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Full Cardinal George Pell interview with Andrew Bolt

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19,618 views•Apr 14, 20201.1K111SHARESAVESky News Australia350K subscribersSUBSCRIBECardinal George Pell has revealed he is ashamed of the Catholic Church for the way it dealt with the “cancer” of child sex abuse in the past. In an exclusive world-first televised interview with Sky News Australia presenter Andrew Bolt, Cardinal Pell talks candidly about the scourge of child abuse within his own church and how the many failures to act still haunt him today. “It was like a cancer … we had to cut it out,” he said. “I totally condemn these sorts of activities, and the damage that it’s done to people. “One of the things that aggrieves me is the suggestion that I’m anti-victim, or not sufficiently sympathetic. I devoted a lot of time and energy to try to save them, to get justice, to get help and to get compensation.” Cardinal Pell also shone light on the 405 days he spent locked up for seven child sex offences which were eventually quashed by the High Court of Australia. He befriended several inmates, including a convicted murderer, and witnessed the devastation ice addiction had on those around him. Cardinal Pell explained he felt flat following his release but he felt no “anger or hostility” towards his accuser. He hopes to transition into a quiet life of gardening where he could focus on growing roses and cabbage.SHOW MORE


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ALICIA NGUYEN4 hours agoThe Cardinal was so good at his job at the Vatican Bank. Moreover, he was out spoken defending Church teachings against certain groups. He has enemies in ‘high places”.49REPLY


stmartin177734 hours agoProof that public Catholics must sue when these Alinsky anti-Truth types want to try this stuff on. Otherwise all Australians suffer.47REPLYView reply

k p

k p4 hours agoWatching all this has made me gone back to Christianity.96REPLYView 17 replies

Temperate or Tropical

Temperate or Tropical5 hours agoPersecuted for investigating the never audited Vatican finances.41REPLYView 4 replies

Douglas Desmond

Douglas Desmond5 hours agoI am a Catholic and a South African possibly the investigative and justice systems in Australia needs to come under international scrutiny. Have always believed that truth and justice is inherent, applicable to all people. If one allows ones biased or hatred to cloud one’s judgment a justice system is corrupt.73REPLYView 4 replies

Anne Rampa

Anne Rampa4 hours ago“Culture wars are real “- very true Cardinal20REPLY

hermanus hulsen

hermanus hulsen4 hours agoIn Matthew, Jesus says that church members should forgive each other “seventy times seven times” (18:22), a number that symbolizes boundlessness.23REPLYView 4 replies

Marko Millian

Marko Millian5 hours agoThey couldn’t hide their persecution and they still want more advertising for more false witnesses.58REPLY


Peter4 hours ago (edited)I wonder if Hadley is watching this. He is a supporter of the Victorian police agenda of finding Cardinal Pell guilty.26REPLYView 2 replies

Aaron Mueller

Aaron Mueller5 hours agoAny other person in Pell’s position would not have been convicted. That’s the uncomfortable truth in this sorry story, which the High Court has now corrected.76REPLYView 8 replies

Shrek The Ogre

Shrek The Ogre4 hours agoWell done Andrew Bolt. Good interview and it is good to see that Pell is free and able to hopefully get on with what is left of his life.31REPLYView reply


stmartin177734 hours agoI prayed fervently everyday for the glorious exoneration and vindication of Jesus’ friend Cardinal Pell.30REPLYView 4 replies

Maria López

Maria López4 hours agoCardinal Pell has suffered like Job43REPLYView 5 replies

Joe Dennehy

Joe Dennehy4 hours agoI am an atheist, and the catholic church has much to answer for, but this case shocks me to the core. Victoria needs to reassess it’s institutional impartiality. The ABC needs to be disbanded. None of this will happen of course. All in all a stain on Australian history.114REPLYView 14 replies

Mr. Jacky G

Mr. Jacky G5 hours agoThis is what real bravery, humility, grace and forgiveness looks like! We can all learn a thing or two from Cardinal George Pell!79REPLYView 21 replies

Paul Nicholson

Paul Nicholson4 hours agoWhat a great man. God bless him!24REPLY

Gerry Hagen

Gerry Hagen4 hours agoyes, an inquiry is necessary….into the police..ABC,..and the PRESS…..put them in Jail…on scanty evidence…32REPLYView 3 replies

Dee Man

Dee Man4 hours agoWhat a fantastic interview by Bolt. Asking the hard questions20REPLYView reply

Killer CD

Killer CD4 hours agoThat was magical. God Bless you, George Pell and Andrew Bolt. What testimony of faith and surrender.27REPLY

Maureen Sheils

Maureen Sheils4 hours agoI believe this is the future of all Christians.Many will fall away leaving what Our Lady called the faithful Remnant who would be the saints of the New Age.19REPLYView 3 replies

Anna I u,hhbyyY. Jp Darbyshire

Anna I u,hhbyyY. Jp Darbyshire3 hours ago (edited)Cardinal Pell’s suffering gives witness to the intolerance of Christian beliefs in today’s society. This was a persecution.20REPLYView 6 replies

Graeme Kenneth Jaguar

Graeme Kenneth Jaguar5 hours agoThe accuser is a false witness. George Pell will probably forgive him but his lawyers should pursue the false accuser43REPLYView 5 replies

Maria López

Maria López5 hours agoHigh Court 7 nill. He is an INOCENT man.91REPLYView 26 replies


R N4 hours agoGreat interview. Glad the High Court corrected this grave miscarriage of justice. No credit to Victoria police, the ABC and other media or Victoria’s legal system. Or the Premier.14REPLY

Andrew Wills

Andrew Wills5 hours agoIn the last days right will be wrong, and wrong right. We’ve fallen so far over a long period of time and we don’t see the change for the worse.13REPLYView reply

Bieber AntiBullying

Bieber AntiBullying3 hours agoThe left don’t believe in equality before the law. If you’re the wrong person in Victoria you’re guilty. This injustice endangers us all.19REPLYView 3 replies


o0POSH0o4 hours agoPublic sentiments mixed with legal trials result in cloudy judgements…. Trials by media and public speculation should be banned until the cases have finalised…..16REPLYView 2 replies

Thomas Elliott

Thomas Elliott3 hours ago (edited)Cardinal Pell is a prime example of someone who is devoted to his faith and the benefits that bestows. That is a quality that few in modern society can understand. As such he is a great example for us all. It is a real pity that society is headed in the other direction. Andrew Bolt deserves great credit for his continued support for justice in this whole travesty of justice in Victoria and that was pursued rigorously by the ABC. The ABC fought against him and villified him throughout the whole affair. They presented rhetoric to the point where they had mainstream Australia calling for his blood. It really goes beyond belief that it happened. Surely some action should be taken against the ABC’s role as the self appointed purveyors of justice in Australia today.Read more18REPLYView reply

Penny Piper

Penny Piper3 hours agoAndrew you may not be a Christian, but the Lord is taking notes, and they’re in your favour.13REPLYView 3 replies


Kimbo4 hours agoNow that is a conversation.10REPLY


nottmjas4 hours ago (edited)I’m an atheist, an ex Catholic in fact who is sickened by the way the church had dealt with the abuse by priests scandals. But I find how Pell has been treated by various parties absolutely scandalous. Not surprised that his campaign against corruption has lead to this. Hope he manages to live out the rest of his time on this earth as peaceful as possible.64REPLYView 7 replies


ochyp19714 hours agoGreat interview and it was great to see Cardinal George Pell free and talking again. I also note that I agree with other comments that the Cardinal should sue the Victorian Police and the ABC. To Daniel Andrews the so called woke catholic premier you should be ashamed of yourself for not being able to see that an innocent man was convicted and failing to step in as the premier of Victoria to stop this injustice.9REPLY

Classical Music Fan

Classical Music Fan2 hours agoThe ABC tried to destroy him. Instead they played a part in creating a living martyr. Lol6REPLY

Mark Bolton

Mark Bolton4 hours agoThis is what a hero looks like. A brave and admirable man.44REPLYView 11 replies

