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Biden Desperately Attempts To Escape Blame For His Failure

August 19, 2021

Just a few days into the mis-managed Afghanistan withdrawal, and the Biden White House is already playing the blame game.

CNN reported that the Dept. of Defense and State Dept. are blaming each other and the Intel. Community for the bad situation in the nation of Afghanistan, where the terrorist-supporting Taliban has seized the country in only a matter of days.

“Military officials have stated that for weeks they pushed the State Dept. to go faster in evacuating its personnel. State Dept. officials have said they were working based on intel. assessments that suggested they get more time, but intel. officials insist that they had previously reported the possibility of a fast Taliban takeover,” CNN said.

The news outlet added, however, that an “intelligence assessment given within the past month found that the Taliban were pushing for complete military victory inside Afghanistan, a source who knew the intelligence said, despite having peace negotiations and even as the White House showed confidence in those discussions.”

Biden’s messaging on Afghanistan has not been coherent. On July 8, President Biden had a press conference stating that the Afghan government would continue and we would not see mass evacuations like at the end of Vietnam. That turned out incorrect.

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On Tuesday, The NY Times reported that the Biden White House understood three weeks ago that Afghanistan could rapidly fall to the Taliban.

“Classified assessments by American spies over the summer gave an increasingly grim account of the potential of a Taliban takeover of the country and warned about the rapid collapse of the American-trained Afghan military, even as Joe Biden and his team of advisers reported publicly that this was unlikely to happen as sudden as it did,” the outlet said.

“By July, many intel. reports became pessimistic, questioning if any Afghan forces would have any serious resistance and whether the Kabul government would hold. President Biden then stated on July 8th that the Afghan western-backed government was not likely to fall and there would be no chaotic events like America saw at the end of the Vietnam War.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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