Liberal Vatican expert John Allen affirms that Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga is Francis’s top advisor and that he “symbolizes” the “Pope Francis era”:

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The “Pope Francis Era” is “Symbolize[d]” by the “Corruption” & Sex Abuse Cover-ups of Top Papal Advisor Maradiaga

Liberal Vatican expert John Allen affirms who is Francis’s top advisor and that he “symbolizes” the “Pope Francis era”:

Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga “symbolizes” the “Pope Francis era… he comes off as virtually a ‘vice-pope,’ the coordinator of Francis’ all-important council of cardinal advisors [C9] and his most visible and outspoken interpreter.”

LifeSiteNews in the article “Corruption of Pope Francis’ reform chief portrayed in groundbreaking new book” reported that Martha Alegría Reichmann, the widow of former Vatican ambassador Alejandro Valladares Lanza in her new book  “Sacred Betrayals” (“Traiciones Sagradas”) revealed:

“Pope Francis’ reform chief Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga has maintained an abusive and mafia-like regime in Honduras for decades, promoting false investment schemes, diverting money from the local university and from the government to shadowy and immoral purposes, and ruthlessly protecting his corrupt auxiliary bishop, who was forced to resign in 2018 following accusations of sexual abuse of seminarians.”

“Moreover, the conduct of the cardinal is well-known to senior members of the Vatican curia and even to Pope Francis himself, who appears to be beholden to Rodríguez Maradiaga and is unable – or unwilling – to correct the wayward prelate.”

Moreover, the Cardinal who “symbolizes” the “Pope Francis era” “symbolizes” it’s systematic sex abuse cover-up:

Italian journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi is one of the two Italian journalists charged in the Vatileaks 2 trial. The Vatican put him in court because of his last book on Vatican financial corruption. In his new book “Lust: Sins, Scandals, and Betrayal of a Church Made of Men,” he reports that Francis and his top advisors, specifically Maradiaga, are covering-up or undermining investigations on sex abuse on a global scale.

In an interview with, Fittipaldi said Maradiaga protected a pedophile priest, claimed that “Cardinal Law was a saint” and said that he “would never denounce” pedophile priests to the FBI:

“Maradiaga [Honduran Cardinal], from whom we have not yet spoken, but who is the coordinator of C9 and is a great friend of Francisco. The pope gave no importance to the fact that Maradiaga had protected a priest from the Costa Rica pedophile, fugitive from Interpol, who was found in bed with an eight-year-old child by his mother. This pedophile priest went around North America to Central America until he arrived in Honduras. In Tegucigalpa, which is the diocese of Maradiaga, he found hospitality for six months.”

“Maradiaga is someone who in Rome, in 2004, when there was the ‘ Spotlight ‘ scandal, due to the investigation of our colleagues from the Boston Globe, said that the Boston Globe and CNN were beasts, Friends of the Jews of Israel, that the denunciations were not true and that Cardinal Law was a saint. He also said that he would never denounce a priest to the FBI, even if he was a pedophile, because priests are not cops. A man who says that kind of thing, ten years later, thanks to Francisco, has become one of the most powerful men in the Vatican.” (, “Emiliano Fittipaldi: ‘Para Francisco, a pedofilia é uma questão secundária,'” October 20, 2017, Google translation) 

In the interview Fittipaldi, also, said “Ratzinger [Pope Benedict XVI]… was very traditionalist and conservative, and so the journalists did not like him, but he did important things. The things he did in relation to pedophilia, which was not much, but double the time for prescribing crimes in the Vatican, sent away almost 600 priests in a few yearsThe incredible thing is that Francis did a lot less.”

Journalist Hilary White confirmed the Fittipaldi understatement reporting that Francis “has all but completely dismantled” the “effective” reforms instituted against clerical sex abuse by Benedict:

“Pope Benedict installed effective procedural reforms on clerical sex abuse; Francis… has all but completely dismantled or reversed those changes… Benedict ‘had defrocked or suspended more than 800 priests for past sexual abuse between 2009 and 2012’… His reforms specifically included bishops who refused to act against priest-abusers… ‘This Pope has removed two to three bishops per month’… These reforms – and – removals – have ceased entirely under Francis.”
(Remnant, “Pope Francis Accused of Inaction in Notorious Sex Abuse Cases, January 25, 2017)

It appears that Francis is solely responsible for almost completely dismantling Pope Benedict’s effective sex abuse reforms.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Fred Martinez at 3:33 PM

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1 Response to Liberal Vatican expert John Allen affirms that Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga is Francis’s top advisor and that he “symbolizes” the “Pope Francis era”:

  1. hellenback7 says:

    Other than the book being released fairly recently, much of this info links back to 404 errors (non-existent web page) and fairly old new pieces.

    I’m not at all saying any of it is untrue. But the woman knew the Cardinal “as a good friend” for decades. Then she lost money, allegedly due to pressure to invest from the Cardinal, and then “discovers” he ‘s a bad guy?
    When people heard of Whurl being so close to McCarrick for years and then saying he knew nothing, they figured him for a liar and worse.

    Why is this woman weighed with different scales?
    I don’t trust or like Maradiaga one bit.
    But this piece could do more harm than good, even if what she alleges is true.
    The piece doesn’t even use the word “alleged” but assumes her story as fact.

    She was exceptionally close to the Cardinal for over twenty years; and they all planned to live together as a family when he retired?
    It can come across much like revenge or even more… “hell knows no fury like a woman scorned”.
    Again, Maradiaga seems to be a very bad actor. But in this case Francis’ silence in the matter send to be winning out, as this woman publishes what would amountsm to unproven rumour in a court of law.
    Someone needs to do some real investigating. This kind of scandalous behaviour usually leaves plenty of evidence.
    Evidence that can be used as proof (if the accuser has nothing to hide).

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