Marko Millian

Marko Millian4 hours agoAwesome non biased Interview , very deep, smart journalism, well done Mr Bolt.13REPLYView 2 replies


Amanda3 hours agoThanks for making it possible to hear Pells testimony. I’ve wanted his side of the story for ages.9REPLY

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell5 hours agoI hope he sues the Police and the ABC. Looks like he has aged 10 years in 400 days110REPLYView 9 replies


stmartin177735 hours ago10:40min Jesus Christ was the greatest communicator we know, and he was deliberately misunderstood.31REPLYView 3 replies


CharlieCCC5 hours agoPeople still saying he is guilty have not looked at the evidence at all. Or they have and just don’t care. They want an innocent man to rot in jail just because he is a catholic.66REPLYView 21 replies

L Jay

L Jay4 hours ago (edited)Great, thanks Andrew for bringing these revelations to the public in detail13REPLY

Chicken Nugget

Chicken Nugget5 hours agoThanks Bolt!! Great interview46REPLY

Sharon de Silva

Sharon de Silva3 hours agoPell was a campaigning against corrupted politicos. They wanted to shut his mouth and cooked up a story that never happened.6REPLY

Eamonn Murphy

Eamonn Murphy3 hours agoI feel for this old and holy man. I wonder should he consider to leave Australia. He has seemingly good grounds to do so, otherwise it seems they will hound him till his death.12REPLYView 3 replies


rexjames0013 hours ago (edited)What is most interesting in this interview is not Pell. It is Andrew Bolt, a good and fair outspoken man who himself has been unfairly judged. I have told you by private email Andrew, now I say it publicly, YOU ARE A GOOD MAN MR. BOLT .11REPLYView 3 replies

Anne-Marie Nakhle

Anne-Marie Nakhle3 hours agoEven after everything that has been done to him he still could not say anything bad about anyone or judge anyone. What an inspirational Catholic God bless your strong faith and protect you from the wolves still circling. You are in my prayers3REPLY


andyhello233 hours ago (edited)Interesting interview. I would suggest him being in his later years, helped him in these times. Being who he is, he would of learned alot about suffering, and how people cope, over his lifetime work. When your life is taken away when you are young, its harder for people to deal with, as you miss out on the best years of your life. So when you get older, the worlds harsh times, affect you less. I would think being who he is, he has learnt alot about suffering, as thats one of the roles, that catholic priests and beyond learn from there experience of such a job they have. Well at least you gave him a chance to speak.Read more5REPLYView reply

Tui Donga

Tui Donga3 hours ago (edited)So much pure love on this thread supporting the candid nature of this interview. God bless Andrew, God bless Pell, God bless the Catholic Church, and God bless us all.6REPLY


ALICIA NGUYEN4 hours ago (edited)The Cardinal was so effective at his job at the Vatican Bank. Moreover, he was out spoken defending Church teachings against certain groups. He got powerful enemies in Rome and in Australia. Thank God justice prevails, historical 7-0 decision. Very insightful interview, thank you Mr. Bolt, God Bless you and your work.27REPLYView 3 replies

John Doyle

John Doyle4 hours agoGod bless you Cardinal Pell!! Thank you so much for even now after all you’ve been through you are still teaching us how to love God and how to be a good Christian. Also thank you Andrew for being a truth seeker17REPLYView 6 replies

Scott Martin

Scott Martin5 hours ago (edited)Very flimsy evidence against Pell, to many people letting there hatred of the man cloud there judgement of the actual case.20REPLYView 10 replies

Maria Domingo

Maria Domingo5 hours ago (edited)Cardinal Pell how luvly to see u. I have never stopped praying for you from day one. I’m extatic justice has been served and that that you are free. I’m so proud of your God given strength. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the strength. Jesus will take care of you. You are no short of amazing!!! Gbu . Ty Andrew for a fab fab interview. I’m so proud of you Cardinal Pell. Stay blessed 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻32REPLYView 9 replies


stmartin177734 hours agoAB names Victoria Police, and the ABC and their sad confederates in the Victorian legal clan. Anne Ferguson, Chris Maxwell – immolated their careers with Barabbas. But they have time to repent.6REPLY

Haley Heavenhill

Haley Heavenhill4 hours agoWhat amazing men, both of them!21REPLYView 2 replies

xtreme survival

xtreme survival4 hours agoAndrew Bolt as a Catholic I thank you from the bottom of my Heart, it was an Atheist that was the voice of C Pell. Thank you Andrew, God Bless You.13REPLYView 2 replies

Editha Vimpany

Editha Vimpany4 hours agoI found Cardinal Pell a holy man. His faith is so strong amidst suffering which people can copy. I’m very proud to be a Catholic Christian. Thank you Andrew for the interview and for believing in him.30REPLYView 2 replies


mhp08105 hours agoGood on you Andrew Bolt for your report52REPLY


Tom5 hours agogreat content you deserve more views18REPLY

Shaun davey

Shaun davey3 hours ago“A lot of people have Difficulty envisaging that contrasting background with the crimes “ Did you mean George with the accusations you was falsely accused of ?REPLY

j t

j t3 hours ago (edited)Pell was targeted because of his position high up in the church. Symbolic sacrificial lamb targeted to help ease the pain of victims, but more so for the egos of the acusers. Never had a chance with continuous media coverage at the time. For those perpetrators who violated children, may they rot in prison, burn in hell.5REPLY


mgosia214 hours agoAndrew that you for all the Suppprt for our Cardinal Pell, Thank you for believig in him. We prayed for him every day I we will continue to pray It is so Good to see him free.27REPLY

Gerard Tyrrell

Gerard Tyrrell4 hours ago (edited)‘What was wrong?’ Two factors; the forgiving understanding nature of Catholic institutions and the insidious duplicitous nature of paederasts. The man said, “We’re trained to think well of people.”3REPLY

Antonia Moffat

Antonia Moffat4 hours agoHe speaks powerfully about Redemptive Suffering. A joy to know he was so supported by all our prayers. Such a blessing to hear from and see the Cardinal himself after his terrible ordeal. A courageous witness of faith.  Thank you to Andrew Bolt for hosting this interview and exposing the shocking miscarriage of justice.16REPLY

Paul Rich

Paul Rich3 hours agoAs for Cardinal Pell, a lesser man would be overtaken with bitterness, wanting to vent anger at the system and society that had wrongly accused him. But his faith and confidence in God served him well. For those who said this interview gives them reason to search for God, good. He is there to be found. As for Andrew Bolt, a lesser man would have twisted the responses for his own purposes, would have omitted vast amounts, and would have commented a lot more instead of listening. I love your honesty and integrity Andrew. This was your best work yet!12REPLYView 2 replies


theHentySkeptic4 hours agoKudos to both Bolt and Pell. They both acquited themselves well. Great interview and best TV in ages.17REPLY

Matthew Breheny

Matthew Breheny2 hours agoI’d love to know where Rupert was during this interview, because IMO Bolts mouth only moves when Rupert flexes his hand.1REPLY

Jewyhunter Charlie

Jewyhunter Charlie3 hours agoWow Thankyou for a unbiased view . Respect . I seen Mr bolt in your eyes humility you seen true innocence of a proper catholic priest . He seen a true saint of Jesus Christ suffer . Yet George pell choose to walk his cross . He’s a true catholic priest unlike the masons that are trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church . The gates of hell will never prevail against the true men of God .7REPLYView reply


Mizook4 hours agoNow that the Vic prosecution has lost its action , is the Victorian Government going to pay Pell’s Legal Fees if Yes when and how much , if no why not.39REPLYView reply

lionel Bekker

lionel Bekker3 hours agoMr Pell seems a lovely man, I would love to have a cup of tea with him.9REPLY

james James

james James3 hours agoThis story will go down as Victoria’s Biggest ever Judicial Stich up ever. History will not be kind to all VICPOL, journalists, MEMBERS OF THE JURY, OF BOTH COURTS. JUDGES, THE PRESS, and the prosecutors. We have much higher expectations of these folks. Trial by media and special interests, should cease and never be allowed to go on ever. Keep these rubbish out of the court rooms, and make justice respected again by the wider community.7REPLY

