“Hundreds gather in Switzerland to hold a funeral for disappearing glacier lost to global warming. Theologians (women and effeminate men) at Union Seminary bowed and confessed their sins to bunches of spinach. No, really. Most of the addled youth believe humanity will be wiped out soon, because of the possibility of a slight increase in average mean global temperature”.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Is the Francis Vatican Pagan Ritual to the Earth Goddess Connected to the Climate Change Elites Push for a One-World Government?


“[T]the shaman shook a rattle, went up to Francis and fooled him by casting some spells on his hands.”[https://gloria.tv/article/erHKHB6Rrcpw3L4AqCTHLhVLJ]

The Vatican indigenous ritual appears to have specifically South American superstitious pagan ceremonies.

In the Vatican Amazonian indigenous ritual, one of the most important parts of the ritual, apparently was the rattle ceremony that is explained by the website Ayahuasca.com which is “a multi-disciplinary project devoted to the… Amazon”:

“[R]attles are the most important [indigenous pagan] shamanic tool in the Amazon… anthropologist Jacques Chaumeil says that, among the Yagua, the rattle is held to be voice of the spirits.”
(Ayahuasca.com, “The Leaf-Bundle Rattle, July 22, 2016)

The indigenous pagan “Shamanic Drumming” website says:

The shaman’s rattle is used to invoke the assistance of power animals and helping spirits… In South America, the shaman’s rattle is a most sacred instrument… the rattle’s head-gourd, which contains spirits. Joining the head of the rattle to the handle symbolizes the joining of masculine and feminine elements in the universe, an act of fertilization that bestows the sound of instruments creative shamanic power.”
(ShamanicDrumming.com “The Shaman’s Rattle,” April 20, 2014)

The meaning of the Vatican ritual was apparently a type of pagan fertility ceremony (the two indigenous pagan statues of naked pregnant women) as well as a ceremony for a witch doctor or shaman “to invoke… [pagan] animal spirits and helping spirits.”

Moreover, according to the Catholic News Agency report published in the Nation Catholic Register, the pagan dance part of the Vatican ritual “resembled the pago a la tierra, a traditional offering to Mother Earth”:

“Participants sang and held hands while dancing in a circle around the images. The dance resembledthepago a la tierra, a traditional offering to Mother Earth common among indigenous peoples in some parts of South America. No explanation was provided by the event organizers as to why the dance was performed for the feast of St. Francis or what it symbolized.”

The website “Tours to Peru” explains that the Pago a la tierra dance apparently is part of a ceremony to the pagan “Mother Earth” goddess Pachamama:

“Paying respect to the [goddess] Pachamama (Mother Earth), has always been a priority for the inhabitants of the Andes…” 

“… [T]hey have to first make an offering to the Pachamama. This way Mother Earth is happy, and she will unfold her generosity.”

“These offerings are usually conducted through Pago a la Tierra ceremonies. These translate directly to “payment to the Earth,” and are an important part of Andean culture and cosmology. The Pagos are performed by Shamans who are especially knowledgeable when it comes to speaking with the Pachamama and the Apus, the spirits of the mountains.”

The South American indigenous pagans appear to use the “Virgin Mary” as a type of mask for the earth goddessPachamama similar to the Latino Santeria pagan religion which uses Catholic saints to mask their pagan gods:

“Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother.[1] In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess… After the conquest by Spain… the figure of the Virgin Mary became united with that of the Pachamama for many of the indigenous people.”

Francis apologist Austen Ivereigh claims the two indigenous pagan statues of naked pregnant women in the Francis Vatican ritual were the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Elizabeth.

Anyone familiar with Latino culture and with it’s “botanica” occult shops knows that this Francis Vatican ritual appears to be the demonic Santeria in which saint images are used as a mask to worship pagan energies or gods.

Catholic apologist and Santeria expert Jesse Romero said:

“Shout it from the rooftops: ‘Santeria is demonic and Catholicism is the one true religion.’ This hybrid is superstitious and deadly to your soul.”
(Jessseromero.com, “Catholicism & Santeria… Can you do Both,” July 11, 2017)

Where did Francis get what appears to be his Vatican version of Santeria?

The editor of a papal biography on Francis Alejandro Bermudez explains that Francis’s theology which apparently is the basis of the Amazon Synod is about a leftist Peronist version of German National Socialist or Nazi [The People or The Folk] “volkgeist”  and “pre-Christian [pagan] beliefs, half-baked catechism precepts, and outright superstitions” which comes from Francis mentor Fr. Lucio Gera.

