By E.P. Unum

June 23, 2020

Hat Tip: Rip McIntosh

 The media, government, left-leaning organizations, and ignorant mobs of people today are constantly calling the absurd action of defunding police. Certain politicians do not stand behind and support the police. These people would have you believe that police, who are sworn to preserve, protect and defend the rights of citizens are not worthy of our admiration and respect and deserve disdain. Thanks to a corrupt and inept media, many today hate the police because they wear a blue uniform and a badge. 
I have something to say about this.
Several of my family have served in the New York City Police Department. One died in the line of duty at age 32. Another continues to serve as a Detective First Grade and another as a Captain. All have seen their share of horror and man’s inhumanity towards their fellow man. 
So, I’d like to share with you some perspectives about the thousands of men and women who are part of The Blue Line and the Badge they proudly wear. Consider this: 
●  This badge ran towards certain death to save lives as the Towers collapsed on 9-11.
●  This badge ran into the line of fire to save the people in the Pulse Night Club.
●  This badge sheltered thousands as bullets rained down from the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas.
●  This badge protected a BLM rally that left five officers dead in Dallas.
●  This badge ran into the Sandy Hook School to stop a school shooter.
●  This badge killed the Oregon District mass shooter in seconds.
●  This badge has done CPR on your drowned child.
●  This badge has safely delivered a baby in the back seat of a patrol car.
●  This badge has fist fought the wife-beater who left his spouse in a coma.
●  This badge has run into burning buildings to save the occupants.
●  This badge has been shot execution-style while sitting in a patrol car.
●  This badge has waded through floodwaters to rescue the elderly trapped on the roof.
●  This badge has intentionally crashed into the wrong-way driver to protect innocent motorists.
●  This badge has helped find the lost child so his mother would stop crying hysterically.
●  This badge has helped the injured dog off the road and rushed it to the vet.
●  This badge has escorted the elderly woman across the streetbecause she couldn’t see well and was afraid to cross.
●  This badge has bought food for hungry kids because they had been abandoned and bought shoes for homeless people shivering in the street or subways.
●  This badge has been soaked in blood and tears.
●  This badge has been covered by a mourning band to honor those who have sacrificed everything in service.
Despite your undeserved hate and anger, this badge will await the next call for help. And, this badge and I will come running without hesitation, just like the thousands of men and women across this great nation who are a part of The Blue Line. This badge serves you and yours. 
Try to remember this the next time you hear shouts of police brutality or defund the police. 

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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