Gerry Hagen

Gerry Hagen4 hours agoPell has come out with dignity and honour..unlike his accussers..67REPLYView 12 replies

luba pratenska

luba pratenska4 hours agoThank you Andrew. You a Brave man.13REPLY

Gabriel P

Gabriel P5 hours agoThis man is something to see.. 🙏🏽🙏🏽7REPLYView 3 replies

Shea Halsey

Shea Halsey5 hours ago (edited)An acquittal is a finding of innocence. “Once a verdict of not guilty is returned, judgment of acquittal is entered and that judgment is decisive of innocence” (R v Darby (1982) 148 CLR 668, 682, Murphy J). A criminal trial is not conducted as a contest between guilt and innocence (Bartha v. The Queen (49)). It begins with the presumption that the accused is innocent. The presumption is of course rebuttable, but only by proof of guilt beyond reasonable doubt. If the prosecution fails to adduce such proof and the accused isacquitted, the presumption is said to become irrebuttable or conclusive (R v Darby (1982) 148 CLR 668, 682, Murphy J).56REPLYView 17 replies

Ben Clake

Ben Clake2 hours agoCardinal Pell ‘never contemplated’ suicide, but David Marr should, the sooner the better.2REPLY

Sensei McCall

Sensei McCall4 hours agoThe Australian High Court 7-0, says it all. Beyond all reasonable doubt, not the balance of probabilities. Well done Andrew, great work.59REPLYView 4 replies

Brian Turner

Brian Turner3 hours agoI remember discussing this case with colleagues back in Dublin Ireland could not believe it got to court and more could not believe the outcome from the jury as I watched the trial judge pass out sentence. Shame on the police and the judiciary of Australia2REPLY

peter wong

peter wong2 hours agoNot a fan of Bolt, but he seems to a very objective and a fair man3REPLY


poxdaccy3 hours ago (edited)Victoria has a corrupt system that needs to be brought to justice, especially when the judges and police are all freemason christian haters3REPLYView reply

An lace

An lace2 hours agoA decent, forthright and honest guy. He has made mistakes, but who hasn’t, and he has never done anything illegal. Let this man be in peace.2REPLY

Inspectah Fragile

Inspectah Fragile3 hours agoThe police will keep canvassing for anyone who needs some quick cash to make up charges against this innocent man. They are DESPERATE to save face.5REPLYView reply

Dee Man

Dee Man4 hours agoPolice are always out to get you Never talk to them.4REPLY

anthony ejiofor

anthony ejiofor4 hours agoOn till you or someone in your family, had to defend them yourself for something that didn’t not happen, most people will never understand!!!4REPLY


Oxonian5 hours agoA hero and a modern martyr!40REPLYView 6 replies

Yul Hubbart

Yul Hubbart5 hours agoAnd this man was a genuine “whistleblower” (for want of a better word). He was investigating corruption within the Vatican – and being remarkably effective at it, too. And this is when, by an amazing coincidence, these allegations suddenly appeared out of nowhere.54REPLYView 6 replies

Snowy Skylar

Snowy Skylar5 hours agoOnce again the destruction of European Christian Man. Reject feminism in all its forms. Reject oligarchy. Viva Christo Rey.74REPLYView 12 replies

Thomas McCoy

Thomas McCoy4 hours agoSuch a great outcome. And fabulous of Andrew Bolt to have the courage to speak out against the “mob”.18REPLYView reply

Lorry Camill

Lorry Camill3 hours agoHe should sue for destroying his life even if I give the money 💰 to charities and keep nothing but they learn a lesson Amen 🙏3REPLY

Lorry Camill

Lorry Camill2 hours agoGod Bless Andrew Bolt for bringing this story of Cardinal Pell1REPLY


Kimbo4 hours agoNow that is a conversation.3REPLY

Barry French

Barry French3 hours agoSeems as if the Victorian Police have gotten hold of Adam Schiff’s playbook on “How to run continual accusations against a selected target”.1REPLY

rachel hutchinson

rachel hutchinson38 minutes agoGod bless Cardinal Pell. Patience of a Saint.1REPLY

Ben Clake

Ben Clake2 hours agoAndrew Bolt has conducted a brilliant interview with Cardinal Pell. It’s all very real, & has allowed Pell to tell his side of the story, a side which has long been swept aside by critics including #theirABC.1REPLY

Dee Man

Dee Man4 hours agoIn breaking news, Victorians police lay fresh charges against Pell6REPLYView 3 replies

James Collins

James Collins4 hours agoI love how sky news allows people to comment. 9 news is a shame 👎5REPLY

Inspectah Fragile

Inspectah Fragile3 hours agoGod Bless you Cardinal Pell. The haters will never be able to accept the truth. The haters WANT you to be guilty because of their own selfish ideals.3REPLY

Yeah nah

Yeah nah2 hours agoThanks, Andrew. A very necessary interview. I remember twenty years ago listening to ABC radio/TV and being aware of their obvious hatred of Pell and understanding even back then that the ABC’s hate was driven by Pell’s position on the intrinsic dignity of human life from conception and the natural sexual complementarity of male and female. I don’t think much has changed in the ABC.1REPLY


Grandma4 hours agoVery well done Andrew. Excellent interview.20REPLY

Arne Sahlstrom

Arne Sahlstrom3 hours agoTHANK YOU ANDREW BOLT from my heart!! You are avery righteous man open for truth and justice. Cardinal Pell’s great and moving witness gives a deep and unforgettable impression. Especially his great faith like a solid rock is impressive. This great faith is what saved him and gave him confort! And the strong support from people praying all over the world. May God protect and preserve him . We pray that he will be very active in the Church in various ways. Writing. Giving lectures. Interviews. Teaching. The Church is in great need of faithful and righteous honest men like Cardinal Pell. Mr Bolt; I FIND BO WORDS to express my deepest gratitude for your staunch and unwavering support for the innocent Cardinal for many years! GOD BLESS YOU!Read more4REPLY


LupusManarus3 hours agoThe justice systems in Australia and especially in the state of victoria seems quite backward..18th century styled.. at least from here in Europe (Germany)1REPLY

Htun Oo

Htun Oo3 hours ago27:27 motives, culture warREPLY

James Halton

James Halton2 hours agoWell done Andrew for your honesty as a chatholic at times I questiond the Cardinals inocence mainly from the information the corrupt media feeds us everyday thank God you are on our side we are in a battle we cannot offord to lose.1REPLY

Lynndon Harnell

Lynndon Harnell3 hours agoRecall the persecution of Lindy Chamberlain.3REPLYView reply

Chris Paynter

Chris Paynter3 hours ago (edited)I’m glad Pell was very careful with his words especially when it was a serious matter. It’s easy to forget he’s 79. He’s an old man, quite amazing he can talk for this long and still maintain a decent conversation. I’m not a Catholic but I admire his commitment to forgiving his accuser and all of the evildoers even though they absolutely crucified his reputation. God will bless him for his trouble, Jesus will bring good out of this horrorRead more14REPLYView reply

Van Dinh

Van Dinh4 hours agoHave all the facts right before you judge2REPLY


stmartin177734 hours ago (edited)49:30min Andrew Bolt talks about what animates Cardinal Pell…. reality of eternal life. And false accusation and suffering for being a friend of Jesus Christ. “Everybody wants to rule the world” Jesus wants to give that but in a sustainable way. Just let him! so “Don’t be evil” and get close to Jesus.4REPLY

Fr. Mark Higgins

Fr. Mark Higgins2 hours agoGod bless you cardinal Pell. I always supported you and I wrote to you twice in prison. I always knew you were innocent.3REPLY

Snowy Skylar

Snowy Skylar5 hours agoWatch Dr E Michael Jones.10REPLY

Dvorah Q

Dvorah Q5 hours agoGood on you Andrew Bolt. We are so lucky you have brought this! 💜17REPLYView 2 replies

Tim Fronimos

Tim Fronimos2 hours agoSky News Australia is a great source of real news. Thank you. God bless Cardinal Bell and the seven judges who freed him.1REPLY


