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Dear Rene Henry,The COVID vaccine is here.

And, law-abiding, freedom-loving, health conscious people now need genuine information about every aspect of the vaccines which will be rolled out soon.

Especially important are health concerns, freedom concerns and ethical concerns.

Below, please scroll down to find new LifeSite articles grouped under ‘Health and Safety’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Ethics’ headings.

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Health and Safety

One of the major concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccines is whether or not they are actually safe, especially for the elderly or very young people.

The major companies developing vaccines for COVID-19 are rushing through the process, and we do not know all of the side effects. So far, participants in clinical trials have experienced several serious side effects, including “neurological and psychological” breakdowns and “adverse [allergic] reactions.”

Dr. Theresa Deisher, the foundress and chief scientist at the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, recently told Patrick Coffin that she is very concerned about the manufacturers’ lack of transparency, especially because there have been reports of negative side effects and the companies are not releasing their data to the public.

Additionally, Dr. Kelly Moore of the Immunization Action Coalition told CNN just the other day that COVID-19 vaccines have not been tested on the “frail elderly.” She said that no one should be “alarmed” or “surprised” to hear reports of “multiple people dying” just a day or two after receiving a vaccination against COVID-19.

No one should be compelled to take a COVID-19 vaccine that has untold adverse and concerning side effects.

‘Doctor on CNN: Don’t be ‘alarmed’ if elderly die after receiving COVID vaccine’ –

‘COVID-19 ‘warp speed’ vaccines likely not safe and not needed, medical expert says’ –

‘‘Refuse this vaccination’: Acclaimed French doctor unloads on COVID vaccine’ –

‘World’s biggest vaccine company sues COVID shot volunteer who spoke about negative side effects’ –

Freedom Concerns

This vaccine could threaten the freedom of people around the world. And, there have been many indications that even wide-spread vaccination of the populous will not lighten restrictions.

For example, Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientist in the U.K. government, said that masks will probably be required until winter 2021 because there is no telling “how good all the vaccines are going to be at preventing the transmission of the virus.”

Additionally, Ontario’s Health Minister has suggested that proof of COVID vaccination will be required to travel, go to work, and even to go to the movie theater.

The vaccine should be voluntary, but will it be required if you want to go anywhere outside the house??

‘UK’s chief scientist: Vaccine will not mean ending crushing COVID restrictions’ –

‘Ontario suggests COVID ‘immunity passport’ for people wanting to travel, go to movies’ –

Ethics Concerns

There are several apparent problems with the vaccines being fast-tracked by HHS’ Operation Warp Speed. One of the vaccines’ major problems is they were tested using aborted fetal cells.

The production and testing of vaccines that use the remains of aborted children, regardless of when they were killed and at what point they were used in the process, is morally unacceptable and must be consistently opposed by the whole pro-life movement.

This type of Frankenscience has no place in a civilized society, certainly not one whose citizens are forced to fund it!

Please READ the following LifeSite exclusive article to find out which vaccines are connected to abortion.

‘Which COVID-19 vaccines are connected to abortion?’ –’S SPECIAL COVID VACCINES RESOURCE PAGEBy signing our petitions and sharing our news stories, you are impacting the cause of Freedom.

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Scott Schittl and the whole Team at LifeSite

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