The “biggest impact on Francis’ thought were Jesuit Fr. Juan Carlos Scannone… a professor of young Fr. Bergoglio- as well as Argentinian Fr. Lucio Gera.”
(Catholic News Agency, “The theological formation of Pope Francis,” March 17, 2018)

Bermudez explains Francis’s theology of the People:

“In this [Gera and Francis] theology, the People [the volkgeist] are defined in a narrow sense as the poor and the dispossessed…”

“… [the “People’s”] Latin American Catholicism… a suspicious mélange of pre-Christian beliefs, half-baked Catechism precepts, and outright superstitions. Gera… develop[ed]… as key to the spiritual renovation of the Church.”
(Medium, “Pope Francis, Peron and God’s People: The Political Religion of Jorge Mario Bergoglio,” by Alejandro Bermudez, September 17, 2017)

Finally, as with all leftist Peronist such as Francis everything finally come down to politics. So, what is the leftist political angle of the Vatican dance ceremony to the earth goddess Pachamama?

Which brings us to four more questions:

Might the earth goddess Pachamama be another name for Gaia who is the deity of the climate change elites who are pushing for a one-world government under their earth goddess: Gaia?

Why are the globalist elite and Francis using youth Greta Thunberg to inspire so-called green youth rallies in the media propaganda spectacular called the “Climate Strike” in over 150 countries?

Why is Francis making a “special invitee” to his Amazon Synod the one-world government advocate Hans Joachim (John) Schellnhuber according to journalist Edward Pentin on Twitter?

Might Francis’s main political agenda at the Amazon Synod be not so much about undermining Catholic doctrine which has already been for the most part accomplished with Amoris Laetitia, but pushing for a one-world government?

Dr. William Briggs, an adjunct professor of statistics at Cornell University, gives us some of the answers to these questions and points to other answers:

“We’ve talked many times about how the child Greta Thunberg from the depths of Europe is ignorant of all atmospheric physics. Ignorant, as in she knows nothing. She couldn’t define CAPE to save her soul. Latent heat is a impenetrable mystery to her. Radiative transfer is to her an alien language. And so on.”

“It’s wrong to blame this poor kid for her ignorance. She doesn’t even know what she doesn’t know. She’s being used by shiftless activists, lying politicians, the evil media, and other well known lowlifes to push an agenda. Few people can see this.”

“… Every bad thing… that actually happened or might happen was and is blamed on climate change, and climate change itself was blamed on whatever the elites said caused it. With global cooling and warming, the cause was fossil fuels. With climate change, it was fossil fuels, capitalism, eating meat, large houses, anything having to do with traditional freedoms. Their proposed solution is to have the rabble live in pods and eat bugs.”

“Propaganda works. It is a cheap and effective way to sway the masses, and in democracies masses must needs be swayed. The oligarchs in the elite were happy to enlist a core group of zealots who believed with all their heart the sky would fall unless a one-world government was instituted. True, some of the zealots’ rhetoric spoke of eliminating the oligarchs (the “rich”), but since they also spread the elite’s propaganda at zero cost to the elites, the risk was outweighed by the benefits.”

“Sometimes propaganda works too well. A small cadre of environmentalists can be contained if they go too far, but what happens when half the population becomes as zealous as the maniacs? Environmentalism is no longer a kind of sober conservation; it is now a full-fledged religion, a fresh interpretation of Mother Earth cults. The elites have resurrected a very angry female goddess, Gaia. She awaits martyrs.”

“In a cosmic non-coincidence, seconds after I wrote that last sentence, the Blonde Bombshell forwarded me this news: ‘My wife just phoned me in tears, a 14 year old lad at the school where she works, has committed suicide because of climate change. Wtf is going on !!!!’”

“Guessing the form this religion will take is not easy. Gaia is only a goddess, not the God. She can work with God. There was a group subjected at a Catholic mass to a video lecture by little Greta, after which they had ‘oil placed on hands as sign of commitment to environment.’”

“But neither does Gaia need God, as this headline proves: Hundreds gather in Switzerland to hold funeral for disappearing glacier lost to global warming. Theologians (women and effeminate men) at Union Seminary bowed and confessed their sins to bunches of spinach. No, really. Most of the addled youth believe humanity will be wiped out soon, because of the possibility of a slight increase in average mean global temperature”.

