William Barr GETS SLAMED BY THE White House

White House Slams AG Barr’s Claims Of No Election Fraud: “There’s Been No Semblance Of A DoJ Investigation”


Raymond Antonini <rayantonini@yahoo.com>8:19 PM (1 hour ago)

AND, putting all the pieces together afterwards.

William Barr has been a traitor his entire career, first in the early 1970’s as an attorney covering up crimes at the CIA, then after leaving service the first time as Bush, Sr.’s AG, volunteering and working for free as pro bono counsel for FBI sniper Len Horiuchi in his wanton murder of Vicki Weaver in Idaho, shooting her through the head, while she was holding her infant child in her arms. Her other young son was murdered by being shot in the back, the family dog as well, and also a neighbor who survived. The case was the result of an FBI attempt of entrapment of her husband in order to force him to be an informant for them. Charges were later dropped against her husband and her daughters won a multi-million dollar civil suit against the federal government.

This constant cover-up and rallying in defense of evil is the only ‘justice’ to expect from the TRAITOR William Barr and Barr and others from the Deep State of his ilk were the only nominees the traitor Mitch McConnell permitted to be approved in the Senate in order to totally undermine the Trump administration from the start.
The calls from the Left for economic and physical retributions against Trump supporters as well as imprisonment, follows the repeated calls by politicians and media types such as Keith Obermann for the same. Never forget that Bill Ayers, Weather Underground Communist terrorist and the mentor and CIA handler of Barrack Obama stated in the 1960’s that 1/6th of the U.S. population would not be able to be ‘re-educated’ and instead must be exterminated.
There is no way President Trump can turn over control of the nation to these thinly disguised Marxist terrorists who are really puppets of Communist China, which in its turn has been a puppet of the Rothschild JEW globalist conspiracy since 1908.
The U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact. John Adams stated that it was meant for a moral and religious people and not fit for governing any other. A large enough segment of the population has now been so debased that self-governance for them is an impossibility.


“Democracy and a Lasting Peace”, December 25, 1944 re educated citizens versus manipulated masses:

“27. Hence follows clearly another conclusion: the masses — as we have just defined them — are the capital enemy of true democracy and of its ideal of liberty and equality.The nation, its citizens, and individual freedom under God must be maintained by any means necessary, including by a temporary or even permanent military dictatorship headed by President Donald Trump.
ST. ROBERT BELLARMINE, S.J., Doctor of the Church:
“In a commonwealth all men are born naturally free and equal.” (De Clericis, Chap. VI).  

“There is no reason why amongst equals one should rule rather than another.” (De Laicis, Chap. VI, Note 2)”For legitimate reasons they (the people) can change the government to an aristocracy or a democracy or vice versa.” (De Laicis, Chap. VI)   

“It depends upon the consent of men to place over themselves a king, consul. or magistrate.” (De Laicis, Chap. VI)
“Unjust laws are, properly speaking, no laws.” (De Romano Pontifice, Book IV, Chap. XV)  

“A bad law is not a valid law.  Good laws are not a curtailment of liberty, but a charter of every man’s right.” (De Laicis, Chap. X) 

The game plan of Organized Central Banking Jewry always was to transfer economic and military power to China to intentionally undermine the West while using the subhuman invading hordes from North Africa and the Middle East to overrun Europe and the United States while prohibiting its citizens self defense. At the same time over the past two centuries Organized Jewry has infected Christendom with the figurative “smallpox blankets” of moral turpitude and dissension in order to destroy her culture and civilization, as well as using its surrogate spawn for the gentiles of Freemasonry to infiltrate and corrupt and finally take over the visible Roman Catholic Church by invalidly electing one of its own, Roncalli, to the papacy in 1958, as well as all of his apostate invalid successors. The true Roman Catholic Church still survives among the baptized who hold the Faith whole and entire, but it does not exist among those who KNOWINGLY and OBSTINATELY accept the heresy and corruption of the new false religion of Vatican 2 – which if you can’t figure out its headed straight to Hell at this point….

“Italians, We Will Cut Your Throats” | Gates of Vienna“Italians, We Will Cut Your Throats” | Gates of Vienna
Covid and lockdowns and the resulting economic depressions, which they planned to roll out anyway to impose their global tyranny, were also used to attempt to get rid of Trump and usher in their “Great Reset” for 2021. All that remains is to so demoralize, destroy and finish brainwashing the global populace so it accepts their one-world government and one-world religion, then finally bring on their luciferian ‘savior of the world’, their Jew false messiah and king, the Antichrist.
If God does not intervene otherwise, then expect it to come about in the nest 10 to 15 years as they gradually put all their tech and political pieces into place.
The Coming Totalitarianism
The Coming TotalitarianismIf you haven’t heard of “The Great Reset,” it’s time to start paying attention.

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