An Angel of the Lord

June 30, 2020

“The wind changes direction.

What blew from one direction now blows from another.

What was over there is now over here.

The battle that is coming cannot be fought with earthly weapons.

Only weapons of the Spirit will suffice.

But these are not usually seen with earthly eyes.

Therefore the wind changes direction

Things move from this place to that

So as to bring into view things that are not usually seen.

Do you feel the movement?

Do you notice the change in the wind?

If you are immobile then you will see not the things that are being given.

When the wind changes direction 

You must turn around too and look in another direction.

When things move from one place to another

You must move also,

For the Spirit flows and moves everything in its path.

Oh what things does the wind now blow in as its direction shifts.

Turn in the direction of the wind and you will see

What now this way comes.

Things that had obscured what comes this way are being moved

And the Spirit’s gifts are being moved into place.

Move with the Spirit.

Something this way comes.

Do you feel it in the wind?

Do you sense the change in direction?

Oh nothing that you thought was the source of this evil, 

Nothing that you believed about its nature, 

Nothing that was fed to you as the truth

Told the true nature.  

But the wind is changing direction

And the truth is blowing in.  

Oh so much that could have been seen.  

Oh so much that has been told to you 

Could have given you a clue of what it really was.  

But you did not see.  

But now the wind has changed direction, 

And see what now blows in.  

Oh even in the halls of the Church at Rome 

Are blinders all in place.  

But oh the wind blows, 

And it blows in a new direction, 

and nothing is as it seems.  

It is time for a martyr.  

It is time for the truth of who sits on the chair.  

But the wind blows and sweeps out 

All that has paraded as truth as the direction changes.

Be aware of what this way comes

And be not deceived.

In these next days,

The wind will blow as it has never blown

And in an entirely new direction.

When it changes direction,

You must too.

When the things of the world are moved over there

And the things of the Spirit are moved over here
Stand in the Spirit

And you will see

Exactly what this way comes.

Spend more time in prayer 

And in His presence in these next days,

For you will be shown what it truly is 

That this way comes.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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