America’s Second Peculiar Institution

By: Kathleen Brush, Ph.D.

June 30, 2021

Like the first, America’s Second Peculiar Institution, Wokery, is racist. Instead of Blacks, the victims are White. This institution’s goal is securing minority voters by carrying out campaigns of disinformation that censor, publish propaganda, manipulate search outcomes, and control educational curricula. Execution relies on allies in the media and academia. Academia has the weighty role of building a foundation for new systems of racism to flourish. To do this, born egalitarians are taught to hate Whites. Using exaggerated tales, untestable theories, and biased materials America’s future leaders are indoctrinated to see Whites as oppressors and minorities as victims. Some children are shamed into a life seeking redemption for being born white.  Disinformation to support woke/racist laws, programs, and policies is promulgated by mainstream and social media. They hammer disproportional racial/ethnic outcomes in income, incarceration, police shootings, education, and health outcomes as products of systemic racism overseen by white supremacists. 
Verified data refuting these assertions by showing the outcomes are products of personal decisions, like what and when to study, raising children with one parent, observing rule of law, and a healthy lifestyle are censored or overridden by propaganda.  The purpose of disinformation is to misleadingly validate politically motivated decisions, such as passing laws, programs, and policies that favor some races/ethnicities. To fool people, racist initiatives are called equity. The outcomes aren’t fooling anyone. They broadcast the dangers of decisions based on politics rather than data and common sense. The hardest hit are the people Wokery is pretending to help. The goal of two equity initiatives is to match arrests and incarcerations to racial/ethnic populations instead of the commission of crimes. 
One limits police in Black and Latino communities. It’s working, but murders are rising, and 85% of the hardest hit are Black and Latino communities. 
A second initiative creates a two-tiered justice system that delivers social justice to Blacks and Latinos and legal justice to Whites and Asians. Portland and Seattle lead the nation in equity in policing and the courts. They were known as cities that were safe and egalitarian. Now, both rank in the top 5% of the least safe cities in the country. The worst-hit are minority neighborhoods experiencing the downsides of social justice. Outcomes from lowering school performance requirements to permit equitable grades and graduation rates are known. America has been lowering standards for a while and its students perform abysmally on international tests, which affects national competitiveness. Individual student performance, however, still affects personal opportunities. Because performance increasingly relies on household priorities placed on after-school studying, Blacks and Latinos, on average, will suffer more.  Falsely fingering disproportional health outcomes on a racist health care system will perpetuate unaddressed epidemics in obesity and sedentary lifestyles that lead to many preventable diseases and a decreased quality of life. The hardest hit are Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans. Biden’s declarations that white supremacy is the “most lethal threat to the homeland” precipitated multiple outcomes. Woke journalists and politicians revived a KKK practice of reflexively accusing one race for horrible minority crimes/accidents. America’s NATO allies are bracing for blowback from America’s ignorance of white supremacy and systemic racism. 
These allies plus Russia are the white supremacists. Into the 20th century their empires globally conquered and colonized Black, Asian and indigenous populations then cleansed them based on race, ethnicity, religion, and social class using genocides, cleansings, pogroms, transportation, and enslavement. As to America’s adversaries, they are cheering an opening to the return of Russian and Chinese supremacy. America was central to ending white supremacy after WWII by facilitating independence for over 100 colonies of white supremacist empires. 
In 1964, systemic racism was dealt a death blow that was actualized in the 20th century, making America the leading anti-racist nation. 
In pursuit of power, the Democrats have squandered this great American achievement by repugnantly insinuating that America today resembles the Jim Crow era. 
In history, Wokery will be remembered for the Democrats perpetuating a second regrettable peculiar institution that inferred and designated people, based on race, as inferior. 
Unlike the first institution, this one isn’t legal or an accepted practice in the world. It is not the 0.04% white supremacist population that is the biggest threat to America; it is wokery

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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