High-End Fashion Designer: I Was Warned About Homosexual/Pedophile/Satanic Infiltration of Catholic Church in the Early 80’s

EDITOR’S NOTE: Marie Toone, the author of this guest article, spent over a decade working in both the high-end fashion and entertainment industries.  Through her work, she was in close, personal contact with famous singers, actors, athletes, and business leaders.  Over the past three years, Mrs. Toone (who lives in the UK) has spent weeks with the Hichborn family so she could tell her story to Michael Hichborn.  This article merely touches on an amazing life story that is both shocking and inspiring, tragic and hopeful.  Through the course of extensive interviews and pouring over photographs, Hichborn has found Mrs. Toone to be a highly credible witness to the events detailed below.  Specific names regarding celebrities have been omitted.

After having worked in the fashion and entertainment industry for several years, where I styled and dressed many high profile celebrities, I thought that nothing could shock me; that is until the Met Gala. Let’s face it, what could be more shocking than the punk-rock era of the 1970’s with studs, chains, black leather and rubber fetish bondage trousers, dyed and ripped t-shirts, neck chains with razor blade pendants and matching fanned Mohawk hair styles coupled with self mutilation and body piercings? Or let’s take the “Goth” look of the 1980’s, with its different styles of a post-punk era and death metal subculture where black was the predominant color and everything was dark and morbid. Both male and female goths dressed alike with black hair, black eyes, black eyeliner, black lipstick,black nail polish and very pale complexion. The 80’s also gave us Madonna, hailed the queen of pop, who mastered the art of shocking us with her style, videos, lyrics and dance routines.

So here we have Madonna, once accused by the Vatican of staging one of the most satanic shows in history, perform for the guests at this year’s Met Gala with the theme being “Heavenly Bodies, fashion and the Catholic imagination.” The Vatican not only approved of this gala, but loaned over 50 garments and accessories for the exhibition. During her performance, Madonna juxtaposed sex and religion as she performed “Like a Prayer” dressed as a monk, flanked by backing vocalists and dancers dressed as monks.  At one point, they strip her of her habit revealing a see through dress with corset and suspender belt.  Following this, Madonna then performed “Hallelujah,” followed by male and female “priests” with rosary beads around their necks.

The Met Gala — formally called the Costume Institute Gala and also known as the Met Ball and affectionately referred to as the “Oscars of the Fashion industry” — is an annual event for the benefit of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. It marks the grand opening of the institute’s annual fashion exhibition and whatever theme they run with becomes the “expected” theme for the costumes of the guests.  The Met Gala is the creme de la creme of all galas with tickets priced at $30K per ticket or a whopping $275K to reserve a table! The Annual Gala Ball brings designers and celebrities alike to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art where they don the most avant-garde creations in red carpet history and vie for the title of “Best Dressed.”

While this year’s theme shocked and scandalized Catholics around the world, the truth is that this event is only the public manifestation of a vast demonic attack on the Catholic Church.  What I am about to reveal is something I have kept mostly to myself for several decades, but given what is happening, and after praying about it, I have decided to reveal what I was told about the infiltration of the Catholic Church while I was working in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Over 30 years ago, I was working as the maître d’ for a high-end club frequented by entertainers of all sorts; actors, musicians, athletes, and wealthy industrialists.  One evening, I was contacted by a very high profile lady within the music business, who later revealed herself to me as a self-proclaimed satanist. She called me and asked if I could do her a huge favour by picking up a few bottles of champagne and dropping them off at her house.  She said that she had a party going on and had run out. I got the champagne and after work drove over to her house, which I had been to on a couple of occasions previously. However, I had no idea what this night had in store for me! When I arrived, she answered the door and invited me in, there were a few young people hanging around in the entrance hall including her children who were celebrating a birthday party. She took the bottles from me and gave them to her son who’s birthday it was, keeping one bottle for herself. She then beckoned me to follow her into a large study and sat me down opposite her. She poured two glasses of champagne and handed one to me, but as she did, I heard a small inner voice tell me not to drink the champagne because I needed to be alert. This turned out to be so true and a night that I will never forget as this was the night I learned about Satan’s plan to destroy the Catholic Church!

She took her glass of champagne and as she sipped it she looked at me intently and started to talk about a previous time I attended a party at her house. She began to talk about The Catholic Church, which she referred to as “your Church” (meaning mine) and how Satan had infiltrated it with sexual predator priests, bishops AND cardinals.  She told me that many were pedophiles, placed there to destroy the Catholic Church from within. She continued to say that the Illuminati and Freemasons were behind the plot to destroy the Catholic Church. She added that Satan’s plan was not only to destroy the Catholic Church but also to bring down the family, explaining that divorce was high on his agenda. She further told me that Satan had infiltrated the music industry and many celebrities had sold their souls for fame and fortune and that the Illuminati were behind this as well.

