EPPC President Ryan T. Anderson released the following statement on Fulton: “A 9-0 win at the Supreme Court is not something to take lightly. Yes, the holding was likely narrower than it would have been had it been decided 5-4 or 6-3. Yes, there are many other questions that remain to be answered by the Court as far as the extent of the Constitutional protections for Americans who believe marriage unites husband and wife. Still, the Court ruled unanimously in favor of the free exercise of Catholic Social Services of Philadelphia. It ruled unanimously against the religious bigotry of the city of Philadelphia. This is a big win for religious liberty and for all Americans who support the truth about marriage. It also seriously undermines the leading argument from many on the Left: that support for man-woman marriage is akin to racist bigotry. Note there were not many 9-0 wins for Bob Jones University.”

EPPC Fellow Andrew T. Walkerwrites: “While religious liberty proponents will undoubtedly wish that the Court had chipped away at the Smith test that has hobbled religious liberty for over two decades now, we should still celebrate today’s ruling as a significant win…we should pray that it has cascading effects elsewhere in demonstrating the intrinsic reasonableness of Christian viewpoints about sexuality and family.”

And EPPC Senior Fellow Roger Severino praised the decision on Twitter, noting that “the constitution requires space for people of good will to live according to their views of marriage, family, and human flourishing in their daily lives even today, when it has fallen out of favor with some woke governments.”

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