Democrats Begin to Applaud Impeachment…Until Pelosi Gives Them a Look

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Democrats Begin to Applaud Impeachment...Until Pelosi Gives Them a Look

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Laughs, smiles, and applause. Does that sound like a “solemn” day to you? Throughout Wednesday’s debate on the House floor over impeaching President Trump, Democrats cracked jokes about wanting to impeach him months before he even called the Ukrainian president, and others applauded while their colleagues painted him as an unconstitutional ogre.

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So much for being “sad” and “solemn” about pursuing impeachment…

Democrats erupt in laughter and applause on the House floor shortly after Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters touts, “yes I called for Trump’s impeachment early”5305:14 PM – Dec 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy434 people are talking about this

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had promised us that today was going to be a “sad and prayerful” day as they prepared to vote on their two articles of impeachment against Trump. Both articles, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, have now passed.

As soon as the speaker announced that the “yays” had it, a few Democrats began to applaud. That peetered out quickly as Pelosi gave them a dagger of a look.

After reading the vote totals for Article I of impeachment, @SpeakerPelosi appears to cut off clapping Democrats. The speaker had reportedly told her colleagues not to do so.1,0537:42 PM – Dec 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy786 people are talking about this

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Pelosi gives a mean evil eye to her caucus to prevent applause breaking out as she drops the gavel on Donald Trump’s impreachment1,7787:39 PM – Dec 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy513 people are talking about this

NBC anchor Lester Holt and Dana Bash noticed “the look.”

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“She did not want any kind of victory celebration on the floor of the House,” Bash said.

As you can hear, Republicans also jeered the Democrats’ celebration.

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