Br. Bugnolo: It’s my now famous, “Truth” video. — And no, I am not a priest. Someone saved the video and uploaded it, without my knowledge, but with my blessing. — Here we see the saying of Our Lord fulfilled: a prophet is never accepted in his own land. Though I am not a prophet, those who know of me never took this video that seriously. But those who do not know me, heard the message and spread the truth, as Christians ought to. — And that makes it worth the strike on my YT channels and my blacklisting on their platform.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Mary D says:

    Sent this to a priest friend of mine who is planning on taking the vaccine , also having his
    90-yr old mother take it. I tried to persuade him not to take it but please pray for him, as he isn’t
    listening….Hearing about all this terrible evil is disheartening but I must remind myself that
    God wins in the end…(.I read the Book!) …Praying for perseverence and courage to keep
    going , to stay within the Hearts of Mary and Jesus, to keep my eyes on the Lord!!
    Offering up, in reparation, all the terrible sufferings of the sex-trafficed children , in union with
    the suffering of Jesus on the Cross.
    The Lord warned us that we would “see” evil as it has never been before…and I used to think..what could be more evil than the Holocaust? but now I know….and I understand better the Agony in
    the Garden and His bloody sweat.
    When all the truth comes out, go to Jesus and weep with Him!!

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