Inaworldoflove4 hours agoPell strikes me as being honest.27REPLY

Chris Paynter

Chris Paynter3 hours agoAndrew bolt, I don’t know what you believe regarding faith. I know you’re not a Christian But might I say, that I admire you greatly because you’ve done what so many refused to do. I’ve seen ‘Christians’, even a close friend turn into hate filled people about this. Your attitude is far more loving than these ‘Christians’. Christianity is meant to be about love, and in that regard, I see your character here as far more Christian than these confessing ones.Read more9REPLYView 2 replies

Sergey Sizenko

Sergey Sizenko3 hours agoI am happy to recover the legal costs from State Of Victoria for Cardinal1REPLY

Pete Shields

Pete Shields3 hours agoThank you for your strength and fortitude Arch Bishop. You were scape goated but you never forgot your sheep and we never forgot you.3REPLY

angie and tinky tv Childabuse

angie and tinky tv Childabuse4 hours agoI don’t know what’s happened was he set up ??1REPLY

Brendan. Greally

Brendan. Greally1 hour agocan someone tell me when Cardinal Pell can resume saying holy mass? And also when the pope’s judas acts against him are reversed?REPLY

Ben Clake

Ben Clake1 hour agoThe godless athests left attacked isreal folau. The godless athests left attacked Cardinal George Pell. the common theme is they are Followers of God, They are True Christians and they are both anti Gays.Read more2REPLY

Khalil Azzi

Khalil Azzi4 hours agoGod Bless you Cardinal Pell. Truly a living Saint. Viva Cristo Rey13REPLYView reply

daniel sawan

daniel sawan4 hours agoDaniel Andrews should sacked5REPLY

Paul Albin

Paul Albin51 minutes agoThis guy has previous and all his mates not give them anything.REPLY

G Wing 369

G Wing 3694 hours agoI am happy to hear another viewpoint which I now find more convincing. I originally believed this narrative, for which I am sorry. Should have known better than trust suspect outlets. Thanks for this. It was needed, Write a book and do a film!3REPLY

bj c

bj c3 hours agofreedomofmind.orgREPLY

bj c

bj c3 hours agofreedomofmind.orgREPLY

bj c

bj c3 hours agofreedomofmind.orgREPLY

bj c

bj c2 hours agofreedomofmind.orgREPLY

bj c

bj c3 hours agofreedomofmind.orgREPLY

bj c

bj c3 hours agofreedomofmind.orgREPLY

bj c

bj c2 hours agofreedomofmind.orgREPLY

Dave Moore

Dave Moore2 hours agoCongratulations on the Riswell questions.REPLY

William Agan

William Agan1 hour agoIt’s unbelievable that one of the countries which has contributed to legal jurisprudence could bend so low to the point of great miscarriage of justice.1REPLY

Quis ut Deus

Quis ut Deus2 hours ago (edited)Excellent journalism. Thank you Andrew for an unbiased interview. No fake news here! Cardinal Pell has always upheld the teachings of Holy Mother Church and is quite a perfect target. As for this Pope, he on the left and is a very, very weak leader indeed. He is quite a disgrace. I am a practicing Catholic but I do not support this heretical Pope. We need a strong leader (not a politician, like Francis), to completely wipe out the pedophilia that scourges our Church and scandalises it’s members and those outside the Church. We need a true Pope who can deal with these REAL issues that effect the Church today and not a Pope who is more interested in global warming!Read more2REPLY


abcdefg1 hour agoAdmirable Cardinal Pell. I wish I could follow your holiness, bless you and may God keep you safe!REPLY

Htun Oo

Htun Oo3 hours agoCardinal George Pell’s case has been governed by so many layers of forces. Cultural wars, political. During once in a lifetime, Covid-19 period, his rightful release came out as beacon. It’s also a once in a lifetime, case of “truth”, which often not necessarily winnable all the time.2REPLY

Graeme Kenneth Jaguar

Graeme Kenneth Jaguar4 hours agoABC is not an impartial organisation. The funding needs to be scrapped to them until they deem a charter of fair and non biased reporting. Sack the management beginning with Ita Buttrose. Yes Pell was a scape goat for a conspiracy of corruption.2REPLY

Davey Jones

Davey Jones1 hour ago (edited)Cardinal Powell you’re the best keep the faith Pray to the Almighty and he will protect and look after you BSafe be strong be happy tomorrow is a new day my heart goes out to you for all the trash that you’ve had to put up with I knew from day one that you would never ever do this and I knew you were innocent1REPLY

Francis Chen

Francis Chen2 hours agoAs Andrew Bolt suggests, when you read the judgment of the High Court and then go back and review past news items – you begin to see a pattern emerging for “Get Pell” involving Victoria Police with Graham Ashton, Shane Patton, Paul Sheridan, Chris Reed and even the Office of Public Prosecutions with Kerri Judd. This made more so with Daniel Andrew’s cutting statement after the announcement of the High Court’s decision. Andrew is on to something. Instead, VicPol and the OPP have real justice issues to resolve – the Lawyer X scandal.1REPLY

Margy Rowland

Margy Rowland2 hours agoObviously there’s plenty of innocent people who’ve been ruined by the powerful.REPLY

Gender Studies Review

Gender Studies Review3 hours agoAB, “How high up in the Vatican does the corruption go? GP, “Who knows? It’s a little bit like Victoria…” Good to see he has a sense of humor after what he’s been through!3REPLYView 2 replies

Ruxandra Matia

Ruxandra Matia2 hours ago (edited)From Poland.. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke We are deeply shock and in disbelieve in what just happen in Australia..As a Catholic in Catholic country we ask our self a question ..”what’s real picture of Australia and Australian people? Andrew Bolt,Cardinal Pell or Victoria Police, DPA,Communist ABC Witch Hunt ,Salem 2.0 squad ? Law and Order has to be restored in this once upon time,good people country.. What a courage Bolt show in this dent of Vipers..Beside Cardinal Pell hi become our national Hero in Poland ! Thank you Andrew Bolt ,and organization you are working ,for Honesty and Integrity ! God Bless you,your Family and Friends !! Regards from Poland..Read more1REPLY

Shadi Gif

Shadi Gif2 hours agoThe police & courts are completely corrupt their not accepted to anymore!1REPLY

Samsung TV

Samsung TV4 hours ago (edited)Great interview Andrew. Miscarriage of injustice though?REPLYView reply

anthony ejiofor

anthony ejiofor4 hours agoThanks Andrew.5REPLY

Gord o

Gord o2 hours ago (edited)Thank you Andrew Yes the truth should always prevail and the enablers of evil false accusations need to be vanquished. Been a non christian I find this attack and abuse against Pell the height of criminality. His faith and belief he was true to are decent and respectful, unfortunately the police, left, woke and even the Vatican corrupt are the evil that need to be challenged every day.1REPLY

Mark DP

Mark DP1 hour agoIt’s very likely that Pell knew of some of the monsters in Ballarat and the other churches.; and that is something I’m sure he has to live with in regards to what more he could have done about it at the time. Not for a second have I thought he was directly involved in the heinous activities of the other priests though. Even during the witchhunt; I’d thought he’s clearly being persecuted for the crimes of the church.1REPLY

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards3 hours agoThe ABC needs to be defunded immediately. It’s clear they are not fit to be out National Broadcaster. Scott Morrison! Do your job!16REPLYView reply

Mill Saddy

Mill Saddy1 hour agoGod bless you Andrew Bolt. I understood every word Cardinal Pell said perfectly because we speak the same language. Innocent!REPLY

sean mcnally

sean mcnally4 hours ago (edited)Thanks, Andrew…John 3:16…Come onboard, Brother…2REPLY

Lorry Camill

Lorry Camill2 hours agoPell should right a book and a lot of people will buy it ,and call it the Passion of Pell ,wasn’t nice what they did ,1REPLY

