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In this Lenten Journey of 2018 as we look forward to the Joy of the Risen Christ during Easter, we must first pass through the “Good Friday” in our lives. The Catholic Church was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, based off the Jewish Faith and the Old Testament coming to its fulfillment. The New Testament is not merely a fulfillment of the Old, rather, it speaks to us all. “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”, applies to those throughout history from the beginning to the end. “I am the Alpha and the Omega” God said. He breathed life and is infinite in time. He is everything. His love is but a touch of heaven we can experience now. How do we know that God, the Holy Trinity is Real? How do we go about it so sincerely with all the Chaos.

First, we cannot “prove” his existence. He already exists whether we prove him or not. We can only reach to his Love and we do so in many ways. The First is that the Catholic Faith is a fulfillment of God’s love in the Old Testament. He gave us Jesus, who was always divine with his Human Nature. Jesus walked, lived, and breathed that Love in his time here. He was scourged, crucified and died for us all, even the worst of the worst of sinners. He rose again, because his love conquered all through divine will of the Father, united with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church, therefore, has always existed since then as that Beautiful fulfillment, always and with us. Since God is Love, he is with us before, during, and after. We cannot look into him without having a clear heart of Conscious and love. The Love is the one which tells us that all the commandments, all the Traditions of the Church are loving. It has been gifted to us by The Trinity. The Church doesn’t make rules, the Church is the gift which keeps the Love of God with US.

Therefore, we must all take a reflective look today. We must accurately discern, with great zeal in our beating hearts; what God’s will is for us. It is with this that we place our First and Primary hope in God’s plan for us. We FIRST use his instrument, the Church, to discern our Path. We do not go to others and ask them for God’s Will. We go directly to Him the almighty and we use his Gift, the Church. God is the “Alpha and the Omega”. So he freely gives us his created plan. He knows us. He knew us before, as we are now, and as we will be. We do not ask counselors or the Government what we are meant to do in life. We ask God and then we live our lives.

The Catholic Church may be badly bruised right now. However, in the words of Father Jay Finelli “What the Diocese does or doesn’t do has no effect on you following God’s Will”. End Quote. Therefore, we as Catholics are obliged to stick with 2,000 years of the Love of God. We do not decide tomorrow that the Church doesn’t suit us and that we leave it. We cannot run to the Sedevacantists, who tell us there is no Pope during and after Vatican II. We do not run to the Modernists, who tell us that the Church is changing its teachings. The Church is only able to be even more compassionate with crosses. We must accompany not in sin; but to the confessional not out of a “nostalgia” but out of Love. It is in this that we must and should seek to apply greater Mercy and Love. God is Love, God is not Mercy. We apply Mercy as God applies his Love which is unchanging.

We Laity, have no right to touch the Sacred Species except in rare cases at Mass or when we are taking The Holy Eucharist to the Sick and Shut in, the disabled, the infirm, the needy. We are more welcoming, because we shall restore Altar Rails. We shall restore things to bring back a more firm zeal of love. We can help those in all and every walk of life to the altar rail, or let the Priest/Deacon Minister to them. Let the Minister of Christ on the high Altar come to them. We will restore our beautiful churches to welcome the Poor. We will always be aware that we are a Church of sinners and that there have been bad times in Church History, but we recover. We do not seek to restore those bad times in history, or the Traditions that did not help us. We seek to restore so we can tell God and show him in our lives, “Thank you”. They are not just traditions. We restore what is due God. We restore our way of life, which is his way of the Breath of Life We, can direct all attention back to HIM first and foremost, and then we will be better able to direct our attention to the people. We then minister to all who come, all, no matter what. Then, when the GREAT zeal of love is in their hearts, they come to the fullness and joy of living the Catholic Life and all the precepts of the Church. Not as rules, but as LOVE. God keeps us safe and has ways in which we can and cannot live our Lives. They are here to protect us and those around us, and for God to fulfill his love to Us. He fulfills his love to us and we can choose to accept it. We should all accept it. Be still this Lent. Pray. Be loving. Be Strong. Watch for yourselves and others. Watch for God, and see to it that you are filled with happiness this Easter after the Lenten journey. May we always have the courage to face our trials of these times. God be with everyone, and let us all go in peace thanking God.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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