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A Two-Part Series on Leftism and the Media: A Response the Rachel Maddow’s “Breaking News”  Here is Part One

By Peter Amos Cohen

04 March 17

Part 1: If A Tree Falls In The Woods And Nobody Hears It, Does The Sound Exist?

Media Matters recently wrote a story about another leak from within the intelligence communities that supposedly undermines the “travel ban” because it concludes that citizenship is not a reliable indicator of terrorism: This story can be found here:  

Maybe there is no news in this story since it is now so commonplace for the government and the mainstream, corporate media to degrade themselves and act according to fake standards or virtually no standards. But if anything is newsworthy, it would be these two points:

1) the political absolutism (popularly known as fascism) involved in the leftist union between the media and the intelligence community through “leaks” (For more on the intelligence community and the media see:

2) the reporter’s lack of comprehension. Maddow’s story and the {intelligence community} document itself mean nothing. I will demonstrate this in my next post. In this post, I want to address why Maddow’s bias leads her to “find” (really insert) something that is not there.


Why does Maddow jump to conclusions? The answer is she is a leftist and leftism has no rational or social standards, but only pure will. Leftism is based on the notion that “to be is to be perceived.” If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, is there any sound? If nobody perceives it, does it exist? Is existence merely human perception? The leftist would say “yes.”  The leftist’s affirmative answer means two things, practically:

1) reality ought to be whatever you will it to be;

2) the part of reality you do not will ought to be either suppressed or forced to conform. Leftism is an absolutist ideology that is both political and metaphysical. (For a good understanding of the difference between ideology and principles, see the essay by Randall Smith published yesterday on Public Discourse: )

Leftism will justify anything and stop at nothing to get its agenda accomplished. Things like the democratic process, discussion or dialogue with one’s opponents, standards for the intelligence community or media, any form of political tolerance; all are signs of weakness. There is no debate or discussion, only “the good” (those who agree) and “the bad” (those who disagree).

Because whoever disagrees is “bad,” they must be demonized. Practically, those who disagree must be racist, xenophobic, bigoted, stupid, not worthy of being included in a “democratic” process, not worthy of being treated as a human being, etc. Even if you agree with leftist positions but oppose their absolutism, you will face their fury. Just look at the example of those who, like Lady Gaga during the Super Bowl, moderate their political agenda for a moment of unity, remembering that we are all Americans, despite our political disagreements. The leftist will not allow it because such a moment says that their agenda is not absolute, but secondary to things like being American or following the democratic, constitutional process. It requires one to stop grinding his axe for a moment and bond with his neighbor, no matter who he is or what he believes, simply because he is a human being. Those who allow for unity are heavily criticized by the left for not using the opportunity to make a political statement {against those whom they consider the enemy. – Abyssum}

Leftism is metaphysical: everything not leftist must be denied and subjected to the leftist agenda. Perception causes being… just keep on imagining, keep on dreaming, keep on threatening, keep on brutalizing, keep on oppressing, and eventually all will conform. Reality will be what you imagine it to be. This is the leftist’s metaphysical two-step.

First, give the agenda sole consideration. Dream. Assert your will. Do not think of ethics, propriety, political processes, social conventions, manners, intelligence, common sense, what other people mean, etc.

Second, after denying these things, then create new versions of them within your dream, as auxiliaries to its agenda. So the left is first entirely unethical, then it proclaims a new ethics and acts as if it is ethical. It is entirely illegal, then it uses the law as its auxiliary. It will pass things through courts, denying the constitution and the democratic process, then it will adhere to new version of these by applying them to non-citizens, as newly understood according to the “living constitution.” Etc.

By this method, the left is denying the deep foundations of our social compact and our political order — political equality and freedom — found in classical liberalism (e.g. Declaration of Independence). Then it is replacing them with a new foundation — radically autonomous self expressing pure will — found in Nietzsche, et alia. After being denied, all other considerations are revived and replaced on the new foundation, which gives them new meaning. In replacing the deepest cause and reformulating a new synthesis of “the one and the many,” leftism is the metaphysical version of the new (not classical) liberalism, the sexual libertinism of the 60’s. I do not claim that Rachel Maddow knows this, but only that she is biased by her training (indoctrination)  and, at this point in her life, is virtually incapable of critical thought.

{To be continued in a post tomorrow}


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