Joseph Szepieniec

Joseph Szepieniec1 hour agoOnce he was jailed the fires startedREPLY

Zzxzxx Zzzz

Zzxzxx Zzzz5 hours agoI dont know what’s true anymore5REPLYView 4 replies

mark peckson

mark peckson46 minutes agoGood interviewREPLY


therealspudnic2 hours agoyou’re grasping at straws here kiddo.REPLY

J Nadler

J Nadler4 hours agoSue the idiots Cardinal! Love from NZ 🇹🇴🇳🇿18REPLY

Georgina Whitby

Georgina Whitby2 hours agoBlack Frank is aligned with the same interests as the treacherous Victorian Governor in Council and the corrupt Victorian Judiciary.REPLY

Patricia Bowman

Patricia Bowman49 minutes agoThe entity that went after him (C.G. Pell) have a lot to lose and they will not stop even if it means murder. Many have died exposing this evil. We need to listen carefully to him. One more story.REPLY


dazkptl1 hour agoSo his accuser is now guilty of a false accusation, a crime in itself that people are in jail in Australia for at the present time. Why has he not been charged?REPLY

NoCurve NoEdge

NoCurve NoEdge56 minutes agoi come in peace…peace be with you!REPLY

Mat Man

Mat Man3 hours agoOld George Pell the kiddy fiddler1REPLY

human Justice

human Justice3 hours agoDuring the interview Cardinal pell lost me just on one occasion. His forgiveness to the jailed phedapile seems to come ahead of the victims suffering.REPLYView reply

the sceptic

the sceptic5 hours agoClericalism personified1REPLY

David Parks

David Parks3 hours ago (edited)Dear Cardinal Pell, no decent person ever doubted you. Dear Sir Bolt, you never disappoint me. I would love to see a conversation between Cardinal Pell and the Dalai Lama.11REPLY

bj c

bj c3 hours ago (edited)best video to watch youtube video search, why I’m not Catholic.REPLY


B C2 hours agoThe ABC and the Victorian Police should be held AccountableREPLY

Joseph Boland

Joseph Boland5 hours agoFrank the pope and the Vatican 👂🏻1REPLY

angie and tinky tv Childabuse

angie and tinky tv Childabuse4 hours agoSo someone else abused him1REPLY


burtnjo5 hours agoThis was indeed a travesty of justice but this trial should never have been held in Victoria where hatred of the Catholic Church and Pell has been endemic for years and the jurors would have felt some pressure to return a popular verdict regardless of the evidence. I have been on many juries and those who have know that it is often hard work producing a verdict based on facts not feelings. Many juries fall into the what if trap, some go on tangents not related to the case, and others have not paid attention in court. It often takes a few clear heads to get everything back on the right track and bring forth an honest verdict, but without these good folk things can easily turn nasty for an innocent defendant or a genuine victim. Pell deserved so much better.Read more5REPLYView 2 replies

scott allan

scott allan3 hours agoNow will we procecute the police, procecutors and media persecutors involved in this mess?REPLY


ADVmark4 hours ago (edited)What a great man, is all I can say. The mental strength of Mr Pell is inspiring. I think I should looking into being a Christian.29REPLYView 3 replies

Joseph Pich

Joseph Pich1 hour agoGood to see Cardinal Pell laughing. He is wounded but not scarred.REPLY

P Steven

P Steven1 hour agoTerrific interview!REPLY

Inspectah Fragile

Inspectah Fragile3 hours agovictorian appeal court should be sacked1REPLY

im lost

im lost4 hours agoGod bless you 🙏 Cardinal George Pell13REPLY

monica tomelty

monica tomelty3 hours agoBoo ABC, boo Victoria Police!1REPLY


svatinek2 hours agoYou won’t see this on the ABC.REPLY

Lord Grog

Lord Grog4 hours agoWow.1REPLY

angie and tinky tv Childabuse

angie and tinky tv Childabuse4 hours agoWowREPLY


Grandma4 hours agoThe VicPol need to be investigated for mafia links. Pell tried to reform the Vatican Bank – well known for mafia money laundering. Pell himself mentions this in the full interview. Those in the know, know.15REPLYView 2 replies

Hailo Trumpaline

Hailo Trumpaline1 hour agoSo god wanted him in jail for 405 days and took him out. So people can pray for him. That’s it. No bigger meaning then that !REPLY


Fidelisjoff1 hour agoEvil seeks to destroy all that is good.REPLY

Ch Kashif

Ch Kashif2 hours agoAfter watching this I want to convert to Christianity because if it so despised by so much there must be something divine about it.2REPLYView 2 replies

Keith G

Keith G1 hour agoPeople will have their opinions, but at the end of the day we’ll never know if those accusations are true. When his parole was rejected last year, he was a disgusting criminal. Now that his charges have been dropped, his innocent. People will believe what they want to believe.1REPLY

Red nose Pitbul

Red nose Pitbul4 hours agoGod bless u pell15REPLY

The Situation

The Situation1 hour agoThank you Andrew for searching for and reporting the truth not biased with agendas like abc.REPLY

Lorry Camill

Lorry Camill3 hours agoWell said Andrew evil and hate ,I saw people with banners saying Pell is innocent and there was Asians that believed Pell Jesus please protect Pell from these snakes 🐍 with a lot of vellum5REPLY

you're dramatic

you’re dramatic3 hours ago (edited)In the next episode. Prince Andrew never went to have “pizza” 😉.1REPLY


SuperElvis4 hours agoWhat’s with the ridiculous music at the beginning? Is this news or a Hollywood movie?8REPLY

Openview Mountains

Openview Mountains2 hours agoSend this to Dr Taylor marshal1REPLY

peter wong

peter wong2 hours agoNever like Pell – my perception was he was a snob(he has a Phd from Oxford) and appears to be arrogant – but to be honest after looking at the Police interview on utube, I already felt he was being done in.3REPLYView reply

Allan H

Allan H3 hours agoCongratulations to you Andrew for bringing this interview for us to listen to and understand. Cardinal George Pell has finally been able to tell his side of the story. You know, I’ve always been someone that would classify him as a snob, someone who thinks he is above everyone else. I now don’t feel this way. I’d love to get some feedback, from thePrison guards, of what they thought of him during his time in Barwon. I’d love to hear something from a couple of in-mates that grew to know him during his time there. For me, I’m happy to say he is a part of our Australian family that we brag about when we go overseas. Thank You Andrew, you’re a hero.1REPLY

jodie Turner

jodie Turner2 hours ago (edited)I hate to say it, but now he’s free, they may attempt to kill him. The Vatican has long arms. He’s an amazing display of having God in his heart.REPLY

Dan Duncker

Dan Duncker3 hours agomaybe victoria police needs to be fired1REPLY

Barry Jones

Barry Jones2 hours agoI hope Pell sues those involved in this lynching to their last cent. Being a devout Christian, he may turn his other cheek & I hope to goodness his legal team pursue with maximum vigour.REPLYView reply


RamzAntiTodo5 hours agoWow.. George Pell, best Christian apologist from Australia. This is extremely sad and unfair.29REPLYView 3 replies

Haha Hehe

Haha Hehe5 hours ago (edited)Good on you Sky News. Shame on you who are still in the UGLY lynch mob cheering crowd.23REPLY


Legbreaker1 hour agoAn innocent man is now rightly free.REPLY


Leehamism2 hours agoAmusing that Bolt would think it was relevant to compare the Pope and Pell’s differing beliefs regarding climate change. Bolt appears to be a little unsure of the role evidence plays in science compared to religion. Not particularly surprising.REPLY

Peter Atkins

Peter Atkins3 hours agoThank God for Andrew Bolt.REPLY


Fidelisjoff1 hour agoThe left hate what reminds them of their errors and will destroy whoever gets in their way.REPLY

