Wondering Why Joe Biden’s Platform Looks So Familiar? Check Out Who He Literally Ripped Off To Put It Together

(Liberty Bell) – Plagiarism is a pretty big deal in the modern world. Actually, it’s always been a big no-no, but we just have better tools today for discovering when someone is ripping the ideas off of another human being and taking credit for them. 

Thanks, Internet. 

Along those lines, a lot of individuals have noticed that presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s campaign platform seems really doggone familiar. It’s almost like they have seen it somewhere before. Well, that’s not just deja vu they’re feeling. 

The reason his platform seems eerily familiar is because he ripped off from Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Like pretty much verbatim. 

Here’s more on that from PJ Media:

It’s uncanny. Bernie Sanders writes something and it comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth.

Stumbling word for word.

The front-running Democratic candidate is once again being given the organized Left’s full-throated endorsement and, why wouldn’t they? Biden has literally stolen – plagiarized – their very words and platforms, as an oppo-research study has just revealed.

On MSNBC Bernie Sanders said if Joe does what he says he’ll do, Biden will be the most far-Left – “progressive” – president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

And that’s saying something, since Bernie is a legit far-Leftist — a “democratic socialist,” whatever that means.

Biden has signed on to Sanders’s ban on charter schools at a time when 74% of black parents and 69% of parents overall support it, but obeisance to the teachers’ union cartel requires it.

Biden and Sanders released their DNC platform recommendations: “The plan bans for-profit private charter schools, opposes private school vouchers and any policies that would take taxpayer-funded resources away from the public school system.”

That’s right, folks. Biden is officially that kid in class who leans over your desk and copies down your answers for the big test. This shouldn’t at all be surprising to those of us who have been paying attention to politics lately. It’s become quite apparent that Biden is both lazy and cognitively deficient, therefore, coming up with his own platform thoughtfully engaging the issues affecting Americans and developing original solutions to benefit the citizens of the country are beyond his scope. 

That’s not the only issue that Biden has literally plagiarized from Sanders’ and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “unity task force” platforms for his presidential run.

Do you doubt?

Here are Joe and Bernie’s exact plans to get rid of police officers and replace them with social workers. Indeed, Biden recently referred to the police as “the enemy.”

Federal funding to create a civilian corps of unarmed first responders such as social workers, EMTs, and trained mental health professionals, who can handle non- violent emergencies including order maintenance violations, mental health emergencies, and low-level conflicts outside the criminal justice system, freeing police officers to concentrate on the most serious crimes.

That’s straight out of the socialists’ playbook.

Here’s Biden’s “workplace democracy plan” for the economy which includes – stop me if you’ve heard this before – a $15.00 minimum wage.


This is what conservatives are referring to when they say that the left in America is a groupthink entity. All of the individuals in the progressive movement are required to hold to the same talking points. Deviation from said talking points results in being shamed back in line with the other drones or worse. 

Joe cribbed Bernie’s disability agenda and social security agenda.

Biden’s environmental plan looks like it’s straight out of AOC’s solar airplane idea-land, though, we note, those airplanes didn’t make Biden’s plan. However, the environment is in a state of emergency and we’re all going to die in (checks watch) ten years. Wait, or is it nine?

Climate change is a global emergency. We have no time to waste in taking action to protect Americans’ lives and futures. From Houston, Texas, to Paradise, California; from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Davenport, Iowa, the last four years have seen record-breaking storms, devastating wildfires, and historic floods.

Floods, pestilence, fires are an environmental disaster. Never mind that we do not allow firefighters to put out fires or manage forests anymore. Quiet. Conform. We’re in a “climate crisis” here, people. Bernie – er – I mean Joe said so.

Scientists inform us we must achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our economy as quickly as possible in order to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis. The United States— and the world—is currently heading well over the remaining carbon budget allowed to achieve that goal.

You’d think Bernie would be really angry over the fact that there is essentially no difference between his platform and that of Biden, considering he didn’t win the primary. This clearly points to the Democratic Party despising Sanders and pooling their resources behind Biden, believing he had a better chance of winning against Trump simply because he’s a reminder, a leftover, of the Obama administration. 

Please note: this is the moment when the phrase “carbon budget” came into national prominence.

But back to Bernie and Joe. Look, Joe, if you’re going to steal someone’s ideas, which you have a history of doing, then why did you leave Bernie’s name at the top of the worksheet?

Apparently, Biden and his crack team of campaign professionals and political experts cannot come up with an original idea to save their souls. Or, the more likely scenario, the Democratic Party has always been behind Bernie’s ideas, but not Bernie personally, therefore, they have stripped what they liked from the Vermont senator and tacked it on to Biden, hoping to not only get their agenda passed, but to impress young voters into coming out against Trump by voting Biden. 

Smells of desperation, right?


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