Father Glen Mullan is the Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in which I, Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, live. Some of the congregation took offense at his homily at his Masses yesterday, July 4, 2021 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) – Independence Day. To understand why that happened you should know that Democrats are the majority of voters in Sinton and hence probably the majority of the people in the pews yesterday in the church listening to Father Mullan were registered Democrats. God bless Father Glen for his courage in preaching this homily. Let us pray that he does not receive a reprimand or worse from his bishop should some of the people who heard his homily yesterday write a letter of complaint to his Bishop. Below is the homily preached by Father Glen:
(Mk 6:1-6)

I am an immigrant who came to the United States as a young child with my family, who were leaving a country fraught with tremendous social and political problems. My parents desired a more stable and secure future for their children, and America was this land of opportunity, freedom, and stability. We all developed a great love and loyalty to this country, and became citizens after 7 years. In our new Texas home town, the 4th of July was a great city-wide festival, beginning with a parade in the morning, activities throughout the day at the city park, and of course fireworks at night.

But I’m very concerned how things have changed in the last 40 years: the horrible anti-Christian bias and attacks; the expulsion of religion from the public arena and education; the promotion – even celebration – of immorality (abortion, promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality); the destruction of the family based on lifelong marriage between a man and woman; the rise of huge global corporations which control every aspect of life (big tech, pharmaceutical, media, etc.); and the resultant corruption of the government establishment by special interests.

Things are very bad, and have taken another critical turn for the worse in the flagrant censorship being imposed on news and social media, something characteristic of communist dictatorships and fully opposed to the First Amendment right of free speech, which is the American way.

For instance, one serious and deadly example of this suppression of information is the Hydroxychloroquin (HCL) issue;1 a second is the origins of the Covid virus.2 Is this the land of the free? Is social media the medical expert?
Who is controlling what we are allowed to see or hear, or the way in which we must respond? Another important question before Americans today is what happened in the election of 2020. Was Donald Trump re-elected, as claimed by many “conspiracy theorists?”3 Why are people censored for even asking questions, or seeking answers? “Conspiracy theories” are very easily destroyed by facts; but are fueled when powers conspire to hide facts. Christians seek truth.

1 A cheap, safe, and highly effective medication for treating and curing the symptoms of COVID-19, . Doctors who used this therapy with great success (https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/treatments/hydroxychloroquine/) held a multi-day conference in Washington DC in July, 2020, yet were suppressed, vilified, censored, and even threatened in their medical practices. Likewise, the Nobel-winning scientist, Dr Satoshi Omura, who developed another effective treatment for COVID, “Ivermectin,” has been censored on Youtube for speaking about this medication.

2 In a lab in China? Was this biological warfare?
3 Which seems to be backed up be a great deal of evidence, including several impossible statistical anomalies. A technical but thorough mathematical presentation: https://votepatternanalysis.substack.com/p/voting-anomalies- 2020. Other “conspiracy” resources. Evidence? .https://defendingtherepublic.org/videos/ https://home.frankspeech.com/content/mike-lindells-absolute-seriespage1image410176page1image412864page1image413056page1image410944page1image409984


This is not the America my family became a part of in 1978, these are the kinds of problems one finds in third world and communist countries. What kind of country will our children and grandchildren be living in?

History teaches, and our founding fathers understood, that democracy is an extremely fragile thing. When setting forth the Constitution, the founding fathers built in several checks and balances to protect the integrity of democracy, and safeguard the government system from problems faced by so many others. These features have made the United States unique, and have contributed to its incredible success over the past 250 years. They are: Limited Government,4 Separation of Powers,5 Multi-party political system,6 and the Electoral College.7

There is one other extremely important and essential feature of the founding of the United States government, that has also contributed to its success. The founding fathers understood that “sin” is a fundamental problem in human nature, which no organizational system of government can overcome. No matter how “genius” the Constitution is, it will not survive if sin is not dealt with, because sin corrupts the human heart, and especially the hearts of the powerful.

Only one thing can deal with sin, and it is not government, but religion. And specifically, the Judeo-Christian religion of the Bible, which holds man accountable to the morality of the 10 Commandments: “You shall not kill, steal/cheat, lie/manipulate, and commit adultery/fornication. You shall honor your father and mother, and keep holy the Sabbath.”8

The United States was founded as a religious nation,9 “under God,” dependent upon religion among its citizenry to ensure the survival of the nation being set up. The United States enshrines basic “inalienable rights endowed by the Creator.”10

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” (John Adams, Speech to the Military, 1798).

4 Division of power between federal and state governments. Federal government should exist only for those things not carried out on the State level. What can be done locally should be done locally.
5 Division of power in the federal government between three co-equal branches.
6 Which forces debate and compromise.

7 A system designed to enhance the democratic voting process, and limit the ability of the powerful to abuse or manipulate the small.
8 Many religions do not have any true concept of sin. Islam, for instance, does not have the 10 Commandments. 9 Specifically, Christianity, albeit a Protestant form of Christianity.
10 Again, the very concept of “universal human rights” is uniquely Judeo-Christian.page2image492288


The incredible power of global corporate special interests has established a culture of corruption in Washington DC hard to resist, affecting all three branches of government and both political parties; the incredible capability of big tech and media have redefined how voting takes place and votes are “counted.” All the checks and balances have been surmounted, one thing remains.

The United States “grew up” with Christianity. It was religious conviction and religious principle that drove the Civil War.11 Yet now as a “mature” world power, the governing establishments (all of them: political, economic, technological, medical, educational, media) reject with contempt this Christian past, the Judeo-Christian heritage of the Bible, as it was developed through the Greco-Roman and European Western Civilization.

Are we now like the people of Nazareth, Christ’s “native place,” who grew up with him yet take offense and reject him as unwanted? Are we heading down the path of faithlessness that will lead to destruction, as it did for the generation in Jesus’ day? Will God’s blessings be withdrawn from this land which until now has experienced them in such abundance?

Jesus “was not able to perform any mighty deed there, he was amazed at their lack of faith” (Mk 6:5-6). As Catholic Americans, we must insist that Christ remain, and continue to establish his Gospel firmly in all aspects of this society. As Catholic Americans, we must be the first to hold and observe the 10 Commandments, and resist all efforts to undermine them. It starts with family; it starts with the bearing and education of children.

We are at the precipice of a new kind of civil war, for the heart and soul of our nation, to be fought not so much on a military battlefield as in the political and social arena. Will we have the courage and convictions of previous generations, to fight for and defend what is important?

May God bless our nation, and strengthen the Church to be in the forefront of this war that lies ahead.

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