It’s PAST time for the VATICAN to stop trying to curry favors with an age that basically hates Christ and his message of true love.


The Errors of Modernism

by Taki 

December 15, 2018

The Errors of Modernism

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Father Munkelt is a New York City-based priest who is as intelligent and well-read as anyone I’ve known, and he wrote most of this essay for Takimag under my byline. (Journalists are expert cheaters and plagiarizers, but when it comes to a man of God, I cannot speak with forked tongue.) I asked the good father why the Catholic Church is in such turmoil and about the sex scandal. Since the end of the classical pagan world, the Catholic Church has been the most important and formative institution of Western civilization, according to Father Munkelt. Yet it is now the most vilified, and hardly a day goes by without an attack against it by that most malignant and subversive of newspapers, The New York Times. (The sex scandals perpetrated by Hasidic rabbis in New York against children are, of course, ignored by the Times.)

Basically the Church is under attack for two reasons: First, the Church at its core naturally opposes the soi-disant establishment from whence anti-Christian modernity sprang. After the Second Vatican Council, contrary to its essence, the Church has gone through an orgy of liberalism, a concomitant breakdown in discipline and teaching, and homosexual-fueled scandals that are the perfect expression of the Vatican-inspired efforts to rebrand the Church as a nice, effete, and welcoming group.“It’s time for the Church to stop trying to curry favors with an age that basically hates Christ and his message of true love.”

Regrettably, the debauched within the Church of Christ have in practice brought the Church to its knees before the world. After brilliantly dissecting the errors of modernism for over 100 years, the Vatican lost its nerve and cravenly embraced the enemy. In practice, that is. For the Church retains a doctrinal tradition that is fundamentally anti-modern. While it does not reject technological progress, it absolutely dismisses moral progress. Mind you, there is moral teaching and immoral practice, and the vile New York Times equates the two when attacking the Church. The present moral decay of the West is the direct outgrowth of the modern detestation of the moral order of nature. (Same-sex marriage must be anti-nature, no matter what Elton John or some Hollywood types tell us.) From the beginning, that order has been the foundation of the Church’s ethics. But then it was watered down until ethics began to collapse, and now we have to seek our own good and pleasure, but not injure others. 

Under the guise of human (not natural) rights, Western elites have become purveyors of fiat rights, rights based on demands, no matter how perverse, of noisy interests and their liberal anti-Christian backers. It’s time for the Church to stop trying to curry favors with an age that basically hates Christ and his message of true love. And in my opinion—Father Munkelt kept quiet on this one—the Pope should resign and stop telling us to open our borders to everyone. We already have, and our own poor do not enjoy the comforts of the Vatican but experience firsthand the crime the Pope’s favorites bring us. More Father Munkelts, less Argentine Popes is my message. Have a very happy Christmas, all of you Takimag readers.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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2 Responses to It’s PAST time for the VATICAN to stop trying to curry favors with an age that basically hates Christ and his message of true love.

  1. hellenback7 says:

    It does not seem to me that we need to go ballistic over a clarification of an interpretation of the Words of the Our Father.
    I consider myself a devout and orthodox Catholic; and long before Francis’ suggestion that God “does not actively lead us into temptation” I came to the same conclusion.
    When in private, I pray that line in the Our Father as “please do not allow us to fall into temptation” or “do not allow us to yield to temptation”.

    Although there are many things that lead me to doubt Frsncis’ personal theology, this is not one of them. I simply do not believe that God “leads” us to places that are a temptation to sin. He may allow us to be tempted but He does not cause the temptation.

    In this day and age, I suppose just being alive could be considered an occasion of sin, but it is not God who brought about the state of the world today….although He allows it to continue to exist for His purposes..

  2. Sheepdog says:

    The picture is not a Pope but the False Prophet. He uses humbleness to deceive people about who he really is. The false prophet is going to change the Lord’s prayer after 2,000 years? While his people claim it is a “translation issue”, they are incorrect. They need to understand the language of the time and how it applied. False Francis knows better than Jesus? Ironic how the same people who said Benedict did wrong with Summorrum Pontificum are now praising “Pope” Francis for this?

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