This has been, and continues to be, a most troublesome presidential election. Obviously Hilary Clinton, and the whole of the Democratic Party is off the table for anyone who takes seriously their faith – to be a part of Christ’s Body – when the Democrat very party platform is Anti everything we should hold dear… life, liberty and marriage between one man and one woman being most elemental. No vote, Ever, for Hilary.

I do not see how any Christian person living out their faith could have been a Donald Trump supporter from the beginning. He lies at every turn, his actions are amoral and depraved, he shows no understanding of, or respect for, the founding of our nation and the beauty of our Constitution. He has shown no desire to live a virtuous life and therefore has no understanding that for any nation to stand strong it must stand for liberty and morality… that is so basic. His actions show him to be a dictator at heart as well as a narcissist-sociopath who will always and everywhere put ‘The Donald’ first – not America.

Now, that being said, and so much more that I could say that I am sick thinking about it… he is the last candidate standing on the Republican ticket and if anyone feels they can vote for him, that is up to them to decide – we are each given free will by God. This is not something I can do. I feel so strongly that Donald Trump is an evil/amoral person who will lead our nation into vast arenas of destruction that, I cannot vote for him – morally. I do not trust him (especially when he has repeatedly said he lies to ‘make the deal’). I find his actions repulsive, just as I find Hilary’s repulsive.

This is a sad situation we find ourselves in, with presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, and it speaks volumes of where our nation is… having descended to the lowest standards possible. This was the first ever Republican National Convention, since Roe vs. Wade, that the dignity of life – the Pro-Life Cause – was not mentioned. However, this was also the first Republican National Convention where an openly practicing homosexual, Peter Thiel, was invited to be a speaker. Thiel, who said that moral issues are a distraction. He was invited to speak by Donald Trump, who has himself said that everyone should use whatever bathroom they want. This would be regardless of their God-given sexuality and the effect their actions would have on others.

To have the privilege and the responsibility to vote – this great gift of our nation, I do not take it lightly. A vote for Hilary is a vote for Hilary. A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. A vote for neither is a vote for neither – but still an exercise of my greatest gift, given to me by my Creator – free will!

I thank Bishop Gracida for his constant guiding as a true Shepherd, about the business of Salvation – sanctification of Souls, for his search for truth… because truth is always and everywhere important. Truth has a name – JESUS. Let us continue to pray and fast and work for Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

– Kathleen Alexander

Kathleen Alexander

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Joanne Lombardo says:

    I pray you are wrong about Trump. God have mercy on U.S!

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