Words of Mary

July 30, 2021

I have come, shining a light into the darkness that surrounds you,

And I bear witness of the One who is indeed the Light of the World.

But I come, and I look in all the corners and crevices for my children who are missing.

“Where are these who I cannot find?”  I ask.

But you answer me, “Mother, we know not.  See – there is no blood on our hands.”

But I listen to your prayers, and I cannot make out the words,

For the crying of infants drowns out the sound,

And I ask again, “Where are my children who are missing?

Is it not their voices that I hear?”

I see your feet as you walk into the Churches,

And how they slip and slide,

For there is blood that flows even through the halls of the Church,

And I ask you again, “Where are my children who are missing?”

But you reply, “We know not.  There is no blood on our hands.”

But indeed there is blood under your feet,

And you proclaim that you know not from whence it comes,

Even while the priests instruct you to receive 

What has come about because of my children who have been sacrificed.

“Where are my children who are missing?  Stand and give an account,” I say to you. 

But you answer, “Oh Mother, we do not know.  For there is no blood on our hands,”

Even as you slip and slide on your way into the Church,

And the cries of the infants overpower the words of the priest.

Oh children, I love you and want you to come unto me,

That I might cover you with my mantle.

But you have sacrificed one to attempt to save another.

My children you cannot trade one for another,

Because each one lost has left a hole in their mother’s heart.

Oh my children, where are the ones who are missing?

For they have been sacrificed as though they mattered not.

But oh see your Mother’s heart, full of holes that cannot be repaired.

And my Son is calling their names, one by one,

And when they do not answer,

How great will be the desolation on earth

For it will indeed be the day of justice.

Oh children, where are my children who are missing?”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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