A Funeral Director playing President

By: Stanley Ralph

March 13, 2021 

Hat Tip: Rip McIntosh

I struggled through the Biden Eulogy on America last night. 

could not muster anger, because I was so sad. 

Here we had a feeble old man shuffling down a hall to tell us that everything was bad until he arrived.

He didn’t have the courage to state the obvious that Trump had left office with 3 vaccines and millions of doses ready for injection, that treatments from Regeneron and Eli Lily were cutting hospitalizations and deaths by 87%, that China was an evil state actor doing “gain of function” virus research with funding approved by NIH and Fauci, that the CCP spread the virus more or less deliberately, that masks were discouraged (Fauci again) primarily because China had bought a billion masks (essentially the world’s supply) before the WHO declared a pandemic, that the Permanent Deep State Bureaucracy fought Warp Speed all the way, that Pfizer held announcement of effectivity until after the election (no doubt to get even for Favored Nation Status on drugs).

 I could go on, but it sickens me. Wearing a dark suit and funereal tie, Biden played the perfect role of the greeter at a wake. In oh so somber tones, he played to the emotions of families across the nation who lost loved ones. I could almost smell the carnations and lilies. I am deeply saddened too, but against this awful enemy, we must curly up in a ball. We are the home of the Brave, and we need to show it.

Disgusting as all of this was, I was frightened by how completely out of touch he is with Americans and the American spirit. Americans, real Americans, can get slapped down, but we get up, fight and overcome. He just ordered us to stay down, stay isolated, wait for government handouts and help, and get used to dependency. Maybe, just maybe, we can have a hot dog on July 4th with our family, but only if we stay in our holes until then. And only if the Central Government says it’s OK.

His idea of unity is universal suppression until he allows us even to sit upright. When their time is right they will loosen their grip slightly, and we will feel liberated. Such is the new definition of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Such is the new Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

The giant giveaway just passed and signed is hailed as a great achievement. Claiming it will raise people out of poverty, like LBJ’s Great Society, it’s a grand welfare giveaway, reinstituting the Great Dependency State on a scale this country has never seen. Once a class is given a “living income”, why work ever again? And how do you convince a person that work is noble and good? Even right now when there are 6.9 million jobs available and unfilled? The “regime” is further dividing us into those who work and those who don’t, those who prosper from work, and those who don’t care as long as the smartphone is free.  And, by the way, racism has nothing to do with it. Laziness and sloth are universal human traits.
My wife and I watched this trash speech on Fox with a thumb view of Tucker Carlson at the lower right; his expression was more entertaining than watching Biden’s darkness. Tucker was aghast; so were we. You should be too.  Finally, the producers put a caption on the screen “Biden speech almost over”, worrying that eyeballs might tune out. And yet, the liberal fan club was gushing with tearful praise and relief. 

At the end, Biden shuffled off into the distance where two Praetorian Guards escorted him to bed. Day 51 at the White House and all is quiet.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Robert Spiel says:

    You expressed my feelings with eloquence. I especially like the part about “finally giving us liberty when the time is right.” I fear this will be timed just before the next election.

    Please, please keep writing.

    Bob Spiel,
    Lake Forest,IL

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