Ben Clake

Ben Clake2 hours agoIt was obvious from the very beginning that #Pell was framed by the LGBT activists, and tried by the brainless mob (whipped up with ABC and SBS)1REPLYView reply


nevillegreg14 hours agoVery good.REPLY

Rachmadi Sosiawan

Rachmadi Sosiawan3 hours agoI am a Catholic since I was little (not a good one offcourse) but I am pretty comfortable how I am so far. I have heard so many beautiful story about forgiveness but I never seen something so real like this. I still don’t understand what make him do that? He literally has been destroyed to his very core as far as humanly concerned. But he still have a strength to forgive his enemy? After all these has happened to him? Why? What for? Those people clearly said they wanted him dead and rotten in hell. Why he still give them favour by forgive them? The will never forgive him in return or at least be nice to him. So why bother? What’s the point of doing that? He has so many supporters including those 2 ex-prime ministers. He could’ve easily turn around by utilising his powerful contacts around the world to crush his enemies as easy as turning his palm. And he still chooses to give forgiveness? Is he running out of options? I think this is insane and It doesn’t make any sense at all. I know I might clearly lack of faith but honestly I couldn’t do what he does. Maybe he has something or some being with him which empower him that makes those things that happen to him looks like nothing. In the other hand, he must have a great power so he is able to do all of this. If anything I hope one day I could learn a little tiny bit of this to make me a better person.Read more4REPLYView reply

Christopher Coney

Christopher Coney4 hours agoWhat a marvelous interview Mr Bolt. I think that many non-Christians, including you it seems, don’t appreciate the importance of both repentance and of forgiveness in Christianity. If criminals responsible for the most abominable crimes, including murder, rape and pedophilia, really repent for what they have done, they will be forgiven by God. Just one other small point: at the end you said that you did not know if the Cardinal had ever sinned. Well, this is something that I too don’t know for sure, but you can be sure that real Christians like George Pell are conscious of their wrongdoing when it happens. Thanks for this interview !!!15REPLYView reply


pepene175 hours ago1987 years ago Jesus was persecuted and killed, there was judas (aka devil) now we have 10000s of devils, most in shictoria21REPLYView 2 replies

Michael Angell

Michael Angell5 hours agotime will tell1REPLY

francesco caprioli

francesco caprioli4 hours agoall I can say is that Andrew Bolt is a brave guy and speaking the truth always pays30REPLYView 4 replies

George Venckus

George Venckus1 hour agoPell May be innocent , but let’s not kid ourselves the Catholic Church is far from Lilly white !REPLY

Brendan. Greally

Brendan. Greally1 hour agoplease CArdinal Pell…get a few canon lawyers- file a case against Pope Francis. In any other age the bishops would have thrown him out of Rome for his shocking Judas Iscariot behaviour.REPLY


B C2 hours agoPoor Man.REPLY

Marko Millian

Marko Millian5 hours agoAnyone want to start crowd funding to investigate( for any criminal incidents) Victoria premier Dan Andrews and the Victorian police commissioner Lisa Neville please let me know.61REPLYView 22 replies

bob reka

bob reka2 hours agoDisgraceful that Victoria Police touted for victims, and seemingly a persecution for reasons unknown. They should be investigated by a Royal Commission. The judges in Victoria also are at best, incompetent. It was all in all a terrible miscarriage. Premier Andrews is an absolute jerk. This was a terrible blight on the state of Victoria which needs to be addressed. Cardinal Pell has shown absolute grace and forgiveness; not something I could do under similar circumstances. Great interview.REPLY

Clint Dixon

Clint Dixon2 hours agoHow about interviewing the victims who accused Pell? No accusations or assumptions… But there are always two sides to a story.REPLYView 3 replies

norma condon

norma condon2 hours agouse njc as name to be shown pleaseREPLY

Greg Wootton

Greg Wootton5 hours agoSue the ABC they are just evil37REPLYView 4 replies

Maria López

Maria López5 hours agoThank you Andrew Bolt10REPLY


Langas3 hours agoAustralia’s most competent and brave Journalist Andrew Bolt, who if he sees justice is required, goes out on a limb for the downtrodden, usually against the lynch-mobs which congregate while spitting venom at those who they knowingly can’t return, even the slightest gesture to protect themselves. Knowing of their failure in protecting seven innocents against Bourke Street murderer Gargoulas, the Melbourne police were desperate to make amends any way possible. With the mainstream media on side, the police were looking for a fall-guy, somebody of note, to quench their thirst for a conviction and Cardinal Pell fitted their scenario perfectly. The Cardinal was the ideal fit for the police to lift their ratings amongst what turned out to be mostly, a pathetic and gullible public. They finally succeeded in gaining a conviction with trumped up charges that should never have got to Court. The police, no doubt, were obviously pleased to have regained some stature, by attempting twenty-six times to falsely charge an innocent man. However after 405 days, their dream has become a night-mare, while those of us belonging to the law abiding public, can thank God for the High Court, in finally handing down true Justice in their releasing of Cardinal George Pell.Read moreREPLY

George Mays

George Mays4 hours agoI am so sad that such indignities were suffered. As a Catholic I am disgusted by the utter and total incompetence of a Pope that lacks the intellectual abilities needed to discharge his office. I hope that the Cardinal finds peace in his remaining days.1REPLY

Assaad Gerges

Assaad Gerges4 hours agoFor all people who think Australia is fair This is the real Australia In her police and her politics They should to change their national anthem From Australia fair to Australia hell Melbourne is the town where the devil live Shame on Australia and her media’sRead moreREPLY

daniel sawan

daniel sawan4 hours agoGeorge Pell is a hero7REPLYView 3 replies

norma condon

norma condon1 hour agoYou know how close you are getting to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ when you go through the Job story, and as you go through it with the right attitude and not turning against God, that in the end you have the same ending in the Job story, everything you lost is restored to you in abundance the blessings so great you can’t handle them. Everyone must read the Book of Job once, then again, and the third time before you understand what life is about, and that everyone who lives the Ten Commandments to the best of their ability attracts the attention of the adversary, and Job was such a perfect man and the adversary said to God “yes he is so perfect but let me have him and I will give him so much afflictions and suffering he will turn against you”. I prayed for Cardinal Pell that he would be free and I am the same age as Cardinal Pell. God the father has used him to show the corrupt actions of the people who Cardinal Pell said were involved, and now they are exposed, things will change for the better. I have the greatest admiration of him as a Christian and he has tried to do the right thing to help victims cleaning up the bad things that happened in his church. I hope and pray he will be compensated for wrongful imprisonment. I also hope he will be able to have peace for the rest of his life. The more you overcome the stronger you get. Andrew Bolt should be commended for giving Cardinal Pell such a wonderful chance to be able to defend himself, seeing he didn’t get the chance to speak in County Court.Read more2REPLYView reply

Barbecue Area

Barbecue Area3 hours agoSo many bots.REPLY

jerzy chroscicki

jerzy chroscicki3 hours agoI would recommend to Cardinal George Pell the book “Misunderstood for 2000Years” by Jeremy Rossi. Cardinal Pell is mentioned there about three times, and not in any negative way, but only as a theologian. This book will be, most probably, condemned by Christian churches of all denominations as a heresy, but absolutely unjustly, and ONLY, because they will never admit, that the author has proven in that book, that NUMBER of fundamental things are misunderstood by all Christian churches. Let me give you one example of many, with this quote from Chapter XIV. (It was part of his comment to American atheists’ blasphemy, saying that “God is sadistic”) : — * ” The ‘infallible’ Pope and leaders of all other Christian churches are to blame for this blasphemy, because the atheists will be able to keep saying this so long as they continue to preach this fallacy, that Jesus died for the forgiveness of sins. That God demanded His innocent son to be offered to Him as human sacrifice – the ‘ransom’, for forgiving humans for Adam’s disobedience 5000 years earlier. That God had to be unjust and extremely cruel to His son, to show us how much He loves us. Therefore He wanted His son to be nailed to a cross and watched him suffering in extreme pain for three hours, indifferent to Jesus’ pleas.. The atheists’ blasphemy is the logical conclusion from this preaching of yours, Francis.”. — Rossi also reminds us, that on 9th April 2012 said on TV the ABC’s Q&A TV Show, Cardinal Pell has said that Adam and Eve did not ever exist, as in the Bible, and said, that: “It’s religious story told for religious purposes”. — I can imagine the Pope’s reaction to this, but the Pope did NOT contradict Cardinal Pell, “which is an obvious, although silent, confirmation that he is of the same opinion”. Why the Pope did not contradict Cardinal Pell and ordered him to “correct” his opinion that Adam and Ever never existed? Because the Pope knows, that Cardinal Pell was right, and instead condemning Cardinal Pell, the Pope, as we know, made him his one of his personal advisers. Here is the indisputable proof, that Cardinal Pell is absolutely correct, saying that Adam never existed, and therefore, Jesus did NOT die on the cross to atone for Adam’s disobedience, and him, eating that apple: — * God has never been or could be unjust. God is ALWAYS just, and has never punished an innocent person or rewarded a sinner! * Jesus said to his disciples that our “Father in Heaven is perfect”. — God wouldn’t be “perfect” if He was ever unjust! Contradicting what Jesus said! Killing an innocent person (Jesus) for someone else sin, is the greatest injustice, isn’t it? If Adam’s sin was so unforgivable, then why God did not kill Adam, but instead, He killed innocent Jesus? — Can’t you see clearly, that ALL the Christian Churches do NOT understand something fundamental, regarding Christian faith? And there are number of other very important thing as well. In other words, reading Jeremy Rossi’s “Misunderstood for 2000 Years” is extremely important for everyone. Particularly for theologians!! In my opinion, it is the greatest book on how to understand Christianity, ever written. I’m serious!Read moreREPLY