I need to be clear about something.  Up until this point, I had never heard of the Illuminati and had no idea what a pedophile was.

I had met this woman several times before, but mainly at a famous and very exclusive night club called Tramp. Although she always wore black clothing and skull rings, I had no idea – and never even thought it possible – that she was a practicing satanist until then. She elaborated on the fact that Satan was not in the slightest bit interested in any denomination of Christianity other than the Catholic Church because he knows it’s the “True Church.” What she said next has echoed in my mind with each new scandalous revelation being made about the Church this past summer … said to me “mark my words, your Church will be defunct 30 years from now.”

She proceeded to tell me that she herself had sold her soul to Satan many years ago and went on to tell me where, how and why she did it. She continued on about the Catholic Church and informed me that there were black masses and orgies going on in the Vatican on a regular basis and these black masses were carried out by bishops and cardinals. Now remember we are going back over 30 years ago when there was no internet, unlike now where we can find out anything at the touch of a button, so for me this was an absolutely terrifying experience; so much so that I didn’t know whether I was more afraid to stay or to get up and leave.  I was paralyzed with fear and could not take in what she was telling me about the Vatican and the black Masses, however I did know that the devil was real because I was brought up in a very Catholic household where I was warned of the dangers of Satan from a very young age. All I could do was continuously call on the Holy names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph over and over again in my head as she continued to bombard me with terrifying stories of her personal satanic experiences.  There is so much more that I was told me that night which I’m not going to go into here.

At one point she said “I’ll prove to you what I’m saying is true” and she briefly left the room.  It was at that point I started to say the prayer to St. Michael and called on every angel and saint in Heaven to get me out of there. When she returned to the room she was carrying a couple of large books which she placed on the table in front of me.  One was the satanic bible and the other was about the Illuminati and Freemasonry.   She pointed to the satanic bible and said to me “open it” … I sat there frozen on the spot with the hair on my neck literally standing on end! Inside I was crying out to Our Blessed Lord and to Our Lady to please get me out of there. I did not dare open it and as I eventually got up to leave, she followed me to the door and as she did she was carrying both books and told me I had to take them with me! I politely, but very nervously told her “I’ll get them another night.” I had no intention of ever getting them, but I was so scared and just wanted to get the heck out of there!

Fast forward to 2018 with the current and ongoing scandal rocking the Catholic Church, it would appear to me that what she told me over 30 years ago regarding the cardinals, bishops and priests working for Satan inside the Vatican was in actual fact completely and utterly true! They had been placed there by Satan all those years ago to try and destroy the Catholic Church.

For instance, one cannot help but note that among the most recognizable attendees at the Met Gala, it was Cardinal Timothy Dolan who told the Hollywood Reporter

“In the Catholic imagination, truth, goodness and the beauty of God is reflected all over the place, even in fashion.  The world is shot through with his glory and his presence. That’s why I’m here, and that’s why the church is here.”

Really? I beg to differ! The reason Cardinal Dolan was there, accompanied by the controversial homosexualist Fr. James Martin, is the fact that Satan has definitely infiltrated Holy Mother Church and that infiltration begins at the very top with the Vatican itself (bearing in mind that the Vatican loaned ecclesiastical garments and accessories).

According to the National Catholic Register, the Pontifical Council for Culture chose to collaborate with an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York because of the Met’s significance to culture and global outreach, but officials were unaware of the widely criticized gala that took place. I find it inconceivable that the Vatican would lend such sacred and historical items which have never previously left the Vatican to an exhibition that they had not fully investigated. All you have to do is click on Wikipedia and it tells you everything you need to know about the gala and how everyone attending are expected to wear something along the chosen theme. Are we expected to believe that after several meetings with the gallery’s curator Andrew Bolton they were not told that those attending would be obliged to wear a costume representing the theme? Are they so careless with such treasures? I don’t think so, otherwise it would not have been the first time most of these priceless ecclesiastical garments and accessories had ever left the Vatican!

So to recap on the night let’s take a look at just some of these sacrilegious and blasphemous costumes:

Rihanna arrived dressed as a Pope wearing an elaborate gemstone Pontiff outfit which was festooned in hundreds if not thousands of pearls. This consisted of a strapless low cut mini dress and a Papal Cope and Miter reminiscent of those worn by pre-Vatican II Popes. Her sacrilegious costume was designed by John Galliano for Madison Margiela.

Madonna arrived dressed in a John Paul Gaultier black dress adorned with a large revealing see through cut out cross which she paired with a black net veil held in place by a crown donned with several jeweled crosses. She wore a Rosary around her neck and a long chain adorned with several crosses.

