Words from the Blessed Mother

July 4, 2019

“Satan has entered the halls of the Church, and instead of casting him out, many of those who sit in princely chairs and on the chairs of the Apostles have welcomed him with open arms.  Of this you were warned, but you heeded not my messages.  Satan entered Rome, and he found the doors wide open, and he entered my Son’s Church without opposition.  Of these things you were warned, but you prepared not to prevent his entry, and now he has entered with his armies. 

My warnings are evident as knots on the cord of mercy that hold the cord together.  But again and again, these warnings have been disregarded, and now my Son’s arm moves to pull back the cord of mercy and to bring forth the rope of justice.  For He is a merciful God, but He is also a just God, and the time of justice draws nigh.  I call to the people from my mother’s heart.  You understand not the precious gift of His divine love, and you have wandered far from Him.  Come back to Him and prostrate yourselves at His feet.  For the sins of His people cry out to Him, and He is wounded again and again.

He has looked upon His holy Church and has found filth in the halls, and demons occupy seats reserved for shepherds.  He has called for an accounting, and the silence of the shepherds will not be pardoned.  And the people cry out for they are lost and without a shepherd, but the Lord has found wolves guarding His sheep.  As my son entered the Temple and drove out the thieves, He will drive the wolves from the halls of His Church.  And great will be the lamentations of those who have inhabited the halls in the disguise of shepherds.  Heed my message.  The shepherds will be called to an accounting, and those that are silent will not be found blameless before God.  They must speak truth, and all deception must be uncovered.

And I cry to His people to offer prayers and to make reparation for their cold hearts and their departure from holiness.  For they have watched as His Church has proclaimed not His presence, and they have swallowed the platitudes and objected not as holiness was swept from the halls.  Today I call to His people to pray the Rosary, to offer sacrifice and reparation and to renew devotion to the Sacred Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart.  I call to the Bishops and Cardinals to break their silence and to speak the truth.  And I call to the priests to proclaim the reality of His presence and to bring holiness back into the Church by conforming themselves to my Son. 

The time for justice draws nigh.  The Lord will cleanse His Church, and great will be the sorrow of those caught in the purging.  Today is the time of repentance.  The hand of justice begins to move.  Previous warnings and instructions that were not heeded now convict mankind, and great will be the catastrophes that befall them. 

Disregard not this message.  My Mother’s heart cries out to the world.  Heed my words.  The hand of justice will soon be seen in the sky.  Repent.”


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. abyssum says:

    It is the initial of the seer!

  2. etunamsanctam says:

    Your Excellency:

    I have read this message, and others with the same signature “-S” and I would like to know the source. What does -S stand for


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