+ZELIE, 18 OCTOBER 2015 – 23 FEBRUARY 2018

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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15 Responses to +ZELIE, 18 OCTOBER 2015 – 23 FEBRUARY 2018

  1. Jay Finelli says:

    I lost my beloved Golden Retriever of 14 years back in May. One of the most difficult times in my life. Prayers for you Bishop. I believe they await us in the kingdom, not because they deserve it, but because we love them.

  2. imprimipotest says:

    This is just a brief bit of consolation from St. Thomas Aquinas to Gertrude. At one point, Thomas remarks that all things that ‘be’ (except, of course, for moral evil) are more real in the Divine Being (which is, of course, Infinite Subsisting Being) and Life than they are for us here and now in this life.

    Yes, among living fleshly things, we alone have indestructible souls, to which we must subordinate all lesser things (including our own flesh) for our salvation, by accepting and striving to live in accord with the Redemptive graces won for us by Jesus Christ and communicated to us by the Holy Ghost. And that has radical and enormous implications.

    But St. Thomas’ admission I mention above should be a consolation to us all.

    Michael Ewbank

  3. So sorry for your loss, Bishop. They are God-gifted friends that love and comfort us.

  4. abyssum says:


    Actually the post was an announcement of her death. I think a rattlesnake bit her.

  5. texasooz57 says:

    So sad. So sorry for your loss, Bishop Gracida. We know the pain you feel after losing such a faithful companion.

  6. Sister Anne Sophie says:

    Is this little one a new dog for you? Very cute! 

    God Love & Bless you!Sister Anne Sophie”Oh Jesus, Jesus, I no longer feel my cross when I think of Yours.”~St. Bernadette

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  7. vasheepdog94 says:

    I am so sorry to see this! Zelie was a nice dog. Zelie could not have had a better caregiver!!!! I will pray for you both. I love this picture and how it was taken!
    LONG LIVE THE GRACIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gertrude says:

    Only someone who has lost a loved pet will realise the heartbreak we feel. On this occasion can I disagree with St. Thomas Aquinas? I am sure Our Blessed Lord has a special place for all the creatures hHe created.

  9. Vincent Gonzalez says:

    So sorry about your loss, Bishop.


  10. Elizabeth Wickham says:

    So sorry to get this news. You are in our prayers.

  11. Elizabeth Wickham says:

    So sorry to get this news. I know you are lonely. You are in my prayers especially at this time.

  12. kevirish01 says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet, Your Excellency. =(

    We have a Yellow Lab and he is getting “long in the tooth” and we are dreading that day. I will ask St. Francis to pray for you.

    Catechist Kev

  13. 3names1God says:

    He had a very special care giver. Thank you God for giving us dogs and other animals.

  14. Mary Anne says:

    Zelie is beautiful!!! She’s going to be a good dog. She has that look about her. Happy for you both!!

  15. Mary Deliduka says:

    O no! Did Zelie die? Im so sorry!!!

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