bj c

bj c2 hours ago (edited)Pell if your reading this do ya self a fav and watch the youtube video, why I’m NOT a Catholic.REPLYView reply

Nicolette Ralfe

Nicolette Ralfe4 hours agoYou don’t expect such shoddy police work and prosecution in a westernised country. It’s a disgrace!3REPLY


Huxxy4 hours ago (edited)I’m an atheist, and I have a laundry-list of reasons to dislike the Catholic church. But when I spent a little time looking at the Pell case, I didn’t think the case against him was without serious problems. That’s not to say I know him to be innocent. But I can say that I don’t believe that the case against him was proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, I believe his conviction should not have transpired.2REPLYView 2 replies


L B2 hours ago (edited)thy MUST be held accountable..the witch hunt does a huge U tURN. aND it got to that point because of media..thy must be investigated, fired and held accountable. please give Cardinal Pell a break now..please stop making him talk about these vile things..not fair.. leave him alone, he must be exhausted.the motivation for people must be HONESTYREPLY

Lorry Camill

Lorry Camill3 hours agoSome people just have hate and evil 👿 inside of them ,but the people that are pushing there hate should have there face shown so people know who they are and make a bet something comes up on them ,they might worship Satan that’s what I’m thinking5REPLYView reply

Bill Hickman

Bill Hickman5 hours agoFull Unlawful Cardinal Knowledge.5REPLYView reply


MarekUtd1 hour agoABC are an anti-Australian leftist organisation that should be shutdown completely.REPLY

Margy Rowland

Margy Rowland2 hours agoWhere’s the Pope? We’re banned from the True Presence, the Body and Blood of our Saviour at Easter time! Where’s the Pope? The Church, we the people, we need God’s representative on Earth to lead us against this persecution.1REPLY


SkinnyCow58 minutes agoIn today’s world of #metoo and feminst thought, the mere pointing of a finger of accusation means that the accused is now assumed guilty and must prove their innocence. That is the net effect when the prosecution largely runs cases of “why would she lie?” and if the accused can’t provide a convicing answer, then you’re guilty. Much like witch trials.1REPLY


john1 hour agoThis man has the devil in himREPLY

Alexander Melb/Aus

Alexander Melb/Aus3 hours agoOur Ancestors, our people belong to a family of nations, European civilization or countrie’s span across the world, all of them are Christian, with a long history over the centuries. It is our way of life, founding principles rooted in the Monarchy that date back to over 1050 years, to the King of England, “Alfred the Great”, from this a great empire and legacy that Australia is a part of. The United States of America, the “new world”, the Republic and it’s revolutionary Democratic system, the constitution came from European people and our Christian way of life. It is the foundation of all our civilization, it is the pillars of our society and it’s influence can be found everywhere. Christianity is not just a religion, it is our way of life that we have survived and lived by. The enemy seeks to turn our people away from this, those people who put forward the new teachings, present religion as outdated or out moded, promoting liberation of our people, of mankind are in reality figures that herald anarchy and chaos for the civilized world. These new concepts are in complete contradiction of everything we have lived by for centuries, the Bible has guided us well, they are working to guide us to our destruction.Read moreREPLY


normalauslife4 hours agoPell should seek justice, not just for himself but for everyone, who has been jailed for a crime they have not done. Not everyone can afford a high court trial, how many people have been jailed for crimes they did not commit.3REPLY


SugarTomAppleRoger4 hours agoSky News Australia hates the Catholic Church and everything it stands for. They always fight for the strong against the weak. For once, they are supporting the underdog, and Our Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The black hand of the ‘Ndrangheta is all over this. Pope Francis work to do. I wish Cardinal Pell all the best and will pray for him.2REPLY

Corruption Fighter

Corruption Fighter2 hours ago (edited)The biggest issue here is atheists citing with Catholics !! Now that is scary…I always thought the Antichrist would come from the Vatican and now that non believers are looking up to Catholics it is a real threat..👹😂REPLYView 3 replies

angie and tinky tv Childabuse

angie and tinky tv Childabuse4 hours agoWhat charges was he on .. theirs loads of abusers why would someone lie1REPLYView reply


DirtyCommunist4 hours agoIf this interview were more softball the good Cardinal might try to grab it in a hallway.REPLYView 2 replies


kudos77772 hours ago (edited)It’s amazing how the so called west are quick to condemn china and the 3rd world countries for lack of an independence media yet things like this keep happening, this was nothing but a witch hunt similar to medieval times minus the pitch forks etc. Saw this even with the Israel folou situation. No such thing as an independent objective media in Australia. It’s a joke!REPLY

Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin2 hours agoGUILTY as SINREPLY

Mortuary Artist

Mortuary Artist3 hours agoSays a lot about the man when he can still wear religious clothing. How is this man not completely broken.2REPLYView 3 replies

Jack Russell

Jack Russell5 hours agoPell is no more guilty than Julian Assange.18REPLYView 7 replies

James Smithurst

James Smithurst2 hours agoTechnically, yes, Pell shouldn’t have been convicted but solely because the evidence was poor and you can’t convict someone if there is reasonable doubt, which there was. Having been married to a Catholic, who happened to grow up in Ballarat while Pell was resident there, I have heard plenty of stories about the conduct of the Catholic school, Sacred Heart, most notably physical and psychological abuse. I have seen many documentaries (not by the ABC) where people have claimed they saw Pell stick his finger up boys’ bums in the public swimming pool while giving them a ‘lift’, presenting himself naked with an erect penis in front of boys in the showers and showering with a boy, making contact with his penis and talking about erections being natural. I’ve also seen old interviews where he lies in front of the camera regarding the ‘Melbourne Response’, protecting the church (see: So, perhaps, in this case the evidence was poorly presented and wasn’t sufficient for a conviction. I’m not a fan of any police force. But based on events depicted by many people, Pell has protected pedophiles and committed pedophilia acts himself. Or are all these accusers lying? Bolt didn’t do his homework on Pell’s history and other accusations. This is a very poor and biased interview. I hope the new charges stick and Pell goes back to prison.Read moreREPLYView reply

John Sciberras

John Sciberras4 hours agoThe Evil Fascist State called Victoria run by Dictator Dan. Royal Commission into Corrupt Police State.28REPLYView reply

Shane Franklin

Shane Franklin5 hours ago666……2REPLY


David3 hours agoHow dare the Victorian police pursue allegations of paedophilia against a Catholic preacher. I mean, what’s the chance of that happening?1REPLY

Hayley Doan

Hayley Doan2 hours agoGod curse the ABC. God curse the corrupt Victoria Police.REPLY

David Smith

David Smith3 hours agoAustralia’s Legal System has now stooped to the CAMBODIAN Model of Guilty / Not Guilty / Wealthy-Powerful !! Enjoy, Australia. Any number of well paid journalists will not change the facts!2REPLY


ozcabal3 hours ago (edited)Our police force is politicised and no longer fit for purpose. Our courts are politicised and no longer fit for purpose. You know how one knows for sure he was not guilty? Because the politician and priest pedophiles don’t go to jail! They look after their own!1REPLY

