people, most of my Catholic friends has long since passed. But those of us still around have prayed together and searched our hearts. We feel the need to participate in the process, to support the Christian principles in the platform, to do what we can do to bring back civility that was lost in the last eight years.. And the decision was not made lightly by many of us. Seems you and yours have written all Republicans off except for Cruz. His proximity to the conservative voters, displaying less animosity, would be so beneficial. Had you all sounded out as loudly about the Democratic party embracing abortion, selling body parts, homosexual cohabitation, (it’s not marriage), about the evils and abuse of ACA, the abuse of our legal system….where were the loud voices the last eight years….nary a word!

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  4. Bill Hohn says:

    Why are the Democrats so alive and kicking- because they’re so in tune with the culture of death and the many people supporting this culture, amidst the rampant, salacious evil in their camp? How do you feel about this? You’ve certainly taken down the GOP with your RIP.

    On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 2:59 PM, ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT / DEEP CALLS TO DEEP wrote:

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