Cardi B, American rapper and hip hop artist, arrived in a shocking heavily embellished and very low cut revealing costume with a crown mocking the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her sacrilegious costume was designed by Moschino.

Singer songwriter Lana Del Ray arrived dressed by Gucci in a peach crystal embellished gown with a large heart pierced with daggers in mockery of Our Lady of Sorrows…this had to be the most shocking and sacrilegious costumes of the night…

Ariana Grande arrived dressed by Vera Wang in a ball gown inspired by Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgement,”a painting inside the Sistine Chapel.

I find it interesting that the framed fresco depicts humanity awaiting their eternal judgement by God. It would appear that Cardinal Timothy Dolan didn’t appear too concerned about that dreadful judgement when he said “I didn’t really see anything sacrilegious” on the night and described the night as a “great evening.” He went on to praise the corresponding exhibition as “beautiful.” I’m at a loss for words as to what is beautiful about a collection of sacrilegious and blasphemous costumes!

The battle for souls has begun in earnest and we are talking about the loss of countless souls to this demonic industry as foretold by Our Lady of Fatima almost 101 years ago when she said “Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much.”

Nowhere in the world have we seen such immodest and offensive dress as at this year’s Met Gala where a leading prelate of the Church not only attended but didn’t think there was anything sacrilegious or blasphemous about these costumes as he posed for photographs with Donatella Versace and others while the Choir from the Sistine Chapel sang at this blasphemous event.

All over the world people were shocked and scandalised by this event. Even the secular media talked about it – every one of them mentioning the word sacrilegious and or blasphemous – while the Vatican remained silent. Where was Pope Francis in all of this? Why was there no public condemnation from the Holy Father? In fact the silence from the Vatican was deafening which seems to be the norm in this current Papacy!

About 15 years ago I was living in North Yorkshire and this whole demonic thing in the entertainment industry was really troubling me (we had not yet seen the much worse and more serious situation within the Church) as it was becoming more and more apparent that many celebrities were indeed selling their souls to Satan. It troubled me so much that I visited with the parish priest and told him of my anguish at what was going on in the entertainment world. I asked him if he could offer Mass once a month for the conversion of this industry. He personally thought this was a wonderful idea but would need the permission of the bishop. He suggested that I set up a meeting with the diocesan bishop who at that time was Arthur Roche from the Leeds diocese.

Bishop Roche agreed to have a meeting with me at his residence in Leeds Cathedral. On the day of the meeting I was met by a secretary who led me into a study and told me that the bishop would be with me shortly.

When Bishop Arthur Roche arrived he greeted me with a warm smile and handshake as he invited me to take a seat. He then arranged for tea and niceties to be delivered. I told him the entire story of my night with the satanist although I omitted the bit about the Church being infiltrated and focused on the entertainment industry as this was my primary concern at that time. I told him of my demonic experiences and about the worrying reality of satanic influence and participation in this hugely influential medium. I talked about the overtly satanic and sexual videos as well as the culture of death within the music industry. He took in everything I had to say and asked some questions along the way. After talking with him for quite some time and having explained that I was someone who worked in this industry for many years and experienced what I had first hand, knew the power that these celebrities had over the youth of today and how much more powerful one Holy Mass said once a month would be. I then asked him if he would authorise one public Mass a month for the conversion of the music and entertainment industry. I said, “Can you imagine if only one major celebrity had a conversion as a result of this and what an impact that would have?” He sat there, looked at me intently, and said “I’m sorry, this is not something I can do.”

I was both shocked and saddened at his response given I didn’t spare any details about what I was told by a practising satanist. I left the bishop’s house and headed straight for the cathedral where I prayed and cried! I felt completely demoralised as I made my way home.

This Met Gala and the current scandal going on with pedophile and sodomite priests, bishops and cardinals in the Catholic Church confirms what I was told by a self confessed satanist over 30 years ago about Satan infiltrating the Church from within is indeed true. We are now seeing what I was told all of those years ago unfold before our very eyes in the most diabolical way, with countless clerical abuse cases being reported never before imagined. I have kept this secret in my heart for over 30 years and have only  told a handful of very close and trusted friends as well as some priests. I now feel it is important for everyone to know the truth about what’s really going on within the Catholic Church.

Every single Catholic needs to take up their Rosary beads and pray like never before because this battle is real, very real, and the Rosary is our weapon. We need to return to fasting and to making acts of reparation to The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

Please pray for the Lepanto Institute and all of the Catholic media outlets who are courageous enough to speak out against this demonic scourge within the Church, and pray especially for all of the holy bishops who are being persecuted because of their faithfulness. Please also pray for me.

May Almighty God bless and protect us and may the most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary wrap us under her mantle.

Marie Frances Toone

15th September 2018 the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows

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