Please pray a Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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  1. Aqua9:23 PMOne thing I’ve noticed in Catholic “ecumenism” – only one side is willing to change their Creeds and core beliefs. The Jews don’t. The Muslims don’t. Protestants don’t. Bhuddists and Hindus could care less. Pagan demon worshippers don’t. They’re all certain and satisfied in their beliefs.  

    Catholics? It’s all up for sale. We believe …. nothing. Take it. It’s all yours. For the cause of unity (in chaos).

    Whooda thunk a “Pope” would invite devils, shamans and spell casters into the heart of our Faith. But, there he is, in our peaceful Vatican gardens, getting his own magic spell cast on his venerable hands by a shaman witch. 

    The Hierarchy appears comfortable with it. Just another day of surrender.


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6 Responses to “Hundreds gather in Switzerland to hold a funeral for disappearing glacier lost to global warming. Theologians (women and effeminate men) at Union Seminary bowed and confessed their sins to bunches of spinach. No, really. Most of the addled youth believe humanity will be wiped out soon, because of the possibility of a slight increase in average mean global temperature”.

  1. hellenback7 says:

    Just watched a Lifesite interview with an actual Amazonian indigenous leader (head dress and all).
    He said (through a translator) that there is no doubt that what was performed at the Vatican was a pagan ceremony. He said that his tribe used to partake in such until he became an Evengelical Christian.
    If not for the Eucharist, he might belong to a more Christ-filled Church.
    In fact, with the one at the head of insuring Apostolic succession having his hands “blessed” by a shaman in a pagan ceremony, I might just have to wait for Christ to administer The Sacrament at the gates of heaven.

    Also today, it came to my attention that there was a highly visible photograph in a Vatican Church (set aside for indigenous people/customs) of a woman nursing a baby at one breast while simultaneously nursing a dog from her other breast.
    “All things United” or something like that was the slogan.
    Abomination of desolation anyone?

  2. hellenback7 says:

    I swear if it weren’t for the martyrs who have shed their blood in painful torture to resist this type of demonic idol worship, this whole thing would be hilarious.

    Who on earth is fooled by this nonsense?

    I’m afraid to go to Mass at my parish because I know full well they’ll spin it into something “holy” in a homily by the married deacon.
    I don’t feel too bad for my knee not allowing me to make it to Mass for a month now!
    It may very well be the Holy Spirit preventing me from remaining involved in this weird cult of a Church!
    God help us…PLEASE!

  3. lifelongcatholic says:

    I support the efforts to counter the “Catholic” Climate movement by William Briggs. In his “Help With Reality-Based Catholic Climate Declaration” he cites the Catholic Climate “Covenant”. This is the site of this movement, and it is scary. https://catholicclimatecovenant.org/about/story. Then there is the Global Catholic Climate movement. I believe I sent this information previously: https://catholicclimatemovement.global/ . Catholic schools have already instituted “Environment” courses. The Environmental Movement is about population control, and education in this regard has been going on for decades in schools. I saw it with my own eyes when active in the pro-life movement.
    Hilary Cllinton, at the 2015 World Conference of Women said “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed”. ​ I saw similar words (highlighted) in teaching materials in the 1980s. I no longer have the references, but I did read the words. The Vatican donated money from Peter’s Pence to Hilary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign (confirmed in the book “The Dictator Pope” as stated by the site “angelqueen”.)

    On another note, I presume you are aware that Dr. Briggs does not believe Francis is an antipope.

  4. Mary D says:

    This has literally made me sick to think now Francis is saying Mass…..how wounded must be the Heart of Jesus!!! Dear Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!! Only Prayer and Fasting can cast out these demons …May the Remnant put on the Whole Armor of God as protection against the wiles of the devil and may St. Michael the Archangel stay with us!!

  5. jorgecerra says:

    I think climate change happens because of Bergoglio, his blasphemies and his ridiculous headdresses. Now, when he has achieved that theologians of his paradigm shift confess to spinach, he should be very proud of his supplanting work against the Catholic Church and of having brought people to that insane state. Only an accomplished devil is able to achieve that; he was inspired by Machiavelli, but Bergoglio has left the Florentine as a candid toddler.

  6. Mary Anne Sheehy says:

    Those papal hand covered now with devil should never say Mass again until they are exorcised …
    Along along with their attachment, Franciis

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