The Politics Behind the Dueling Billboards


A billboard company put up a sign over a week ago along Interstate 40 outside the panhandle town of Vega, paid for by an undisclosed customer.  The sign read, “Liberals, Please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.”

Well, the backlash was immediate after the sign’s message went viral on social media.

An Amarillo resident, Roman Leal, started a GoFundMe account to put up a “warmer, gentler, welcoming” message around I-40 and Coulter: “Texas is for everyone – not for bigotry. Welcome, y’all!

The offending billboard was replaced with an “inclusive” Austin approved message.  The Left has succeeded in hunting down dissidents in remote areas and making them repent, recant, and obey.

It would be interesting to know a bit more about “Roman Leal” and his financial backers. What is his political background, and was he quoted as the instigator of this effort because of his ethnic background?  The article appeared in the Austin daily paper which has been a leader in pushing the narrative that opposition to Open Borders and the liberal agenda is based on “racism, sexism, and homophobia.”  I would be shocked if MoveOn.org or some similar group isn’t behind this story.

Fear and intimidation are key to the Democrat’s 2018 election strategy.  This is no “man bites dog” story that happened to make it into the news.  Articles like this and, above all, the scandal du jour “family separation” on the border, are integral to that strategy.

First, they serve to energize the Democrats “hate America” base.  Russophobia and the Mueller Investigation have run their course, and the Left needs a new cause to keep stoking the rage of the fist marchers (the ones you see at the rallies) on the one hand, and far more important, remind liberals of their moral superiority to Trump’s supporters.  The Democrat must foster the illusion that America is under attack and therefore eternal vigilance is necessary.  The conclusions the Democrats want from their supporters is that logic, fairness, and consistency in argument must be set aside in order to “fight the right” and save the nation.  The liberal is thus led to a totalitarian mindset by accepting that “life during wartime” requires the suspension of civil liberties….

Second, stories like this are extremely effective in winning over “swing” or low information voters (whom I refer to as “the stupids” simply to annoy liberals).  This group is anything but low IQ, blue collar workers.  Rather, it’s ranks are swelled by doctors, lawyers, social workers, etc., who don’t read much and whose views are shaped by entertainment TV and social media.  The constant barrage about “family separation” and the “children detained by Trump” is relatively easy to combat if you analyze the information and seek opposing viewpoints.  On the face of it, arguing for unlimited, unregulated immigration of those with little skills and likely to be on welfare would hardly be a winning strategy for the Democrats.

The reality is that the Democrats are effectively targeting low information voters, who are likely to vote based on their “feelings” carefully cultivated by TV, and the strong desire of those in this group to demonstrate that they are “caring” people and are conversant with “what’s going on” in the world.  De Toqueville recognized this desire to conform as a powerful tendency in the American character and warned about what could happen if it got out of control.  Immigration and other issues are irrelevant to low information voters, they only want everyone to conform, or as it’s called today, virtue signal. to the standards of their liberal opinion leaders.

It’s sad that it’s come to this, but the Democrats’ new Rainbow Coalition is a toxic mix of their neo-Marxist base, and the dumbest of the dumb in terms of politics.  The Democrats are playing the numbers and taking advantage of their control of the Main Stream (Entertainment) Media to forge an effective coalition to retake political power and privilege.  Open Borders will guarantee a permanent electoral advantage, as it has in formerly Republican California.  Not a bad strategy for achieving power.

James Murphy is an attorney with over thirty years of experience in the politics of Texas Water.

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