Controlling the Public Vocabulary and Imagery.

The Mainstream Media, routinely establish lists of wordings to better describe the persons, events or objects for which they have decided to enforce vigorous “virtue signaling” and distribute them to their acolytes in the press rooms and political war rooms.

First, a label that the left uses without constraints nor reason for conservatives that they are racists. 

Now this needs to be changed once and for all. Even an uneducated but pure at heart observer will notice that whatever the left charges conservatives for, they are way more guilty of the accusation. Psychologists call this phenomenon “projection”. The left sees racism in everything they look at in conservatives. Looking at everything through the prism of racism, makes it clear that they are obsessed with racism. That makes them the much better racists.

Trump was accused of belittling women and viewing in them only as sex objects, when liberals have won all the medals for sexual harassment and even for rape.  Even their empty suit leader, Biden, is accused of rape. This again an example of the left projection psychosis.

We will not call them “racists” nor “rapists” because that is all the symptom of their delusion. We should call them the “PROJECTORS”. When the general public asks “why projectors?” we will explain in full details.

But for those of us who are more concerned about the metaphysical sphere than the natural sphere we should denounce them for what is even more egregious: doing the work of the Evil One. It is clear in matter of unbridled sexuality, abortion, so called genders, hate of religion, violence, etc. they are Satan’s little minions. We also should call them the “DIABOLICS”.

Next, the Symbol of the Democratic party used to be a jack ass or simply a humble burro, representing the little guy that they were supposed to defend. 

But all this changed. As evidence, when they are siding with the powerful unions against the simple worker, they can no longer pretend to show more interest to defend the little guy.

Instead of the Burro, they deserve two new iconic animals… The splitting of these icons into two animals is only to begin highlighting their morbid schizophrenia.

First is the unicorn. Why the unicorn? The unicorn is the symbol of naïve and unnatural expectations. Believing that there is a myriad of genders in unnatural. Believing that same sex unions are good for the sex confused and for society is both naïve and unnatural. The Unicorn current started a while ago when the left preferred bending to the Soviet Union rather that building a strong army in the hope that the policy would mollify communists. That was totally naïve and unnatural.

The second iconic animal for the left would be the Tasmanian Devil, at least for the reputation given by prevalent culture to the real animal. The left is unrelentingly vindictive and would never cease plotting and attacking those who they view as archenemies because they do not share their views or, worse, tend to oppose them. There is not a sliver of doubt that when President Trump was elected in 2016 that the left would start to plot all types of maneuvers, mostly illegitimate, to steal the following elections. That is what they do. Now, in power, they conduct of policy of scorched earth against all the great executive orders that Trump put in place during his administration.

Please use this vocabulary and imagery and refuse to work around their own, so that we can regain control of the discourses on the public square.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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