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During President Trump’s tenure, there was a lot of Deep Thoughts about norms. You know, those good things that give structure to the everyday function of a civil society. It was used as a cudgel against anyone in the Trump administration who contemplated any thought outside of the calcified conventional wisdom.
“Norms” were not considered when accusing the President of being peed on by Russian prostitutes and wholly bought and paid for by Putin, or bugging an opposing party’s candidate, and on and on.
Norms are what the people who rule say they are.
Lots of DC dopes were very excited about the norms that Biden would bring back. And bring them back he did!
For example, it’s normal for Obama administration officials to be completely incompetent foreign policy- wise. And they’re all back! Norms!
It’s normal for the economy to suffer under Democrats. We even have inflation like the 70’s now. Norms!
It’s normal for illegal aliens to stream across America’s southern border. Norms!
It’s normal for the biggest city in America to require patrons to produce their papers to eat a meal. Norms!
Welcome to the New Normal and the norms of Democrats, their media enablers, the Smart Set™.Some Predictions
I have an uncle who served in Vietnam. He has never talked about his secret missions there. When the family discussed the fall of Saigon, I would feel intense shame. Even now, with a dear Vietnamese friend, I feel shame. He and his dad had to escape in a tiny boat, under the cover of darkness to escape the communists. He bears no bitterness for how America betrayed his country. I don’t see how. He loves America. Loved Trump. He’s a true patriot.
To see what’s happening in Afghanistan now….in real time. I’ve wanted to crawl under something protective and just avoid the news. It’s too terrible to contemplate what’s about to happen. What is happening.
Things are going to get worse, not just in America, but around the world. President Biden is clearly weak and incompetent. Weak Democrats are dangerous beasts.
CHINAChina announced, just now, that they’re doing “exercises” in the waters near Taiwan. Joe Biden is weak, addled, and pathetic. The media hid this from suburbanites, and anyway, those in the Keyboard Klass just wanted the unpleasantness of Trump’s tweets to go away. But America’s enemies knew who/what Biden is and isn’t. So China will be aggressive militaristically and monetarily.
Democrats don’t like the charge of weakness and so that makes them martial. It used to mean starting wars, and still might. But I suspect the following:
DOMESTIC TYRANNYThis goes with my hall-pass theory of policing. The bad guys are essentially left alone because they’re a lot of trouble. Since it is likely that America’s enemies have incriminating information about the Biden Crime Syndicate, expect Democrat frustration to be taken out on Americans of the opposition party. How? Federal vaccine mandates, flooding the country with illegals, using the bureaucracy to persecute enemies, vaccine passports, the works. All things COVID!
INFLATIONAmerica is China dependent. America is about to find out what that means in more real terms.
And this is just the beginning of woes.SUBSCRIBE

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