HERE IS A CHALLENGE FOR THE WIFE OF NYC MAYOR BLUMBERG: explain why Christ, more innocent even than an infant, was crucified, or how his suffering for our sins compares with foie gras.

Fr. Rutler’s Weekly Column
November 10, 2019
Life in New York City can be hard for anyone who has difficulty accommodating paradoxes. For instance, the same City Council that has just banned the sale of foie gras on the grounds that it involves cruelty to force-fed geese, previously made New York the first city to pay mothers from other states to come here for abortions.

With all due respect to Mother Goose, it seems hyperbolic to treat the over-feeding of ducks and geese as more inhumane than the destruction of the most helpless humans. Babies are human, yet there are those who do not see anything inhumane about killing a human child right up to birth.   

Another curiosity that becomes “curiouser and curiouser,” as Alice described Wonderland, was the recent decision of our mayor’s wife to include among proposed statues honoring women, two men who attained fame by pretending to be women. By sane logic, that would be like honoring the women of the Revolution with a statue of Benjamin Franklin dressed as Martha Washington.   

Another proposed statue celebrates a woman notorious for her promotion of infanticide, the majority of infants killed being female. In a poll to decide who should deserve a statue, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini won first place by a landslide. But in her 67 years of humanitarian work, she established 67 institutions, all of which promoted the dignity of life from womb to grave, with no aborting of babies or giving poison pills to the sick and elderly. The saint’s broken English would have been at a loss to describe men with husbands or women with wives.   

 Mother Cabrini’s labors were too exhausting for her to worry about foie gras, which she probably could not afford anyway. Yet the mayor’s wife defied voters and eliminated the saintly woman from the list of honorees. That is no problem, though, because the same Catholic Church that “social progressives” slander as sexist, has more statues of women  than the profligate City Council—with its hundreds of millions of dollars of unaccounted funds—couldever hope to match, and they include countless images of Mother Cabrini.   

Saints are the greatest people who ever lived, but to acknowledge their existence means that you have to acknowledge God, who alone is the source of heroic grace that raises human nobility to the level of sanctity. This is why the saints are nervously ignored by cynics who hold holy innocence in contempt.   

The newly canonized John Henry Newman preached: “What if wicked men took and crucified a young child? What if they deliberately seized its poor little frame, and stretched out its arms, nailed them to a cross bar of wood, drove a stake through its two feet, and fastened them to a beam, and so left it to die?”   

Perhaps our mayor’s wife might explain why Christ, more innocent even than an infant, was crucified, or how his suffering for our sins compares with foie gras.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Father George W. Rutler

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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2 Responses to HERE IS A CHALLENGE FOR THE WIFE OF NYC MAYOR BLUMBERG: explain why Christ, more innocent even than an infant, was crucified, or how his suffering for our sins compares with foie gras.

  1. Kate R. says:

    At Vox Cantoris there is a photo from Chile, where fascists have removed a life sized crucifix of Christ and have dragged it through the streets, no doubt to destroy it publicly. The attacks against Christ, his flock, the church, have begun. These people who hate Christ comes in various forms, and as in Islam, some commit the murder and some stand back and smile while they do it. All are of the same constitution and mind. At core they hate Christ and they hate us for loving Him. This applies to fascists, political leaders who do evil, this applies to Bergolio and his minions, this applies to those who smile while they do it.

  2. Thank you Fr. Rutler. Spoken like a living saint would. Let’s hope Mrs. Blumberg reads this article & recognises the absolute Truth it contains & makes a U turn. It’s never too late to repent & make acts of reparation. The catastrophic events now occurring with great rapidity are written in the Bible & reflect the consequences of the hatred the Jewish leadership had towards Jesus Christ (the Son of God & Second Person of the Holy Trinity) that led to His Passion & Death by crucifixion. Mankind has, & continues to pay, a shocking price for her ancestors deeds. It’s time to take heads out of the sand & publicly do appropriate penance for the Death of Our Redeemer, the Light of the World.

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