I will not watch the 3rd Presidential Debate tonight.  Instead, I will spend the time of the debate praying in my private chapel in the presence of our Eucharistic Lord.  I will ask him to reveal to the nation during the debate that Hillary Rodham Clinton, in addition to the 1001 reasons why she is not qualified to be President of the United States, is in fact suffering from a debilitating neurological illness and that should she be elected on November 8 she would pose a terrible threat to the security of our Nation should she have to cope with an international crisis.

You have but to watch this YouTube to understand what I am writing about:

I invite you to join me in prayer tonight during the debate.








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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Byron Bullock says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida,

    Thank you for your posts; yours might be the only sane voice left in the net.

    I am writing you tonite because the solution to our national problem(s) have been with us always, but few have look towards it.

    Like the request of Our Lady to consecrate Russia by name, the request of Our Lord for the Church to turn towards His Face as the solution and remedy for communism et al, this request has been shelved.

    Dear Bishop, the remedy for the evils of society has been, is, and will always be Our Lord, signified by His Holy Face, truly veiled in the Blessed Sacrament and mediated upon in the Holy Rosary with/through the eyes of His Mother. [JPII Apostolic Ltr on the Rosary]

    But like all requests from Heaven, this one too has been ignored by Churchmen and Laity alike, thus we may very well suffer even the further consequences of the vain folly of placing primary credence to mother-earth, environment, sexual-confusion, etc.; and not upon the fundamental “rights” of The Creator per the Decalogue.

    * …”If you knew how pleasing the sight of My Face is to My Father.”

    * …This was an early revelation from heaven concerning Communism. Our Lord said that this devotion would defeat it. It is, therefore, the sister-devotion to the Fatima devotion – necessary to save the world. (There are many knowledgeable people who say that the present “collapse” of Communism is a deception, and that these devotions are needed now more than ever before.)

    * …Our Lord told Sr. Mary, “Woe to those cities that will not make this Reparation!”

    * …He said, “Sinners are snatched from this world and they are swept into hell like the dust that is carried away by the fury of a tornado. Have pity on your brothers and pray for them!”



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