Dr. Paul Byrne is granted by the court to be an “expert witness” on behalf of 27 year-old Taquisha McKitty and her family to protect and preserve her life:


If he is granted expert status, he will be able to advise a physician licensed in Ontario to provide McKitty with treatment.”


Taquisha was admitted into the Brampton Civic Hospital, Ontario, Canada on September 14, 2017 having suffered a drug overdose.  While although Taquisha was breathing on her own and moving in response to her family, Taquisha was recognized as a registered organ donor and medical treatment to protect and preserve her life were circumvented.  Two apnea tests were performed, she was declared “brain dead” by two physicians in accordance to Ontario law and to this effect, a death certificate was issued September 20, 2017.  Her family hopes to have Taquisha’s death certificate canceled in pursuit of medical therapy her wellbeing, to protect and preserve her life, not that of another(s) as an organ donor.


Current status: “A Brampton judge has granted a two-week injunction that will prevent doctors from taking a woman who was declared brain dead on September 20 off life support.”  This time allotted is to seek  “proper reports and medical opinions from different sides.”


For a full understand regarding the fallacy of “brain death,”  please refer to the article link below, Brain Death” is Not Death!


Judge grants two-week injunction that keeps Brampton woman on life support | Toronto Star


Judge grants injunction to keep woman declared brain dead on life support |



“Brain Death” is not Death!


Brain Death Conflict – Taquisha McKitty,

Taquisha McKitty is being physiologically sustained at Brampton Civic Hospital (Ontario), even though her attending physician (Omar Hayani) issued a death certificate declaring her brain dead over a week ago (on September 20).

McKitty’s parents believe the hospital acted too quickly in declaring their daughter dead, and doctors are ignoring what the family believes are responses to “stimulus” including squeezing their hands and moving her thumb when asked to do so.

The family went to court last week and won an emergency injunction temporarily preventing the hospital from removing the respirator that is keeping her alive. That injunction expires today (Thursday, 9/28) when the matter will be back before Superior Court Justice M.J. Lucille Shaw.



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