Easter Saturday, April 10, 2021

Thanks go to Brother Bugnolo at FromRome for making this video available on his website!   Our world has entered a new kind of warfare and here is what we can do about it.

We are at war!  This is a war even though you may not know you are under attack.  This 30 min video (recorded on Jan 15, 2021) is titled “Dr. Lee Merit: The Vaxx is Preparing the World for a Mass Death Event.”  Dr. Merit gives a clear explanation of how COVID is a biologically manipulated bio-weapon to trample our basic human rights.  Many people will die.  It is imperative that we  become better informed!

I took a few notes to help you know what is in this video in case it is taken down.  Dr. Merritt has top credentials in the medical field. She received her medical degree from the University of Rochester, is past president of American Academy for Physicians and Surgeons, was a spinal surgeon and studied bio-weapons at military institutions.  The coronavirus-19 is a bio-weapon.  The enemy picked this because it is an invisible missal.  It is very transmissible but rather benign and comparable to other coronaviruses.  Then came the vaccines.  The warhead is the spike protein from the mRNA vaccines.  It gets into all the tissues of our body.

At the beginning many people were dying in Lombardy, in New York City, etc.  The virus did kill many initially.  But as it passes through the hosts it became less deadly.

Now the big picture.  As soon as it came out the virus became the vehicle for creating fear—the economy tanks, and the masks cause problems, no in-person schooling.  When Dr. Merit was shut down she “studied.”  And now she wants to tell us the real story.

Why push vaccines when we have treatments that really do work?  If we don’t let them hide the treatments then the vaccine industry profits would go to zero.  If have a treatment then they cannot terrorize us.  That is why we are not hearing more about the treatments.

The first COVID vaccine was rolled out for distribution days before the FDA said they were going to approve it.  It does not stop transmission.  At best, in this first phase it may weaken how seriously we get it.  What are the long term effects?  Next year after getting the vaccine many problems are predicted.

How did this happen? We have funded Chinese scientists to work in our labs as well as others who are part of the Medical Technocracy.  MY ADDENDUM:  The US government funded Anthony Fauci/NIAID and Peter Daszak/Eco Health Alliance (i.e.  Daszak who transferred money Fauci gave his shell organization called Eco Health Alliance to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology where the gain-of-function research funding, i.e. making the virus more deadly, was continued after being stopped in the US by Pres. Trump).

Vaccines are not a permanent solution. They are not even a solution. They are part of a take down of America!

To take vaccines we should be allowed to have informed consent.  When the insert on the vaccine which shows all of its risks is presented on the internet it is taken down.  Hardly informed consent.

Do we  hear that we can improve our immune system through natural supplements?  Why does CDC not drill down on the small percentage of people who are really getting sick and dying? How can we help them?  The CDC did not look at this.  The Indonesians did!  They discovered VITAMIN D — get it!

If you look at history of vaccines, this is an experimental biologic.  With true vaccines you are given you a portion of the pathogen made weaker.  Own immune system recognizes it.  Our own body deals with it naturally.

We are not dealing with a true vaccine. This is a programming exercise putting new spike proteins into your body.  The current manufacturers of the mRNA vaccines are programming mRNA to tell our body to produce certain things.  A piece of mRNA creates a piece of the spike protein in every cell of the body.  The problem is this.  In animal studies (ferrets, cats), all the animals died.  They died from “immune enhancement” — now called anti-body development enhancement (ADE).  First the animals get the vaccine and do fine.  Next, the scientists challenged the animal with the virus which the vaccine is supposed to immunize against.  Then, like a trojan horse comes an attack on every part of the body.

This is the perfect bio weapon.  The virus comes in without being seen. The  Coronavirus hooks onto the spike protein left by the vaccine.   DELAYED DEATH.  Here’s how it works. The health providers give you part 1 (spike protein).  Accidentally or otherwise you become become exposed in part 2 to the virus the vaccine was supposed to attack, but instead it has the opposite effect).

Treatments we have – hydroxychloroquine and more recently ivamectin.  Also, become familiar with a list of supplements that help defend us.

We need to have a COVID prevention/defend home kit of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, NAC, Zinc, Selenium and Quercetin.

Dr. Merit calls on doctors to rethink their position about being silent.  This is an attack on people who are deemed not worthy of living.  Information is out there.  American Frontline Doctors, American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, and many other organizations are speaking out.

(MY ADDENDUM — See a March 31, 2021 article by Sandy Szwarc in The Remnant titled “Doctors Abandoning Medical Ethics for Covid – 19 Money.”)

To get out of the pandemic turn off the TV, take off your mask and go visit your relatives.  Please share this video.

Prayers to the Holy Ghost.

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD (in Economics)

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