How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

Destruction of the Family

The Epoch Times here serializes “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World,” a new book by the editorial team of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.”

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Chapter Seven

4. How Communism Destroys Families in the West

c. Promoting Homosexuality to Undermine the Family (cont.) Man and woman were created in divine likeness, and the divine laid out the conditions for human existence. Everyone deserves kindness and respect, and true compassion means upholding the divinely established moral codes.

In recent decades, same-sex marriage and other lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) causes have been aggressively promoted throughout Western society. By tying together LGBT rights and sexual liberation, and thereby normalizing promiscu- ity in general, communists have undermined the sanctity of mar- riage, setting the stage to further destroy the family. South Af- rica’s African National Congress (ANC), a member of the Socialist International, has consistently supported homosexuality. In 1997, it passed the world’s first constitution that recognized ho- mosexuality as a human right. Communism’s promotion of homosexuality has contributed to the growth of a number of un- healthy states that are prevalent in the LGBT community. Many studies confirm that homosexu- als have significantly higher rates of certain sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), depression, suicide, and drug abuse than the general popula- tion, even in countries such as Denmark, where same-sex mar- riages have long been legal and destigmatized.

According to a 2012 study by researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of HIV among ho- mosexuals was between 38 and 75 times that of other men and women; syphilis was between

63 and 109 times more prevalent than in the normal popula-
tion. Before the breakthroughs in AIDS treatment made in the 1990s, the average lifespan of homosexuals was 8 to 20 years shorter than the average popula- tion. These facts do not suggest that homosexuality is healthy. The LGBT movement, sexual lib- eration, and feminism have put the family structure and human morality under siege.

d. Promoting Divorce
and Abortion
Before 1969, state laws across the United States on divorce were based on traditional religious values. In order for a divorce
to be considered, it required a legitimate claim of fault from one or both of the spouses. Western religions teach that marriage was established by God. A stable fam- ily is beneficial to the husband, wife, children, and society over- all. For this reason, the church and U.S. state laws all stressed the importance of preserving marriages, except in extenuating circumstances.

But in the 1960s, the ideology of

the Frankfurt School had radi- ated out to society. Traditional marriage came under attack, and the most damage was done by liberalism and feminism.

Liberalism rejects the divine nature of marriage by reducing its definition to a social contract between two people, while femi- nism views the traditional family as a patriarchal instrument in the suppression of women. Divorce was promoted as a woman’s liberation from the “oppression” of an unhappy marriage, or her path to a thrilling life of adven- ture. This mindset led to the legalization of no-fault divorce, allowing either spouse to disband a marriage as irreconcilable for any reason.

The U.S. divorce rate grew rapidly in the 1970s. For the first time in American history, more marriages were being ended not by death but by disagreements. Of all couples wed in the 1970s, nearly half would divorce.

Divorce has deep and long-last- ing effects on children. Michael Reagan, the adoptive son of the late President Ronald Reagan and his first wife, once said: “Divorce is where two adults take every- thing that matters to a child—the child’s home, family, security, and sense of being loved and protected—and they smash it all up, leave it in ruins on the floor, then walk out and leave the child to clean up the mess.”

In the 1960s, the ideology of the Frankfurt School had radiated out to society. Traditional marriage came under attack, and the most damage was done by liberalism and feminism.

Advocates of sexual liberation believe that sex should not be limited to the confines of mar- riage, but unwanted pregnancy presents a natural obstacle to this sort of lifestyle. Contraceptives may fail, so the promoters of un- restricted sex took up the cause of legalizing abortion. At the 1994 U.N. International Conference on Population and Develop- ment in Cairo, it was stipulated that “reproductive rights” are a natural human right, including the right to a “satisfying and safe sex life,” which covers abortion on demand.

At the same time, feminists introduced the slogan “My body, my rights” to argue that women have the right to choose whether to give birth to or kill their unborn children. The debate ex- panded from allowing abortion in special circumstances to giv- ing women the power to unilater- ally end human life.

By accepting abortion, people not only have been led to commit monstrous crimes against the unborn, but also have abandoned the traditional understanding that life is sacred.

e. Using the Welfare System
to Encourage Single-Parent Families
In 1965, just 5 percent of children were born to unwed mothers. At the time, it was taken for granted that children grew up knowing their biological fathers.

By the 2010s, however, unwed mothers accounted for 40 percent of births. From 1965 to 2012, the number of single-parent families in America shot up from 3.3 mil- lion to 13 million. Though some fathers stayed, through cohabita- tion or later marriage, the ma- jority of children born to these single mothers grew up without their fathers.

Fathers serve as role models
to their sons, teaching them
how to be men, and show their daughters what it feels like to
be respected in the way women deserve. Children suffer greatly from their absence. Research shows that children who grow
up without fathers often suffer from low self-esteem. They are more likely to drop out of school, abuse drugs, join gangs, commit crimes, and commit suicide. The majority of jailed youths come from fatherless homes. Early sexual experience, teen pregnan- cy, and promiscuity are common. People who grow up without their fathers are 40 times more likely to commit sex offenses compared with the rest of the population.

The Brookings Institute offered three key pieces of advice for young people looking to escape poverty: Graduate from high school, get a full-time job, and wait until age 21 to marry and have children. According to sta- tistics, only 2 percent of Ameri- cans who meet these conditions live in poverty, and 75 percent are considered middle class. In other words, completing one’s education, finding employment, marrying at a suitable age, and having children in the confines of marriage is the most reliable way to become a responsible adult liv- ing a healthy, productive life.

Most single mothers rely on government charity. A report published by The Heritage Foun- dation used detailed statistical data to show that the welfare policy so strongly advocated by feminists actually encourages the creation of single-mother households, even to the point of penalizing couples who marry, as they receive fewer benefits. The government has effectively replaced the father with welfare.

Welfare policies have not helped families living in pov- erty. Instead, they have simply supported the ever-increasing number of single-parent families. With the children of such house- holds themselves prone to pov- erty, the result is a vicious cycle of expanding reliance on state aid. This is exactly what communism aims to achieve: control over every aspect of the individual’s life through high taxation and omnipresent government.

See next edition for the next installment.

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