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Darren J. Beattie @DarrenJBeattieChinese elites not only understand America better than American elites understand China, Chinese elites understand America better than most American elites understand America.Quote Tweet

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@JackPosobiec · Dec 8Here is Renmin University professor Di Dongsheng talking about how the US government really works2:05315.6K views12:15 AM · Dec 9, 2020·Twitter Web App869 Retweets93 Quote Tweets2.2K LikesDick Nixon@slickdickysmoov·Replying to @DarrenJBeattieThis guy is incidentally turning into our 21st Century Tocqueville, but perhaps instead documenting “Democracy’s Death in America.”1233Show repliesPresident-Elect Tony Hrvatska @tonybalogna·Replying to @DarrenJBeattieChina, Russia, other rising powers have spent decades studying America’s success and emulating it. Meanwhile, America has spent the past few decades emulating the third world.3668King Baeksu @KingBaeksu·I used to work at a major public university in the PRC. In 2010, after the US diplomatic-cables leak, several professors and a vice dean asked me to lead a kind of seminar to discuss their contents. It was held in the evening. Can one imagine American academics so industrious?116Show repliesNils @Alpackas·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @ColumbiaBugleWhat he is saying might be correct. But i think they made this for us to see and to rile us up, not for the Chinese people to learn about the US. Just really scary that this comes out now at what feels like the ultimate melting point. They want us to fight.3122Roger Williams@PIAccount1·They’ve been pushing us to fight for quite some time. Sun Tzu was Chinese, so we shouldn’t be surprised to find China understands The Art of War.18Show repliesAmy@Amy83267925·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @ColumbiaBugleEurope doesn’t understand us at all, and doesn’t want to. But they sure act like experts in their media, etc

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… Then upper-middle class “globalists” buy their way into our country and pretend to represent America. Of course Asia has a clearer view. They are more disinterested.210Jae Jae@jae85313749·Replying to @DarrenJBeattieThis is fucking unbelievable….where is the CIA…DOJ on this…or are they part of the CHI-COMS payroll…..

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438GVB@gvb7862·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @APhilosophaethey play the long game. thugs.Lion’s Biggest Fan@loudproudTexan·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @APhilosophae**I** understand PEOPLE and when they SHIVE you the IN THE FACE the THIRD time, you CUT ALL TIES. It’s BASIC logic they’re not your FRIENDS. In the US govt’s case aka our Elected Officials, they saw $ & threw The Constitution, their Oath, & WTP to the the HIGHEST bidding wolves.GIF390liver@0Iiver_Sister·Replying to @DarrenJBeattietwitter anons vindicated once again5radu luca@raduluca·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @APhilosophaein China “deep state” goes by a different name, not hidden but in plain sight…CCP, never-ever out of power214holly wiley@hollyjayewiley·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @RonColemanIs that in Utah because the University in Utah offers Chinese classes13𝕯𝖎𝖗𝖐@Dirk_UwU·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @fotopakThe elites probably understand China better than he does.211President-Elect okeh@fotopak·Hi, you genuinely think Western “elites” really understand China better than Chinese professor Di Dongsheng?12Show replies旅行@TheHalcroGroup·Replying to @DarrenJBeattieHow we are seen, we are as others see us?Ibn El Shaddai – kiss my kraken Joe & Kamal toe.@coyote86x·Replying to @DarrenJBeattieand Trump treated them with kid gloves.1Patrick Grattan@PatrickGrattan·Replying to @DarrenJBeattie and @Scott5357Chinese elite have been educated at elite American prep schools, universities, post graduate work, tech companies, etc.

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