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The Taliban Just Gave Biden An Early Christmas Present

August 12, 2021

The Biden White House and the taxpayer-funded refugee movement agenda are working to allow in tens of thousands of Afghanis into the country.

The White House has said that as of July 15 around 20,000 Afghans already applied for their immigration visa, which is not including family. Including family members, the Biden Admin. believes this could go up to around 100,000 migrants who will be brought into the U.S.

The refugee industry, which should probably be said to be the trafficking industry, is jumping at the opportunity to soak up more taxpayer money to bring in more refugees from a third-world nation that will further add to America’s demographic destruction.

“To date, there is no obvious plan about how these allies will be brought to safety,” Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, leader of the Lutheran Refugee Service resettlement organization, said about the Afghani supporters of the failed war.

“We cannot in good faith put them at risk in third nations with unreliable human-rights histories, or where the Taliban might be able to get to them,” she said.

Thus far, 2,500 Afghans are scheduled to be promptly be resettled to the United States under a program named “Operation Allies Refuge.” The first flight already arrived at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington recently. They will now be processed and bussed to communities across the country.

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