Massey Craft

Massey Craft2 hours agoI love the woke morons: “Pell was freed on a technicality…he didn’t do it.”REPLYView reply


B G3 hours agoTwo men destined for hellREPLY

Alex Smith

Alex Smith56 minutes agoVictorian Police right on the back of the Lawyer X fiasco. I’m more afraid of people in genuine power that “just know” who’s guilty based on identity and forgo centuries of legal precedence to go after people than I am of the Catholic Church. If you know anything of the atrocities of the 20th Century you’d know this is the more dangerous issue.REPLY

dina fernandez

dina fernandez4 hours agoIf only the police would be soo relentless in trying to find out wether Bill Shorten was guilty of the rape he was accused of, by a woman. Nope, police and the ABC brushed it all off. Quite clear, one is a lefty, the other is a christian, they don’t mix.2REPLY

Crusader of the Holy Grail

Crusader of the Holy Grail1 hour agoThe story against this man was ludicrous. Glad he’s free. He got caught in the crossfire of actual pedophiles. The people who falsely accused him of this should be locked in a sensory deprivation cell for the rest of their lives.REPLY

Matt Porter

Matt Porter1 minute agoWell seeing as he’s being investigated on new charges (After already being found guilty once of child abuse once) it’s looks like he will face justice – he’s a evil man with the church on his side with a lot of ill gotten money to protect him and many others just like himREPLY

Richard P

Richard P4 hours agoIn the 1920s, STALIN funded Comintern, a body whose job it was to spread Communism world-wide, as well as undermining all of Western-Capitalism’s institutions, among them, the church Comintern filled seminaries with corrupt men, the more corrupt, the better. Many were pedophiles. This is THE scandal of the RC church and one they must expose and root out.3REPLYView 2 replies

Tom thx

Tom thx1 hour agoThe Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) wanted to get Pell. They are the biggest group of liars in the universe. They wanted to get Pell because they decided he was too conservative. What Australia needs now is a Royal Commission to figure out how Australian justice could be so corrupt.REPLY

kevin gallagher

kevin gallagher1 hour agoIn france during the 19th century hatred of judaism caused the injustice of the dreyfus case. In australia now hatred of christianity caused this miscarriage of justice. Cardinal pell is entitled to be regarded as the sort of person he is, an innocent man.REPLY

james taggart

james taggart5 hours agoKnowing what the Catholic church did in Australia to children in the past……throw your regalia in the skip…with the filth it carries……3REPLY


Suzzy4 hours agoBoycott the Catholic church!!1REPLYView 2 replies

Aquatic Mullet


Haha Hehe

Haha Hehe5 hours ago (edited)This leads back to CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY’s infiltration in Victoria and Australia thru Australian Communist and foreign operative communists. Dismantling Australian western society, one pillar at a time till it’s too fragile to stand as it’s now a shell of its former self. Prep for replacement when the CCP party-members come in to pick up the loots. WHY do totalitarian political party members get PR visas that come with privileges of free society ?? Time to cancel such visas for totalitarians and their families who benefit from exploitation of slavery and oppression of human beings.10REPLYView 3 replies

Dave D

Dave D5 hours agoGod listens to slayerREPLYView 3 replies

Michelle Saad

Michelle Saad4 hours agoThis is proof that not all Priests are pedofiles! But there are ppl out there that want to destroy the church!15REPLYView 10 replies


Suzzy4 hours agoThis is an outrage and a total disgrace!!3REPLYView reply

Neal Schultz

Neal Schultz5 hours agoOh! Cry me a river1REPLY

Van Paul

Van Paul4 hours agoSo 27 cases accusations against Pell are ALL lies and false and ONE PELL is the truth ha… Great oddsREPLYView 2 replies

Brett Wagland

Brett Wagland5 hours agoThe ABC still denies it’s an anti Christian, leftwing propaganda network.its so obvious what they are doing,it’s actually criminal.its about time we drained the swamp and held these propagandist to account.the BBC could do with a draining too.28REPLYView 4 replies

Bob Down

Bob Down3 hours agoHe may not live long enough to feel the full weight of punishment for his many crimes, but the destruction of his legacy is at least something. The world will remember him only as a paedophile who protected paedophiles, nothing else he did in life will be celebrated or respected. And for a selfish, conceited man like Pell, who once considered himself a real contender for Pope, that’s a punishment worse than jail.2REPLYView reply

Roddy Occultis

Roddy Occultis5 hours ago (edited)Journalists like to make a name for themselves to advance their careers and politicians like to gain popularity and secure votes and to air programs and to condemn someone in the media about a person allegedly guilty of sexual abuse is a gift that keeps on giving for these immoral journalists and politicians. One wonders how they can sleep at night. In a secular Christian democratic Western society, everyone has an undeniable right under law to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The Federal government should legislate to make it a criminal offence for anyone to accuse someone in the media of a crime bypassing the due process of the legal system.6REPLYView 3 replies

bj c

bj c3 hours ago (edited)to under stand how the media & govoment & reglions & high control groups & cult use mind control & undueinfluance to control you.Research Steven Hassan & his book. Combatting cult mind control.REPLY

Snowy Skylar

Snowy Skylar5 hours agoChrist died on the cross between two thieves capitalism and communism.12REPLYView 2 replies

Sarah Penna

Sarah Penna27 minutes agoBolt, In the interests of fairness and impartiality you now need to interview some of the victims from Ballarat whose stories you so patronisingly & scathingly pooh-pooh . And also the Victorian police & prosecutors who invested time & reputation in pursuing justice . . And if you don’t , then you are simply no better than the reporters on ABC who you criticise, with relentless vitriol , of bias . Sorry they never offered you a job , but that is ancient history & it’s time to put your embittered ego aside . PS …if you regard this interview w Pell as a personal vindication in your fight against ABC you are not seeing the wood for the trees . A sugar coated , cotton wool approach beneath a rookie journalist’s remit . Shame on you for the free passes you gave him on innumerable , pertinent issues . Even he ( when he did look you in the eye ) must have thought ‘this is a walk in the park ‘Read moreREPLY

Josephine Gueco

Josephine Gueco4 hours agoWhy don’t the cardinal name all the pedophile priest and bishop and cardinal in Australia. May be he is one of the priest how are doing all the cover up moving them from one parish to another.3REPLYView 3 replies


Love_Crypto_Freedom5 hours ago (edited)Treasurer at/of the Vatican?? My goodness, he would have had access to so much information and if he is innocent and a TRUE man of God then he must expose the darkness that was bestowed upon him no matter what the cost. By the way… I couldn’t trust the current pope as far as I could spit him. Great interview. Bolt is a true warrior… thank you.Read more1REPLYView 2 replies

Sea Greally

Sea Greally4 hours agoSky news was good before thisREPLY


Suzzy4 hours agoLong live the ABC!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪1REPLYView 3 replies


HeapsgoodBeertruck2 hours agoStop referring to Roman Catholics as Christians. Learn what both Christians and Catholics believe and practice before presenting journalism about them. To accuse Christians of being equal to Roman Catholics is as false as to accuse of other impossible crimes. It is ABC level journalism.REPLYView 13 replies

Sebastien Louise

Sebastien Louise5 hours agoGuilty7REPLY

Lachlan Hobba

Lachlan Hobba4 hours agoAlways believed he was innocent, gut feeling. I hope now pedophilia in the church gets called out15REPLYView 6 replies

Smokin Gun

Smokin Gun3 hours agoThere’s something unsavory about him. I can’t put my finger on it but he just sounds and looks dodgy.REPLYView reply

Nick Smith

Nick Smith4 hours agoGUILTY!!!6REPLY


Russe4 hours ago (edited)Whats mr creepy bolt going to do when Victorian police bring new charges and get another conviction,there’s no way the high court will be stupid enough to be wrong again to keep the deep state happyREPLY

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