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Want to be heard? Email Whitehouse & His White Clubs 

Democrats have been and continue to be the party harboring and being racists. Their yapping about Critical Race Theory and all their public knee-bending obeisance is for show. They don’t care about racial justice except in as much as it grants them power.
They’ll bad-mouth those in fly-over country – where, it might be noted, anyone is free to live – while belonging to clubs where one must have the recommendation of a member to belong. And oopsie, no black people allowed!
Meanwhile, if you look at maps of where America is and isn’t integrated, well, what do you know? The Northeast and West are the LEAST integrated. That comes as no surprise to anyone who has lived there. 
Now, we find out that old Sheldon Whitehouse doesn’t just belong to an all-white Beach club but also to an all-white Sailing club. Oh, the humanity! 
I bring this up because the threat of being called racist is bandied about non-stop by the Left toward those on the Right. People are deplatformed all over for just suggesting that someone deserves mercy for past mistakes. 
But not elected Democrats. Not one word by BLM or the Black Caucus about Sheldon Whitehouse. He’ll never lose his job or even be sanctioned.Biden Is Not A Good Guy
No big whup, the United States President, Joe Biden, just casually threatened to nuke or use F-15’s against his domestic enemies. If you’re right of Chaiman Mao, that would be you.
It was a frustrating day for old Joe. Democrats have been trying to govern like they have a mandate. The public polling and action by Americans keeps reminding them that they don’t have a mandate, and furthermore, the American people are not too thrilled with the direction Democrats are taking the nation.
This shouldn’t be shocking. Democrats have been using their BLM and Antifa shock troops to be the militarized arm of their very unpopular policy. Even New York city is rebelling against the burn, loot and murder mandate from the commies in charge. Small businesses have fled. No one feels safe. I wonder how the summer recreation and travel is to NYC, this year? Who wants to go there? Anecdotally, I can tell you that my small town, kitschy road trip vacation plans are complicated by not being able to find lodging. Everyone is getting the hell out of Dodge and the great American road trip is back on the menu. How many are stopping in New York and Chicago and San Francisco and Los Angeles?
Kamala Harris is going to the border finally. I love Biden’s absolute malevolence regarding Harris. He’s sending her to the border. No matter what she does, the photo ops are going to be atrocious. It will raise all sorts of uncomfortable questions – questions that this bumbling politician will not be able to answer. She’s caught in a vice. Couldn’t happen to a nicer gal.
Then there’s Critical Race theory. Teachers can’t manage to waddle to the classrooms for fear of COVID but they have time to foist mind poison on kids? Teacher’s Unions deserve every bit of scorn coming their way and then some.
Don’t forget abortion! Biden is all for your tax-payer money paying for someone else’s irresponsibility and murdering their child. Travesty.
If you voted for Biden because you hate Trump, I’d like to know how you defend this sickening agenda.

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