What happened at the Red Hen was nothing like the Christian baker case

Mike Huckabee June 25, 2018 Share: Email Tweet Facebook

I wish I didn’t have to comment on the inexcusably rude treatment of a Virginia restaurant owner in asking my daughter Sarah and her family to leave, simply because she disagrees with their politics.  But it became a major news story and seems to be part of a growing trend on the left, as these increasingly desperate losers ramp up the hysterical attacks (“Everyone who does anything I don’t like is worse than Hitler!!”) to cover for the fact that the policies they espouse in all areas are being exposed as hopeless failures, and more and more people are catching on that they’ve been conned. Their fury over their ever-declining influence has reduced them to the level of angry adolescents, screaming, “It’s not fair!!” and lashing out with temper tantrums.

If they can’t even behave like civilized adults, then I can’t imagine voters will entrust them with the vast powers of the federal government (aside from Maxine Waters’ constituents.)  Seriously, does this woman not even remember that one of her own colleagues, Rep. Steve Scalise, missed quite a bit of work after being shot by an unstable Bernie Bro, hopped up on anti-Republican propaganda until he attempted to pull a massacre at a charity baseball practice?  But I digress…


I’m not going to mention the name of this restaurant because they don’t deserve any more free publicity.  But I do want to share a few reactions:

First, I am immensely proud of Sarah and her family for the graceful and dignified way in which she responded to this unconscionable (and possibly illegal) discrimination.  Note that she didn’t throw a fit, pull rank, threaten anyone or file a lawsuit.  She simply left quietly and ate elsewhere, I’m sure at a place where both the hospitality and the food were far superior.

I’d also like to implore her supporters not to lower themselves to the opposition’s level by making threats or vandalizing the restaurant’s website or Yelp page.  The owner wanted publicity.  Don’t give it to her.  Instead, simply grant her wish of never having to serve anyone whose politics she disagrees with.

I’m also relieved this was a quiet, non-violent incident.  There have been other shocking incidents of violent mobs harassing and threatening members of the Administration, forcing them to flee restaurants.  Those people need to be arrested and prosecuted.  As for those trying to gin up more ideologically-based violence (looking at you again, Rep. Waters), they are a perfect illustration of the Supreme Court’s exemption to the First Amendment, that inciting a riot (i.e., yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater) is not protected free speech.  It’s also not something that any decent human being with a maturity level above age five does.  Even the reliably liberal Washington Post recognized the dangers of such incendiary rhetoric and condemned it in an op-ed.  And no, whining, “Trump started it!” doesn’t make you sound more like an adult.


Finally, I want to respond to the idiotic claims by the left that conservatives “have it coming” because this is just like that Christian baker who declined to make a same-sex wedding cake.  No, it’s nothing like that.  I know that people who use the word “nuanced” a lot don’t seem to understand what it means, so I’ll attempt to explain the nuances of the two cases clearly and in words short enough that even a liberal intellectual can understand:

The baker in question never ejected anyone from his store for being gay.  He made it clear that everyone was welcome to the part of the store that serves the public, and he would happily sell them anything in the store.  What he declined was a separate contract job custom-designing a cake that he felt violated his religious beliefs, for the same reason he refuses to use what he considers his God-given talent to design Halloween cakes or cakes that personally attack people.  His objection to being forced to accept the custom contract job was based on his First Amendment right to be free from the government forcing him to violate his religious beliefs, not on some nonexistent right to ban gay people from the public area of his shop because he doesn’t like them personally.

I wonder if leftists who are cheering the restaurant owner for ejecting my daughter’s family from a public accommodation just because she didn’t agree with their politics even realize that they are making a very different argument that goes far beyond the defense of the Christian baker.  In fact, they are making the same argument one would use in defending Southern lunch counter owners of the 1950s who refused service to black customers.

Although, come to think of it, those Southern lunch counter owners and the officials who defended them were Democrats, too.  I guess some things never change.


Another irrelevant opinion that inexplicably made news over the weekend came when former Obama ethics watchdog…(sorry, I had to quit typing for a minute until I could stop laughing) Walter Shaub tweeted that my daughter Sarah violated five federal laws by using her official Twitter account to tweet what had happened to her and her family at that Virginia restaurant.  Shaub seems to be laboring under the delusions that Sarah both threatened and endorsed the restaurant (a neat trick, but she did neither) and that she was the first to identify the restaurant, in an attempt to spur mindless rightwing mobs to attack it.  If true, that would be the height of irony, since she was just one of a rising number of Republicans being attacked by mindless leftwing mobs.  But it’s not true at all.

In fact, the restaurant identified itself first, with a staffer tweeting the story to the world.  It was only after it made news that Sarah was inundated with requests for comment or confirmation by the media.  Since responding to media inquiries IS her official capacity, she did so, in a completely dispassionate way (she did not call for any retribution against the restaurant owner.  That sort of reprehensible and illegal incitement to violence is the province of leftists such as Maxine Waters.)

I’m really not surprised that partisan attacks are more in Mr. Shaub’s wheelhouse than researching facts, after reading his history and scrolling through his Twitter feed.  He left his position after clashing with Trump and amid accusations of covering up for Hillary Clinton.  When not attacking my daughter with bogus accusations of violating federal laws, he’s tweeting his adventures in Texas as part of a big protest of the enforcement of immigration laws.  The slogan of the organization he’s backing, which is prominent in his posts, is “We Demand Families are Reunited and Free!”  Notice this doesn’t stop at merely calling for reuniting families, but for setting them free, even though they violated federal immigration law.

So to recap:  the “former director of the Office of Government Ethics” under Obama (pause for laughter) thinks that for a Republican to write a tweet in full compliance with the demands of her job is a quintuple federal offense, but entering the US illegally is not only fine but should be rewarded.

Now I finally understand why Obama seriously believed that he had a “scandal-free administration.”

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