March 26, 2021

An Angel of the Lord

Mary Immaculate Catholic Church

“Oh what an abundance of grace has been poured forth upon you,

Enough to cover a multitude of worlds and a boundless number of people.

But oh men, you have stood with fists closed and heads unbowed,

And have proclaimed that you have no need of grace.

But what shall cover the great price that is now owed for your sins,

If you have refused the grace that has flowed from the blood of the Lord?

Oh foolish men, you are not able to save yourself,

And therefore will perish if you shun this grace.  

The world grows darker and darker,

And men commit acts that block the very portals of heaven from which grace flows.

Oh, do you not see?  

For the stench of your sins and the dark rays of your hearts reach heaven,

And angels avert their eyes for they are holy creatures

And can bear not the darkness that envelops the earth.  

And then, oh men, where will you look for help?

For angels avert their eyes, and the portals of grace are clogged.

This is a time that has not before been seen in the Church,

A time when the enemies within are more deadly than the enemies without,

And a time when men’s hearts are darker than the night, 

And the Spirit ceases to strive with many.  

You have been shown all that now comes, 

So ask not for pity from heaven’s creatures,

For the Lord has so loved you that He has come down to you,

And has removed all barriers between you and Him.

Oh foolish man!  

To cast such love aside is the mark of a madman,

And yet the world indeed has gone mad!

The Lord declared that upon this rock He would build His Church,

And He has given to the world the means to return to Him,

And yet the rock is asleep, 

And a stone hammers against the mountain,

Shutting the final doors on grace.

Oh man, do not be fooled!

God will not force the portals of grace open that man has shut,

And therefore man will meet his fate in a graceless world.  

Oh those who hear these words and understand,

Build sanctuaries and there pray to the Lord night and day,

And preserve the priests and the Holy Mass

That you might be saved!

For men will run to and fro, but there will be no help

Except within the refuges that God will prepare.

The stone that has broken off the false mountain of the devil

Strikes with all its might against the mighty mountain of the Lord,

Seeking to find the weaknesses which soldiers have failed to guard,

And which have come about because of the withdrawal of grace from the world.

Pay attention!

Look at what now comes and what is struck against!

First the Mass, then the Blessed Mother, and soon comes the third strike.

Watch closely!  For then will angels avert their eyes.

For the Holy Church of the Lord will flee to the refuges,

While the great whore of Babylon will hold captive the holy city.

But oh in that day will the archangels open their eyes and pick up their swords,

And all that is above the rock that was called by God will be torn down,

And then all will know that God has now said, “This is finished.”

And the demons will be bound.

Do not be so foolish as to think you will not see strike three.

It is almost at your door.

But oh the battle will not be quick, and many will perish.

But the Lord will establish refuges.

Do not tarry outside in that day,

For only those inside will be saved.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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